Browns, Cambridge

A week or so ago, my blogger besties and I were invited* to Browns in Cambridge to try their menu and see their gorgeous restyling – and it was an amazing event!

As we arrived, we were asked to go to the “cocktail station” (easily my favourite kind of station) to try out their range of drinks. I went for the rhubarb and cucumber collins, which was delicious – light and bubbly and very more-ish. [Read more…]

Getting Cheesy with Le Rustique

Here’s a fun fact – I actually hated cheese until very recently. The story goes that I was given some cottage cheese as a small child, and told it was cheese, so I stopped eating it. But actually, it was just the smell but also the texture of hard cheeses that I didn’t like.

When I was in Germany, I started eating goats cheese, and realised how amazing it is! From there, I’ve branched out (still not completely cheesy on all fronts – stilton is still yet to win me over) but I have found that I LOVE camembert and brie. [Read more…]

Brunch at Dirty Bones London

This past Saturday I was invited by Rosie to brunch at Dirty Bones. I can never, ever say no to a brunch, even more so when it’s with the amazing-in-every-way Rosie. [Read more…]

Dinner at the Cambridge Cookery School

Many of us in Cambridge will be aware of the Cambridge Cookery School, where one can go and learn to cook from the pros. But did you know that they have a cafe and wine bar there too? I certainly didn’t!

Which is why I’m so glad they invited me and a bunch of other Cambridge food bloggers over for dinner on Saturday night. What a wonderful evening we had! [Read more…]

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