Food Park Finds: Holy Schnitzel

Working just next to the Science Park, it’s so great to have the Cambridge Food Park there every Thursday. Some of Cambridge’s best food can be found not in a restaurant but in a truck.

One of the first visits I had to the Food Park, I caught Holy Schnitzel, an authentic Austrian food truck selling freshly prepared schnitzels. [Read more…]

Lazy Sunday Links

Things seem very overwhelming right now and it often feels like when I’m not at work I’m still working, arranging things, being there at the right time, adulting to the max. October is even busier so I need to make sure I am rested for that.

Let’s linkie

We’ve not had a tiny house in a while so I thought I’d give one to you today. This one is so cute, but I’m not sure about the toilet situation…

Feedback is something I think about a lot. It’s what the older generation say we millennials are not good at. Mrs Ralf is a dear blogger friend of mine and writes an amazing blog as a teacher. Here’s her latest post about the weight of feedback.

Going freelance is a totally scary thing – Cat here talks about how she got her first clients (it’s all about who you know!)

Building My Bento has been having post airline meals again!

Two words: DISCO YOGA

You know me well enough now to know I’m all about the freakshake. Here’s a great recipe to have them at home!

I love seeing how brands use digital marketing, and learning from them. Here are five restaurants who are using their online presence in amazing ways. (To counteract the restaurant calling out bloggers asking for comp meals this week!!!)

Need some new podcasts? Nicole has you covered!

Have a lovely Sunday!


Announcement: You Don’t Have To Do All The Things

I have a demanding full time job. I write a blog. I am searching for the right guy to date. I run a Japanese conversation group. I built and maintain an inclusive Instagram friends group. I started a Coursera on how to code. I practise brush lettering.

And yet, I feel pressure to do more. [Read more…]

Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Honest Burgers

There’s serious beef going on in Cambridge. Just doors down from Cambridge favourite Steak and Honour, an Honest Burgers popped up a couple of months ago. Feeling like I’m cheating on my love, I went by to see that Honest was all about.

I visited there twice; once in opening week and once a couple of weeks later when I had a free burger voucher. [Read more…]

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