Mee and I Cambridge

A little while ago I caught wind of a fab Asian fusion restaurant in Cambridge, so I went to check it out.

Usually, I’m not a fan of Asian fusion places as they seem to do a disservice to all the cultures they’re trying to represent, but Mee and I was a very pleasant surprise. [Read more…]

Dessert Chocolates with Lily O’Brien’s

The company I work for has been hiring like crazy recently, and suddenly our little room is full of people. It can be hard to make a rapidly growing company feel like a close-knit team, but luckily I had a trick up my sleeve to bring us together. [Read more…]

Best Veggie Burgers in Cambridge [regularly updated]

Recently, Cambridge News released their list of the top burgers in Cambridge – but I thought I’d make a list of the top vegetarian burgers for us veggies!

I’ll be regularly updating this list when I find new places.

In order of my favourite to my least favourite, here is my list of veggie burgers in Cambridge, with a link to my full review:

One Steak and Honour. Check the Pulses Burger

My favourite because it’s different, and the beetroot in it makes such a good combo with the patty. Not drippy, just juicy and delicious. Even better than their meat burgers.

TwoChosen Bun. Edamammy.

Really great burger – would have been neck and neck with S&H if it wasn’t for the overly spicy sauce, the slightly high price, and if there was a place to sit and eat there.

ThreeHonest Burger. Veggie Burger.

A solid good burger with great sides.

FourBill’s. Halloumi Burger.

More of a sandwich than a burger, but yummy and at a great price.

Five –  Brewhouse. Veggie Burger.

A good basic burger. One of the cheaper options on the list.


Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Brewhouse

In my quest to find Cambridge’s best veggie burger, I visited Brewhouse a little while back.

I’m on the fence about Brewhouse in general. The first couple of times I visited, I did not appreciate the level of service from the staff (who I found to be quite abrupt and unable to cope with the stress of running one of the busiest pubs in Cambridge). [Read more…]

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