Brunch at The Petersfield

A little while ago, my friend Andrew and I popped over to The Petersfield to try out their brunch menu! I’m a fan of their evening food, but as you all know, brunch is my favourite meal of the week, so I HAD to try it!

The Petersfield is still a very busy and bustling place. Reservations are very recommended to make sure you get a table.

Brunch has a handful of very strong options (see the menu here). I wasn’t sure if to go for something with salmon, or something sweet, but went for the veggie breakfast in the end. Andrew had the eggs Benedict.

The food was excellent – I didn’t feel sad that I wasn’t having meat. Eggs were a perfectly runny consistency, perfect for dipping the wedges of bread into! Thumbs up all round!

A word of advice: we had one of the booths in the back, and felt that we didn’t have much room at the table. It turned out that the booth chair was movable, and the family behind us had pushed the back of their seat right back, giving them all the room. If you’re in these seats make sure you have enough leg room!

Find The Petersfield at: 2 Sturton St, Cambridge CB1 2QA

My review of their evening menu can be found here.

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