Parchment Papers

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Convey an old-world charm with our luxurious parchment paper available in aged or natural coloration.

Our wide variety of sizes makes our parchment paper ideal for menus, certificates, programs, informational signage, and much more.

Ruff-N-Tuff: Non-Tear Paper

A Technological Breakthrough: Real Paper as Strong as Plastic! This non-tear paper is uncoated and does not feel like plastic. It is tear-resistant, grease-resistant and water-resistant.

Ruff N Ruff Non Tear

  • Non-tear and water & grease resistant
  • Paper-like feel, works in inkjets and laser printers
  • For heavy-handling or repeated use documents

Real Paper as Strong as Plastic. Safeguard your important documents on this non-tear paper. It is uncoated and does not feel like plastic. Ruff-N- Tuff paper is tear-resistant, grease-resistant and water-resistant.

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Power Paper – Water Proof

  • Waterproof and chemical & tear resistant
  • Plastic-like paper with high flexibility
  • Can also be laminated for improved longevity

For laminated or secure documents, waterproof applications, or maximum document longevity, "Power Paper" is the unquestioned choice. It is a thick paper (10 mil) due to its waterproof composition, but not stiff.

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Spartanline – New Product!

  • Waterproof and tear proof
  • For use in harsh or extreme environments
  • No need for lamination!

Real Paper as Strong as Plastic. Discover a 1000+ uses for this nearly indestructible synthetic paper: from menus that clean up with a swipe, waterproof tags that survive the weather, to children's books that outlast the child. SpartanLine paper is uncoated and doesn't feel like plastic.

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Inkjet Papers
Bright White 13x19 (164)
Rolls (J24B)
Matte Coated (176)
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Gloss (250)
Ruff-n-Tuff (101)
Power Paper (204)
Bright White (164-A3)
Collated Paper (219)
Plotter Papers
Non-Glossy (928)
Translucent Bond (929)
Vellum (930)