Anglesey Abbey

There are still so many places I want to visit in and around Cambridge, so I decided to make a list and invite people to come explore with me. First up on my list is Anglesey Abbey, a Jacobean house owned by the National Trust, just outside Cambridge.

I grabbed Jess, who’s been SO busy recently it’s been hard to catch her, to check this place out. We went quite late in the day, so took a lovely walk around the gardens just before dusk.

I actually spoke with the guys who run Anglesey Abbey recently – I asked for them to come help out at a careers event at a local school and they said that they couldn’t right now; that they’re simply too busy with the snowdrop season! I thought to myself that now was the best time to go, if it’s really that big a deal.

The snowdrops were really good, I must admit, and I could probably bore you to death with all the photos I took of all the different kinds!

What was nicer for me, however were all the pink blossoms. I really can’t wait to see what Cambridge has to offer in terms of sakura!



Even though it was pretty cold, the flower buds were a lovely reminder that spring really is just around the corner.



It would be really good to visit back again when they house and mill are open – I could honestly spend hours here.

(It was a little bit of an instagram dream, too…!)


Afterwards, we had a good sit down with some hot drinks in the cafe – I wasn’t really in the mood for cake but there were some really yummy looking options there.

You can find Anglesey Abbey at Quy Rd, Lode, Cambridge CB25 9EJ, and costs £14.65 for an adult entrance ticket (joining the National Trust is actually much cheaper than I expected…I might look into it for the future…)


  1. SPRING FLOWERS!!! Spring is really nearly here! I went on a walk on the High Line here in NYC and saw snowdrops and the little pink flowers too! Your photos are lovely, this spot is magical!

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