Burgers: Steak and Honour

Steak and Honour. If you’re in Cambridge for longer than a few hours, you’re going to hear about their burgers. Started in a food truck, these guys opened a bricks and mortar restaurant just a few months ago, and anyone who’s anyone has been there to try it out.

I’d tried their burger back at Ely Market before Christmas – back when I was eating meat. The burger was what I can describe as delicious, but very drippy. Juices poured out the other end when I took each bite.

When I visited their restaurant with the lovely Karen, it was after I made the switch to being vegetarian, so I went for the “check the pulse” burger (I do not consider sticking mushrooms into a bun a good replacement for a meat burger).

It was delicious! The combo of the bean burger and the beetroot was really very yummy – and I was able to be very smug in staying dry when Karen’s burger was getting very drippy with the meat juices. Steak and Honour have a running meme of having “burger faces” so I made sure to get one of me!

Considering it is fast food – even very nice fast food – it was still a little pricey. You order downstairs at the counter and it’s brought up to you, which is fine, but I think the price point is slightly too high for somewhere that’s designed for a quick bite. It will be interesting to see what happens when Honest Burger opens up next door – their adverts are already shouting out about free chips.

Steak and Honour – great burgers, very yummy, for speedy special occasions.

Find Steak and Honour at 4 Wheeler St, Cambridge CB2 3QB


  1. MUSHROOM BURGERS ARE AWESOME (when I make them).


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