Urban Larder, Cambridge

Ever the brunch-lover’s dream, Mill Road is home to ALL the brunch places. All of them.

I recently took a trip over there to check out Urban Larder, down the far side of the road over the bridge. It did not disappoint.

Firstly, because I am a millennial who loves the small details, I love a place that MAKES A PICTURE in the foam of my coffee. I don’t care what it’s of. You can mock me, but you know you like it better when there’s something there, don’t lie. [Read more…]

Friday Links 26th May

It is HOT here. If you’re not in the UK, you may not think that the heat that we have right now is anything special, but for us, this is pretty much like living on the surface of the sun.

I’m not complaining, though! Cycling in the sun massively beats cycling in the rain. And we have a three day weekend, within which the sun will be most welcome!

Let’s linkie!

Google employees have a secret internal newsletter where it calls out workplace bad behaviour.

Nicole has started drawing a tarot card out each morning – sounds like an interesting way to start the day!

Mary Lane did a photo shoot for her online dating accounts! How good of an idea is this!!

A couple of weeks ago I was teasing Amanda about her Instagram story when she was off walking the Brontes trail in Yorkshire. The wind was so strong it was all we could hear! But it really does look like an amazing thing to do!

Are you using these three words in emails that make you look rude? (Eek I might be using that last one…)

Game changer – Instagram story tips and tricks!

Need more Instagram help? Say no more. (I need to be doing all of these things…)

Lastly, want a hilarious history lesson? Of course you do.

Have a lovely weekend!

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Dress – Joanie*, Cardigan – Primark, Earrings – Forever21, GameBoy pin – CitrusSharpDesigns

In my job, I have to think about marketing a lot. Not only thinking about our brand as a whole, but I need to be marketing my events so that professionals from a wide range of industries will come and speak with students.

For me, one of the best platforms to market on is LinkedIn. If the people you want to reach are professionals, then this is the place you should be targeting. [Read more…]

What We Ate in Gdansk

The food. In Gdansk. Was epic.

We ate like queens the whole time, and it was SO cheap. Want to know what we ate? You’re in the right place!

As soon as we landed, we were HUNGRY! We were handed a map of the town, with lots of recommended restaurants, one of which was a Mexican place. So, we went to check it out. Pueblo was easy to find, just a couple of roads along from the main stretch of the Old Town. My vegetarian fajitas were lovely (and the guac was on point). [Read more…]

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