Why Do We Date Older Men?

The first time I dated a much older guy was in my first month studying in Japan. When I was nervous, lonely and in need of someone to explain how to do basic Japanese cooking with things from the local shop, Satoshi was there for me. I was a young 19 year old and he was 30, a local dentist with fluent but often adorable English.

He took charge, helped me settle down into Japanese life, and was great in bed.

Though we didn’t last long together (I discovered that Satoshi’s fetish for young white women meant that he had at least 4 or 5 of us on the go), my mind was then open to dating much older guys, and the benefits of doing so. [Read more…]

How to Not Gain Weight While Bossing It

It can often happen. We’re bossing it in our careers, slamming it in the office, but at home we let everything go and find we’re putting on weight. All the control we have from 9-5 melts away and standards slip when it comes to making good life choices.

I have some top tips on how to not to pile on the pounds when you’re bringing home the bacon.

Plan your lunches ahead

It’s fine to have Sunday Funday – as long as that’s fun doing some batch cooking! Planning your meals ahead means that you can make balanced choices AND be organised (leaving more time for faffing in the morning!) [Read more…]

Announcement: You Don’t Have To Do All The Things

I have a demanding full time job. I write a blog. I am searching for the right guy to date. I run a Japanese conversation group. I built and maintain an inclusive Instagram friends group. I started a Coursera on how to code. I practise brush lettering.

And yet, I feel pressure to do more. [Read more…]

6 Months In – My Experience as a Mentor

July marked the halfway point in the relationship between me and my two mentees.

I didn’t plan to be a mentor, but when my colleague told me about two students from a local school who would be good matches for me, I couldn’t say no.

With around 6 years’ experience in teaching, as well as the work I’ve done helping young people at both my current and previous jobs, I not only thought that this would be a great chance to make a more powerful impact on someone’s life – but also that this would be a doddle.

Boy was I wrong about that last bit. [Read more…]

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