Burgers: Steak and Honour

Steak and Honour. If you’re in Cambridge for longer than a few hours, you’re going to hear about their burgers. Started in a food truck, these guys opened a bricks and mortar restaurant just a few months ago, and anyone who’s anyone has been there to try it out.

I’d tried their burger back at Ely Market before Christmas – back when I was eating meat. The burger was what I can describe as delicious, but very drippy. Juices poured out the other end when I took each bite. [Read more…]

The Instagram world in Cambridge has been in a flutter with a new pub restaurant in the Mill Road area. The Petersfield opened a couple of weeks ago and so I grabbed a couple of my favourite Cambridge foodies to try it out! [Read more…]


Tom’s Cakes, Mill Road

Mill Road in Cambridge is still quite a mystery to me. The long road is where all the cool things happen – the best stocked charity shops, the best restaurants, the cosiest cafes. So I went to test out one of the cosy cafe called Tom’s Cakes. [Read more…]

Brunch in Cambridge: Catesby’s

When you think of brunch in Cambridge, there are those names that always come up. We know who they are. We know their game. But how about trying somewhere that’s not obvious?

Traipsing round town one rainy day, I came across Catesby’s, a lovely “pretty stuff to go in your home” shop, with a cafe upstairs. I took a photo of the menu and made a date with a friend. [Read more…]

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