Do Brits Like the Royal Family?

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Ahh the Royal Family. When you think of Britain, you can’t help think of The Queen, cheeky Harry, handsome (yet balding) William, gorgeous Kate and of course their little bouncing boy.

Loads of people come into the UK every day to see Buckingham Palace, buy up souvenirs with their faces on. But do Brits like the Royal Family?

The other week we were sat around my Grandma’s table when someone mentioned Camilla. This is the first mistake when around Brits. Don’t mention Camilla – you don’t know where your Brit will stand.

“Don’t mention that woman!!” Grandma’s friend suddenly got very angry. “Diana was a wonderful woman!”

Grandma started getting upset too. “Charles is a good man. It wasn’t his fault he didn’t love Diana!”

Most British families are divided on the Diana/Camilla thing. When Diana died, my mum t0ok me to the local library and made me write in her memoriam book thing. I didn’t know what to write so my mum told me in gritted teeth “you will write ‘you were the people’s princess and you will be missed'”. I did as I was told.

A lot of Brits just dislike the royal family all together. They don’t really bring in their own income; they live from our taxes. This makes a lot of people very angry, especially in times like this when many people can’t afford to buy their own house and yet William and Kate use money taken from the taxpayer to do up their nice home. A lot of people feel very strongly about this, and the Green Party, if elected, would like to put The Queen in a council house.

On the other hand, the royals bring in a lot of money – people come to see them, and they are a huge tourist attraction. They can help us in tricky global situations by going to visit other countries and using their ties to ease situations. They are also a great source of entertainment.

Where do I stand? Well I do quite like the royals. I like that Britain has a royal family. However, I don’t think they should have so much. I recently went to Windsor Castle which is just down the road from me (and forbids photos being taken inside which halted my plans for a nice pretty blog post on it) and was amazed by the amount of expensive STUFF there. Loads of expensive plates, just behind glass. Yes, they’re pretty to look at. But I’d prefer for them to be sold and the money put into doing something good, like building more affordable housing. Or given to a homeless charity.

How do you feel about the British Royal Family?


  1. thanks for the photo citation and pingback to my website! As an American I have an odd fascination with the Windsors but would prefer to see them fend for themselves. Wils and Kate Middleclass should pay for their own renovations. I would love to see all of the queen’s ill-attained diamonds split up equally amongst a group of convincing essay winners who otherwise would never have access to 20 carat diamond earrings. Barring that, auctioned off and used to improve social services!

    Am I jealous of the bling? Sure. Do I like Camilla? I could care less. Kate? Wils shouldn’t be allowed to be a Prince nor heir. I firmly believe if you want to be royalty, you should have to marry royalty. Otherwise, what is it that makes them “better” than us? Can’t stand the new ‘rule bending.’

  2. I had no idea there is so much disdain towards the royal family in Britain! I didn’t know that they lived off taxpayers money! I agree that all those fancy plates and etc. should be sold for more important things, like housing! Americans love the royal family because their entertaining!
    Sara Strauss recently posted…February WishlistMy Profile

    • Exactly! Because they are entertaining, they do bring in money. But since the UK isn’t doing so well right now, I think it should be reshuffled a little.

  3. Practically, I think it’s slightly ridiculous in terms of money, etc. But emotionally, I like the history and the glam of it all. Well, and I love the gossip!
    Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons recently posted…Q&A with Angie SilverspoonMy Profile

    • I completely agree. I don’t think we should get rid of them all together, but money-wise it is a little silly right now.


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