Three Hourseshoes Madingley

Three Houseshoes Maddingley

You have not seen the air so blue. I had a set of lovely photos taken of the nibbles I had at The Three Horseshoes in Madingley, but instead of hitting the “bluetooth to computer” button, I hit the delete button. So only two photos remain. Oh, poo. [Read more…]

Salt Pig, Cambridge

The Salt Pig

It was my birthday a LONG time ago, but I have a gazillion food posts so this is every so slightly late. I grabbed my favourite people and we went to Salt Pig, which had just opened and was doing a trial week with 50% off. This was way back in October, so things may have changed since then. Though, reading the TripAdvisor reviews, perhaps not.

I had the goats cheese to start (above) which was really cheesy. So far, so good. [Read more…]

Veggie Burgers in Cambridge: Doppleganger Burgers

More than anything, I love supporting people starting up amazing businesses. The sad thing in Cambridge is that the university colleges own most of the city, and not only are business rents very high, but the go up a fair bit as well. Recently on Facebook I clicked in horror as someone posted a link to loads of our favourite cafes being up for sale – many of them in the same area. It won’t be long before we’re just like everywhere else, with hundreds of Costas and Starbucks, and as nice as they are, I want to also have a wide range of small businesses to choose from. [Read more…]

Rainbow Cafe, Cambridge

Rainbow Cafe Cambridge

The first I’d heard about Rainbow Cafe was when I heard that they didn’t accept the new five pound notes, because they contained tiiiiiiny amounts of cow.

Even as a non-meat eater myself, I thought that that was a bit much. However, on a nice afternoon Alice and I were looking for a spot to eat and this was where we ended up.

Rainbow Cafe is opposite Kings College, on a small alley off of the main tourist street. As you take the stairs down to the cafe, the air gets a bit thick and smelly. It wasn’t very pleasant. [Read more…]

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