Al Casbah, Cambridge

Back when I was in Frankfurt, I would often have dinners, inviting friends who were looking to meet new people, at the best new restaurants in town. It was so much fun, seeing awesome friends meet my other awesome friends, sometimes ending up dating each other, sometimes ending in marriage. Sometimes just ending up doing really cool projects together.

I wanted to start the same thing in Cambridge, so I invited a random range of people from my Facebook friends list and picked out Al Casbah on Mill Road. I really fancied some good hummus (no change there, then!) and I’ve walked past a dozen times wondering what it’s like in there…

Inside is very atmospheric, with lots of cute lanterns. It would be the perfect date location.

From the open flame at the front of the restaurant, you can order freshly grilled meat and fish.

The place was super popular – I booked two days in advance and had the choice of 5pm or 10pm sittings… Throughout the meal people were being turned away as well. It’s best to book very early here.

We had a meze to share and OH WOW. It was so good – the hummus might even be the best hummus I’ve ever tasted? The other bits and bobs were good too, but let’s be honest, we’re all here for the hummus.

For my main, I had the Mesfouf couscous with sweet potato and chickpeas, which I have to say, was a little bland. I oggled my meat-eating friends with jealousy…I think in this case the carnivores won. There were a number of other vegetarian mains on the menu, so perhaps I just have to go back again and try another (or just eat hummus forever???)

The homemade lemonade in the mason jars, combo with the hummus make for this to be a place I do want to check out again. Maybe on a date.

You can find Al Casbah at 62 Mill Rd, Cambridge CB1 2AS

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