Veggie Burgers of Cambridge – Smokeworks

A little while back we wanted a Yes We Camb dinner out, and the votes went to Smokeworks, a BBQ place I’d not eaten at since I stopped eating meat in January. The last time I went there, it was to the city centre restaurant, where I was on a date with a guy I was super into, and I ordered the ribs which I messily ate, all the while being adorable to the guy. [Read more…]

Darsham Nurseries, Suffolk

Darsham Nurseries

I really love driving. I love driving alone (when I can listen to podcasts) and I love driving with friends, nattering all the way. Since Angelica has only a set amount of time in the UK before she has to go back to the US, I am often coming up with places I think she should see.

Alice and I are Suffolk girls, and we were keen to show Angelica the beauty of our home county, so we went on a little road trip.

From Cambridge, you’d pass Darsham Nurseries if you’re heading over to Dunwich, or perhaps Southwold, and definitely to Latitude. You’d not see it unless you knew it was there, so don’t feel bad for not knowing about this awesome place.  [Read more…]

Ditch Your Soggy Sandwich and Get to All Bar One

All Bar One Cambridge

Lunch for me is usually function over fun. I bring in something from home, and invariably I’ll look over it at noon wishing that it was more exciting.

Enter All Bar One. [Read more…]

Issho Leeds

Japanese food Leeds

It’s very hard to get good Japanese food in the UK, without at least giving away at least three of your limbs. While I was preparing for my Leeds trip, I saw a number of bloggers visit Issho, a new Japanese restaurant up on a rooftop on a very swanky shopping arcade.

I knew I had to go, no matter what. [Read more…]

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