Cambridge Botanical Gardens (In the Rain)

I visited the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens back in the Autumn, but I really want to see them in each season. I have a couple of Japanese friends who are leaving the UK soon, so we went over to see what’s going on there!

It’s a shame – a large part of the garden was fenced off so we were somewhat limited in what we could see. My favourite part will always be the greenhouses, so we got to see those.

It was great being able to use those newfound camera skills to take pretty photos – luckily my friends also brought along their cameras so I didn’t feel like I was holding anyone up by snapping all the way around.

Inside the greenhouses it was lovely…but outside the weather wasn’t so nice…

However, it gave me an excellent chance to try out my new jacket! The weather in Cambridge right now is still often wet, but also it’s getting much warmer – meaning my winter coat is no longer useful. Especially when cycling, I need something that will let me breathe while keeping me dry…

That’s why I’m loving this jacket from Ellesse via Simply Be* – it’s adaptable as the black back can be removed to make it just a gilet. It’s lightweight and is long enough over the bum so that it doesn’t ride up when I’m cycling. Also, it’s bloody cute.

I’d forgotten to take my umbrella, but the jacket has a sneaky hood hidden inside – which was very handy!

I’m completely besotted with this jacket, as you can see. It’s going to be much warmer next week so I’ll report back once I’ve tested the gilet part of it!

For most of my life, I’ve felt like my size number has been a huge weight hanging over me (pun not intended!) and it’s only recently that I’ve started not to care. I like the way I look, on the whole. Aside for a little belly fat, I don’t really mind my shape or size. However, my wardrobe is full of “for when I’m thinner” clothes – things I no longer fit into, and clothes I’ve accidentally bought the wrong size of. I’m making a big effort to get rid of these clothes, either via eBay or in charity shops, and then buy clothes that actually fit me – looking much more flattering.

Simply Be very kindly sent me a few items of clothing to try, including the jacket, but I wanted to talk honestly for a second. I used to avoid “plus sized” shops and websites, not wanting to identify with that. However, over the past year or so, when I’ve started accepting who I am and what size I am, I’ve started nosing around their site. I’m really tired of going to shops and not having all the items of clothes suitable for me, or not being able to imagine what something would look like on me because the model in the photo is many sizes smaller. When I was looking over the selection on the Simply Be deciding what to choose, it was almost like finding a community; clothes made to fit people like me, modeled on people like me. I didn’t even notice that it was “plus sized”, it just feels like a collection of nice clothes that would fit me.

We had a lovely day at the gardens, despite the rain. It was really very soggy, but we got some good photos and had some good laughs. I can’t think of a better way to send off some friends back to Japan.

Have you ever been to the Cambridge Botanical Gardens?



  1. I so need to get back to the botanical gardens. Am hoping for slightly better weather than you had though!

  2. The botanical gardens are beautiful even in the rain! I haven’t been to a garden near me in a long time, but now that spring is hopefully coming I should make a point to go to the Bronx one. Your pictures are amazing! Look at those photography skillzzz! And that jacket is for sure a keeper! The pink and black combo is cute and I like that it can be worn in a variety of ways!
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  3. So beautiful! And really shows how youre putting last week’s photo class to goo use!

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