Book Review: You Are A Badass

Last year was challenging. I worked super hard, and I landed myself a job I love. But – I still have self confidence issues.

However, I came across an amazing book which I found to be really helpful! (Disclaimer – I found it through another blogger BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER WHO! Please let me know if it was you as I want to link!) [Read more…]

2017 Goals

So I have a lot of goals to look over here.

This time last year I wrote about what I wanted to achieve in 2016. I think I did really well at them! I worked hard, worked out, and I kicked butt. [Read more…]

Friday Links Saturday 14th

I have a weakness for fluffy ginger cats.

I was meant to put this out yesterday, but I couldn’t. I…think I had burn out? I’ve been back at work two weeks now, and it’s really busy, so I’ve thought nothing of going home and opening my laptop again to keep working into the evening. Then I had a massive 12 hour day on Wednesday when I started off at 6:45am at a networking event, and I was still working until I tore myself away at 6:45pm. Thursday I felt terrible but yesterday I felt like a lorry had hit me – sick, dizzy and like my head was going to explode.

The thing is, my work doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy it so much and it’s things I would be doing anyway, if I had free time. But I have to be mindful that I have only a certain amount of energy to give and I have to make sure I spread that energy out across the week and not fail again like I did yesterday. I feel I let my bosses, who I admire so much, down.

So, instead of Friday links, here are some lazy Saturday readings for you!

Let’s linkie!

Next weekend, I will be at the London march for women, a march for people who want to stand with women especially in the US, in light of the election of Trump. For Americans, it’s so important to understand that people that have been elected work FOR you and they are not the boss OF you. If you’re American and want to be more engaged with politics all year round, this is a great article on how you can do so.

I’ve started back on online dating – and putting effort into it again. I have to remember, though, that I must not drop my dating standards, but raise them instead.

Christmas is a mere memory now, but I loved Ruby’s memories about teaching Christmas in Japan that I had to share with you. It brought back so many memories of my own.

I got this link through the ever wonderful Nicole, but Harper’s top tips to get ready for 2017 is a really great post and I’ve definitely taken some of those steps on board to set in motion.

If you’re in Cambridge, I am deffo looking for people to help me work through all the food trucks here! I’ve shamefully only ticked off one on this list!

I was so honoured to be on New York Cliché’s list of blogs she’d like to be more like!

I’d like to be a better blogger this year and so I really loved this post on things to do every weekend to help my blog – some really great tips there.

York Minster is such a gorgeous place – if you’re visiting or travelling around the UK I do recommend it!

I’ll leave you with this video about the taboo of talking about salaries. We should look to be more transparent, I think.

Have a lovely weekend!


D’arry’s Cambridge

I found D’arry’s completely by accident. I run a Japanese language exchange on Sundays and I was in search of a new, quiet location. I tried The Brewhouse but I wasn’t impressed by the standoffish staff, so I wandered over the road to D’arry’s and found a wonderful quiet, cosy loft. I now go there weekly.

Downstairs is the main restaurant, with a private room as well (that looks SO pretty! I want my birthday party there this year!) but go up a spiral staircase and you find the very cosy upstairs – with fireplaces, snuggly throws and a lovely soft playlist. [Read more…]

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