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The architecht cambridge

I caught wind of The Architect’s new menu a while ago, but since it’s all the way on the other side of town AND up a hill, I never go that way. But after a lovely walk around town, we found ourselves that way and I insisted we give them a try.

What’s so special about the new menu? It’s a “build your own” style meal, where you first have to decide what kind of pie, or fish (or battered halloumi) you’d like, then the potato, the side and the gravy/sauce.

I went for the roasted vegetable and lentil cottage pie (which was potato topped – I believe the others are pastry topped) with mustard mash on the side (you can’t have TOO MUCH mash), some sprouts and the vegetarian gravy.

The pie was delicious, as was the mash. The gravy was a little too jelly and not liquid enough, but overall the meal was very nice, especially for the price.

The architecht cambridge

With the real fireplace lit all cosy, and the super friendly staff, it was a lovely place to spend some time out of the cold with some warming food. Aside from the jelly gravy the only negative I have is that the food took quite a while to come, even though we were only one of two parties ordering food at that time. It might well be a one-off, however.

With the make-you-own menu, there’s a meal for everyone, with vegetarian and gluten free options available too.

Find The Architect at:

43 Castle St, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB3 0AH

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