Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Brewhouse

In my quest to find Cambridge’s best veggie burger, I visited Brewhouse a little while back.

I’m on the fence about Brewhouse in general. The first couple of times I visited, I did not appreciate the level of service from the staff (who I found to be quite abrupt and unable to cope with the stress of running one of the busiest pubs in Cambridge). [Read more…]

Friday Linked Aug 18th

I’ve had a wonderful day off, getting stuff done and cycling in the sun. Now I’m sat watching Dance Moms (my favourite show #TeamChloe) and then Child Genius (my…other favourite show). Junk TV gold.

Let’s linkie!

Ever wondered what it’s like living in Uganda? It’s so fascinating!

How are jokes translated in video games? This was always a challenge at Nintendo, but a fun challenge!

I LOVE that Lush is leaving the British town that voted for Brexit – and helping its employees move to Germany.

Who’s coming with me to find all these amazing underground stations in Stockholm?

I kill plants. There. I said it. Maybe I should try some hard-to-kill plants instead…

We need diversity in the blogging world. Here are steps we can all take to help towards this goal.

Completely overrated travel destinations in Europe.

Are award winning gins worth a try?

Such a fun website – what different websites looked like 10 years ago.

Have an awesome weekend!

3 things to step up your work game

You’re stuck in a rut. A work rut.

Day in, day out, you do the same things, answer to the same people around you.

And what’s more, nothing seems to be changing soon.

You want to move up, get bigger tasks, take on more responsibility. You want people to answer to YOU.

So how do you get out of your rut and step up your work game? Here are three steps to ultimate work greatness: [Read more…]

Dinner at Bull and Bass

Bull and Bass recently opened in the city centre Hilton Hotel, and since I’d not even visited the hotel before, I thought I would grab some pals and head over to try it out! [Read more…]

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