Winter At Rush Event

Rush Cambridge

Last week I attended an amazing event at Rush Cambridge, to celebrate their anniversary! It was a lovely evening of having our hair done, cake, chatting with the staff and bloggers and then some more cake! [Read more…]

Awesome Things That Happened This Week

Charlotte Steggz

It’s been a great week and I have so many things to be grateful for.

I started my new job, and it’s already feeling so amazing. There are a few school events I need to recruit speakers for, and I’ve started talking with some really amazing people who would be so inspirational for students. On Friday, my boss came and sat to have lunch with me, which was a totally new experience for me! Not only is it rare that I take a break for lunch, but for my boss to be there too! [Read more…]

Friday Links December 2nd

  2. This photo of the cat and the painting with the cats made me laugh so hard because cat.

I started my new job this week. I appreciate it, so I will be writing more about it tomorrow in my gratitude post.

Let’s linkie! [Read more…]

Cambridge Food Collective – Shop Local

Cambridge Collective

Last weekend I attended a wonderful event held by Cambridge Food Collective, a website from which you can buy local food products! It’s super easy to use, just like any other online shopping site, and you can have the goods delivered to your door, or pick them up from Inder’s Kitchen by the Cambridge Leisure Park. [Read more…]

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