On Leaving My Hometown

Bury St Edmunds

For a few weeks now, I have been meaning to write a post about how nice it is to be living back in my hometown of Bury St Edmunds.

As much as I struggle to live back in the UK and find myself with itchy feet, wishing I was in any other country, being back in Bury is really nice. I live 5 mins from my sisters and dad, literally a block away from where my first major boyfriend lived (he now lives in Cyprus, thankfully!) and I have so many friends who still live here.

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Go Go Gogi Gui Korean Burgers!

Go Go Gogi Gui

Since I started my comedy night in Cambridge, my social circle has grown so much and I’ve made so many more amazing friends. One of whom is a German guy called Raphael, who told me recently that he runs a pop-up Korean streetfood company called Go Go Gogi Gui with his sister!

I am all about supporting my friends’ businesses, Korean food, and pop-up shops, so I knew I had to go try it out. I caught Go Go Gogi Gui at the bar Novi in the centre of Cambridge. [Read more…]

Friday Links 23rd September

Yes, I will be posting mainly photos of Autumn things for the duration of Autumn. I am wearing my favourite maroon cardigan today – I love this kind of weather! I just wish it stays dry like it does in Japan. It always rains too soon in the UK and so Autumn isn’t so much fun…

Let’s linkie!

For those who need a little travel inspiration, here’s a little slice of heaven!

For someone like myself who seems to constantly get itchy feet in job roles, always wanting more, this post on keeping up excellence in the workplace is a must-read.

Still thinking “nah, this all sucks. I’m going to run away and be a diving instructor!”? Don’t make a move before reading this post!!

If you’re feeling sad now and need some nostaliga, here is an epic post on things that happened at every school disco. I did all of these things.

This tiny mobile home is perfectly Charotte-sized!!

Are you ready to get food envy???

Have you ever wanted to read queen Victoria’s diaries? Well now you can!!

Are you a teacher who needs cool posters for your classroom? Jas has you covered.

I’ll leave you with this wonderful video from an American, who may as well be British given the content of the video…

Have an awesome weekend!

When I Studied in Japan

Study In Japan

Recently I’ve read not just one but two awesome posts about people who studied abroad – the first from the wonderful Rhyme and Ribbons, and the other by the lovely Darling Magazine. Both posts have great insights and advice for those studying abroad – but I thought I’d throw my experience into the mix as well, as I studied in Japan.

I’d been studying Japanese since I was 16 – because I really REALLY wanted Japanese friends. I had this amazing idea of going to live there, when everyone would want to be my friend and that I would live in this heaven of happiness. This was fueled as well by the month-long trip I took when I was 17 with my Japanese class, where it really was everything I had dreamt of – everyone was happy to see us, the food was amazing and it was just so much fun.

I got to study in Japan in my third year (out of four) at uni. The UK uni I went to was Liverpool John Moores and we had sister schools all over Japan. I really wanted to go to Fukuoka or Kurume to be near the classmate I was dating at the time but I ended up being sent to Kinjo Gakuin University in Nagoya. I REALLY didn’t want to go there – it was a GIRLS university (which don’t exist in the UK) and what’s more, it’s a Christian university (which also doesn’t exist in the UK). As the only girl in my Liverpool class, I was obliged to go.

I needn’t have worried – I had THE BEST YEAR and I still consider to be one of the best years I’ve lived so far. [Read more…]

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