Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Butch Annies

Butch Annies

No tour of Cambridge burgers is complete without a stop at Butch Annies. I actually reviewed them this time last year, from a visit before Christmas when I still ate meat (give it a read if that’s your bag!) I didn’t think much of them last year, with the food being not hot and the staff being a bit slow. When some of my YesWeCamb girls wanted to go give them another shot, I was cautious. [Read more…]

I’m Writing a Book – The Ganbaru Guide

I don’t really do new years resolutions. My one for 2017 was to not be single. We all know how well that’s gone.

What I do love, however, is projects. I really enjoyed the things I did last year – mainly creating Yes We Camb and the #Cbgtown Indoor Market, and I wanted to focus my projects so that they all follow the theme that I’m passionate about, mainly helping and inspiring young people, and making the community a better place. [Read more…]

The Architect’s New Menu

The architecht cambridge

I caught wind of The Architect’s new menu a while ago, but since it’s all the way on the other side of town AND up a hill, I never go that way. But after a lovely walk around town, we found ourselves that way and I insisted we give them a try. [Read more…]

Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Novi

Novi Burger

I do love Novi food. They always think outside the box, and bring things that aren’t elsewhere (like their new taco menu). A while back, I tried their veggie burger.

So, what’s in this beauty? It’s a bean & walnut burger, avocado, swiss cheese, homemade burger relish, iceberg and tomato. Taste-wise, it’s bloody delicious. The cheese and the bean/walnut combo is the perfect umami explosion, and the toasted bun is a great vehicle for all this magic. [Read more…]

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