Caravan London

Caravan London

You may remember a while back I went to Caravan at Kings Cross for some amazing brunch with my girl Katie. Here’s the link just in case. I had the chance to visit another one of the Caravan family back in September, after a group of us had done an escape room for a hen do. We were exhausted and starving.

Caravan Bankside is gorgeous, the kind of place nice couples might go to on a date. Though it is casual, you’ll want to be dressed to impress (just like at the Kings Cross branch). I wasn’t feeling any of the large plates so chose two smaller and a snack.

Caravan London

This is the chargrilled hispi cabbage with miso, shiso and Stilton. Ho-ly cow this was good. Probably the best thing I’ve eaten in 2017 (how often have I said this…must look into it). It’s probably meant to be shared but there was no way I was sharing this. It was so juicy, umami and sticky. Sadly the shiso flavour wasn’t coming through as I’d hoped, but the combination of flavours was just perfect.

Caravan London

Next we have the Chapel and Swan smoked salmon with furikake. I was saying to a Japanese friend how furikake is used more and known more by regular people these days, and how his (large Japanese food) company should start selling it here. The salmon was amazing, not overly smoked. Perfect.

Caravan London

Lastly I had the potato bread with lime butter. My dad makes potato bread in his breadoven when we’re all home over Christmas. Dad’s is still the best of course, but this was a very close second. I very much like lime, it’s one of my favourite flavours (alongside shiso), so the butter was also very relevant to my interests.

It was a smashing meal, great for a treat. I would absolutely go and eat that cabbage again.

You can find Caravan Bankside at:

30 Great Guildford Street
London SE1 0HS

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