Three Cruelty-Free Products to Try

Cruelty Free

One of my new years resolutions was to only by beauty, skin and healthcare products that are cruelty free. Getting out of the mindset of automatically picking the same big brands from Boots was a struggle at the start, and I do have a couple of “fails” with products I’ve tried, but by and large it’s been a positive change for me. I know I needed to be more mindful and considerate when selecting products. [Read more…]

Weight, Beauty and Khloe Kardashian

Charlotte Steggz

Photo taken by Sian’s Photography

One of the activities I do in schools is where students pitch business ideas. We do it with younger kids because they are keen, not too-cool-for-school and also they have great imagination.

I was running one last week and was helping out in one of the classrooms. My favourite thing is sitting with the kids and just chatting with them, trying to understand what makes them happy, what makes them worry about the future. A group of girls were developing their idea; a beauty box that has unisex products. So far so good. I loved how progressive the idea was – and could actually see how this could sell well. [Read more…]

Review: Lush Tooth Fairy Powder

Lush Toothpaste

I’m trying my hardest to buy all cruelty free beauty products this year. Aside from a small blip in the beauty section of Primark (I mean, that mascara is just too good to miss up), I’ve done well so far.

Mainly because I’ve been buying completely from Lush. When a product runs out, I am buying the equivalent from Lush, seeing if it’s worth it and then switching up if not.  [Read more…]

Thoughts on Skincare

Kiehls Cambridge

Back when I first started blogging, when I lived in Germany, I used to write about makeup and skincare quite a lot. At the time I had a lot of disposable income and also subscribed to two beauty boxes, so I had a lot of products to write about. I did it for a while, but then a couple of readers said that they much preferred when I wrote about living as an expat in Germany rather than the beauty things, so I stopped doing it. [Read more…]

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