I’ve been busy busy at work recently, meaning I’ve been slacking on the blog. This weekend I set aside for chilling out and not doing anything more than that. Which means I’m at the bottom of my Bloglovin feed (YAY!) and can sit and write a whole load of posts.

I suppose I’d better start with a “recently” post so I can update on lots of different things at the same time.

So, recently, I have been…



I am ADDICTED to UnReal, a show about what happens behind the scenes on fictional show Everlasting. I’m not a fan of structured reality shows (or any reality shows, for that matter) but I love learning about how they are made. UnReal is fiction, of course, but watching how the characters manipulate the contestants to get interesting episodes is really addictive TV!

You follow Rachel, who has come back to the show after having a bit of a mental crash in the previous season. She knows what she does is wrong but following the encouragement of her boss, she just keeps falling deeper and deeper in the dark and scary world of reality TV.


So, yes, I AM playing Pokemon Go. I waited until the official UK launch, mainly because I was worried about glitches and privacy and stuff. But I found that my daily bus ride into Cambridge city gives me lots of chances to catch Pokemon on the way!

I’ve only just started and I highly doubt I’ll be dedicated enough to be good at it, but I want to keep playing, if only to have something in common with my students and apprentices. I’m toying with the idea of advertising job roles with what Pokemon are nearby… !!


So a few weeks ago I was with a male friend of mine who smelled WONDERFUL. Like slightly manly baby powder. I’d just read that day about how it’s “in” right now for women to wear men’s scents so I had to know, what was he wearing.

He was wearing Lynx.

Guys. This stuff smells AMAZING. I went into Boots the very next day and bought some, and people have been telling me how nice I smell now, too!

So I’ve been wearing Lynx. Oud wood and dark vanilla.

Don’t judge me.



I go to the gym about 3 times a week now. I know I should do more, but it is quite tricky. I can’t go before work as my commute is quite long. Monday nights are the busiest. Friday nights and Sunday mornings are the best.

I tend to do weights on Sunday mornings because I can use everything freely, and the weights are the things that are used the most. Friday nights I tend to do floorwork or some kettlebells.

There’s a group of musclemen who go pretty much every day, at the same time as me. I used to be intimidated by these huge men, with strings of t-shirt covering their nipples only. But now I have experience in the gym, I see them for what they are. They go for the big numbers in whatever they do, but they don’t do the movement fully, make sex grunts during the move, and slam the weights/machine back down once they’re done. It’s a monkey show, and nothing more. I’m no longer afraid to work out next to them.

But speaking of high numbers, I am doing really well with my leg presses. A while ago I took a class in which the teacher got us doing heel raises. At first, it was easy and I had no idea why we were doing it. But then it got really hard… and the next day, and for 3 days afterwards, I COULD NOT WALK. My knee problems flared up again and my knee collapsed a few times that week. So, I set about getting my knee stronger.

Hence the leg presses. If I strengthen the muscles around my knee, I can prevent more collapsing.

I’ve been progressing really well with the weights – I don’t think the 66kgs of my screenshot are even my limit. I think I can do a little more to be honest.

I was asked recently to write more about my gym stuff. I promise to write more – I wasn’t sure if people wanted to read that kind of thing. I’m not really what you’d call an expert. I’m rather someone who used to be scared of exercise, but has come to terms with it.

What have you been up to recently?

Ghostbusters and Girls in STEM

I saw Ghostbusters yesterday. It was amazing.

I just went on Reddit so I could go talk to other people who had seen the film and how we all loved it, but every comment on the review thread that was positive about the film was getting downvotes. What?! [Read more…]

Friday Links July 8th

Last week I was working at a careers fair, getting kids excited about IT and also teaching classes on interview skills and CV writing. After one class, there were a few kids who stuck around for my next class. One girl, around 14 years old, was shy but made motions like she wanted to talk with me.

“I did my chemistry practical this morning”

“Oh really! That’s great! How do you think you did?”

“Not very well, my head wasn’t in it. A boy I fancy posted on Facebook this morning that he has a girlfriend now”

Choking back tears that this wonderful and intelligent young lady was tripping up in class because of a boy, I told her not to worry about boys at all during school. I told her to be amazing in herself, and the boys will go to her – she doesn’t need to try and attract anyone. I told her she’s beautiful and intelligent and if the boy chose someone else, then he’s not worthy of her attention.

One of the reasons why I love my job is because I’m not a teacher, I just visit schools to advise. That means that often, the students will talk to me and listen to me in ways they don’t the regular adults in their lives. I really hope that the things I tell them make a difference.


Are you going to Germany for the first time soon? How about using this blogger-made guide!

I absolutely love karma cola.

Defining priorities is such an important adulting skill.

Eek! Dry shampoo is BAD??!!

Have anxiety? Here are some tips on how to travel and not be hindered by it.

When I’m a grownup and I have my own family, I want my life to look like this.

As I sit watching the news from America where two innocent black guys were shot this week, and some police officers were shot in retaliation, it’s important to think about gun control in the US. Rhyme and Reason offers some thought on the subject.

What bloggers say VS what they actually mean.

To leave you… I really love this video about a typical British home. All of this is true.

Have an awesome weekend!

Remain March in London


Friday night, a friend of mine messaged me to ask if I’d like to march with him in London, to protest Brexit and support the EU. Of course, I said yes.

While I believe that democracy has spoken, I still feel sad and angry about the racism and xenophobia that has come about after the referendum, and I wanted to show my support.

[Read more…]

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