Shiki, Norwich

Before Christmas when I visited Norwich, I made a bee-line for a Japanese restaurant I’d heard about called Shiki.

I always go into Japanese restaurants with low expectations. They could be authentic and wonderful, but they could also be generic and horrible with rude staff. So I entered Shiki open to any outcome.

It was wonderful. [Read more…]

Burgers: Butch Annie’s, Cambridge

I used to be the queen of burgers. Back in Frankfurt, I knew all the best places to get them. But now in Cambridge, I seem to be lagging a little. I don’t tend to eat out as much as I used to, but also I think burgers aren’t as much of a thing as they are in other places.

Still, I’d like to be able to bring you a couple of recommendations, and Butch Annies is one of the more popular burger joints in town. I went to check it out a little before Christmas. [Read more…]

D’arry’s Cambridge

I found D’arry’s completely by accident. I run a Japanese language exchange on Sundays and I was in search of a new, quiet location. I tried The Brewhouse but I wasn’t impressed by the standoffish staff, so I wandered over the road to D’arry’s and found a wonderful quiet, cosy loft. I now go there weekly.

Downstairs is the main restaurant, with a private room as well (that looks SO pretty! I want my birthday party there this year!) but go up a spiral staircase and you find the very cosy upstairs – with fireplaces, snuggly throws and a lovely soft playlist. [Read more…]

Cafe Stir, Cambridge

The other night my friend sat and complained that there aren’t enough places for breakfast in Cambridge. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You can’t move for twee coffee shops serving brunch.

Stir is a little out of town, in Chesterton. A short bike ride from where I live, I went to blog there for a few hours then was joined by my housemate. [Read more…]

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