Dinner at Bull and Bass

Bull and Bass recently opened in the city centre Hilton Hotel, and since I’d not even visited the hotel before, I thought I would grab some pals and head over to try it out! [Read more…]

New Burger in Cambridge: Chosen Bun

Last week I was invited to the best kind of event – a burger event! Cambridge has one new shining star in burgers opening up; Chosen Bun!

These guys have one already open in London, but had a new rebrand just for the Cambridge store, and I was so excited to see what it was all about. [Read more…]

Dining at the Mistley Thorn

Last month, for the little-ist sister’s birthday, we bundled everyone (including Grandma) into dad’s aging car and went over to Mistley.

Situated kind of half way between Ipswich and Colchester, Mistley is a gorgeous little place along the river Stour. Park up, take a walk along the river, yell FREE THE QUAY a few times into the sky then you’re just about ready for some food.

The Mistley Thorn, known for its excellent seafood, sits along the main road. Not only do they provide great food in a wonderful environment, but they also have employed my little brother, allowing him to train towards being a sommelier. (If you don’t mind blue language, and you do like gin, my brother has started a blog which you can read here.) [Read more…]

Hayman’s Victorian Mojito Recipe

I’ve been really getting into gin recently, after learning that actually it was the bad tonic water I was drinking that I didn’t like – rather than the gin itself.

Saying that, there are so many different kinds of gin – ones that taste flowery, ones that taste chemical-y, ones that taste like cough syrup. I’ve been very much enjoying trying out new kinds when I’m out and about. [Read more…]

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