Roast Dinner at Stem and Glory

I LOVE a good roast dinner, however, I rarely eat them because:

  1. It’s bloody expensive cooking them just for yourself and
  2. Not eating meat means that you go to a restaurant and get given a sad soggy nut roast.

Enter Stem and Glory, the vegan restaurant started by the peeps behind Cam Yoga. [Read more…]

Food Park Finds: Holy Schnitzels

Working just next to the Science Park, it’s so great to have the Cambridge Food Park there every Thursday. Some of Cambridge’s best food can be found not in a restaurant but in a truck.

One of the first visits I had to the Food Park, I caught Holy Schnitzels, an authentic Austrian food truck selling freshly prepared schnitzels. [Read more…]

Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Honest Burgers

There’s serious beef going on in Cambridge. Just doors down from Cambridge favourite Steak and Honour, an Honest Burgers popped up a couple of months ago. Feeling like I’m cheating on my love, I went by to see that Honest was all about.

I visited there twice; once in opening week and once a couple of weeks later when I had a free burger voucher. [Read more…]

Brunch at Toast, Nottingham

Back before my sister graduated, we went up to Nottingham to see her in a dance show. I feel for her, as she’s an amazing tap dancer, but now she’s graduating and going into teacher training, it’ll probably be the last time she will be able to enjoy her dancing passion to this extent. It was an emotional weekend.

The day after the dance show, we popped over to Toast, a fab little brunch spot on the outskirts of Nottingham. [Read more…]

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