Burgers: Butch Annie’s, Cambridge

I used to be the queen of burgers. Back in Frankfurt, I knew all the best places to get them. But now in Cambridge, I seem to be lagging a little. I don’t tend to eat out as much as I used to, but also I think burgers aren’t as much of a thing as they are in other places.

Still, I’d like to be able to bring you a couple of recommendations, and Butch Annies is one of the more popular burger joints in town. I went to check it out a little before Christmas.

Located underground, through a door in the centre of town, Butch Annie’s is quite cute inside, trying to be cute an American. My housemates and I took up a booth on a weekday night, when it wasn’t so busy. The music they played was quite varied, if a tad loud for a restaurant.

I went for The Jack, with lots of cheese and some bacon. Instead of chips I went for the onion popcorn.

Now, it was a good burger – but nothing to write home about. I was quite disappointed in the restaurant in general as the staff were really slow to take our order, to serve and to let us pay. So, our burgers were lukewarm by the time they got to us. However, the meat was obviously high quality and the sauces were good. I’d give the burger itself a 6/10. The sides were meh as well, so overall not such a good experience.

Perhaps I got them on an off day? Perhaps I should give them another chance? With Cambridge burger champions Steak and Honour setting up round the corner, Butch Annie’s cannot afford to put a foot wrong if they want to stay on Cambridge’s burger map.

You can find Butch Annie’s at 23 Market St, Cambridge CB2 3PA.

Have you been to Butch Annie’s? Do you know a better burger in town? Let me know!


  1. […] I actually reviewed them this time last year, from a visit before Christmas when I still ate meat (give it a read if that’s your bag!) I didn’t think much of them last year, with the food being not hot and the staff being a […]

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