Burger Baby – Frankfurt


I’d been to Burger Baby a looooong time ago but wanted to try it out again. I remembered there being great food but the restaurant not having that much air circulation so it smelt really greasy in there.

It hadn’t changed much. The air was a little less yucky, but still very greasy smelling. But the burgers. OH the burgers.

They make the patties right there in front of you which is awesome. Nothing is hidden and all the toppings and so on are right there in front of you, prepared freshly. I had avocado and bacon with my small burger and it was SO yummy.

The chips were also very good, nice and fresh and not too salty. As for customer service, the guys working there were really friendly AND replied to my German in German, which, as you know, always makes me happy.

Definitely in my top 3 burgers in Frankfurt – and a must for burger lovers!

You can find Burger Baby in Bornheim at Höhenstraße 24, 60385 Frankfurt am Main

Buzzano Frankfurt


It was a Saturday night and I had nothing to do. I hate wasting a good weekend night so I grabbed the only person on Facebook chat who was free and dragged him out for some protein – STEAK. I did a little googling and I fell for the hipstery charms of Buzzano’s website.

We arrived at Buzzano’s and was instantly made to feel super super awkward at how posh it all is. For a last minute decision for steak with a guy-friend, it sure was starting to feel like a very stuffy date… I kept apologising to my friend over and over until we were served.

The waiter looked like a butler that time had forgotten. With unforgivingly fast German, he made no attempts to make sure I was ordering exactly what I wanted. I had the lady steak and a side salad, my friend had the caesar salad. They were very expensive, and nothing to write home about. Much sad.


The only good point I can give about Buzzano is that the bill came in a funky little chair that also had chocolates in it. Nice move there.

Find Buzzano at An der Welle 3, 60322 Frankfurt am Main

More Tea, Vicar?


In Dublin I had SO MUCH TEA. I was there only just a short time but I felt like I was constantly drinking the stuff! If (more like when) I find myself back there I’d love to do a kind of tea-crawl and try as many tea shops as possible. But until then, here are my favourite tea shops that I visited in December.

First we have a place that I hate myself for liking. The shop in the photo above had by far the best tea (pear and cinnamon) AND great staff, BUT Bono of U2 fame is the landlord and I really hate knowing that my money is going to him! The Joy of Cha can be found in Temple Bar.


I didn’t go to the main Bewley’s shop (because it was always too crowded) but I managed to find a little branch of it. I went in mainly because they boasted that they’d won some kind of coffee foam art contest, so I ordered a laté thinking that it would come with something special on top. Judging from what came to me compared to what went to the girls next to me, I had ordered the wrong thing haha. Still, it was pretty!


AND the mince pies there were awesome! OM NOM NOM!


On a walk near to St Stephen’s Green, I found a great cafe called Goose on the Loose. It’s a really nice, relaxed place.


The queen of all the tea shops in Dublin, however, is Queen of Tarts. Don’t go for the busy main street cafe of theirs, and instead walk a few minutes down the road to their second, bigger shop. It’s much easier to get a table and you get much better service as the waitresses aren’t as rushed. I loved their tea sets, and the selection of cakes made it very difficult to choose!

Do you have a favourite tea spot in Dublin?

Schöneberger – Nice Burger?


I’ve already blogged about the awesome brunch at Schöneberger on Bergerstraße. But when I needed a venue for a small gathering to welcome new members to our team at work, I thought I’d give it a whirl for evening food as well.

Many people told me the burger at Schöneberger was awesome. Sadly, I have to disagree with them. Firstly, the bread bun was really cheap. You know, the kind of bun you’d get with a burger sold out of a van outside a nightclub on Friday night. But this burger wasn’t 3 euros, it was around 12, so I think more effort should have been put in.

Also, the chips sucked. Obviously from frozen generic potato wedges. You can buy a massive bag of these from Rewe for 2 euros. I don’t expect the very best, but for the price I really think they could have put a little more effort in it. Maybe normal chips with a variety of sauces? Sweet potato chips? Crinkle chips?

I was not impressed. This does not go on the top burgers of Frankfurt list. Boo.

Find Schöneberger at Berger Straße 237, 60385 Frankfurt

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