New Brunch Menu at Hot Numbers

Cambridge favourite Hot Numbers has a new brunch menu and you know I was here first in line to try it out for you. I work so hard for my readers.

I’ve visited Hot Numbers only a couple of times, mainly because it’s ALWAYS the one that’s in the press; it was on a list from a major newspaper of best coffee houses in the UK, and it’s the go-to for pretty much everyone. While I do like to support the underdog, there are good reasons why Hot Numbers are the number one place. [Read more…]

Le Pain Quotidein, London

I know I usually talk more about brunch in independent places, but I wanted to write a quick post and give a shout out following some light brunching at Le Pain Quotidein. [Read more…]

Brunch at The Petersfield

A little while ago, my friend Andrew and I popped over to The Petersfield to try out their brunch menu! I’m a fan of their evening food, but as you all know, brunch is my favourite meal of the week, so I HAD to try it!

The Petersfield is still a very busy and bustling place. Reservations are very recommended to make sure you get a table. [Read more…]

Eating In The Dark is the Best Thing Ever

Last weekend, I did something amazing – I ate in the pitch dark.

It was meant to be a treat for my sisters, but as they were unable to make it, I grabbed my buddy Alice and we head off for London.

Dans le Noir is a pitch black dining experience near Farringdon station in London. When we stepped through the door, we were in a very dark entrance room, staffed with the most gorgeously hip people I have seen in a long time.

We were asked to put all our things – including phones and watches – into lockers, then were given a couple of very visually pleasing cocktails to try while we waited (I sneaked out my phone to take a cheeky photo first…) [Read more…]

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