Spring in Frankfurt!

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Spring is a good time in Frankfurt. The dark days of winter are finally over and the Germans start to very VERY VERY excited about things. One of the things they like to get excited about is spargel – asparagus. You would not believe how excited these white sticks make the locals…

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This was the area outside department store Galeria this morning – a man on a mic, lots of official veggie people, SO many people crowding round to get their hands on asparagus… and a bored sound man eating a sausage sandwich.

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But this is what we came for – the green sauce festival! Green sauce is a big thing here in Frankfurt and so we wanted to check out the festival dedicated to this herby, eggy sauce.

There is a closed off section that I think wasn’t open when we went. There are a handful of stalls outside, though, with 3 different green sauces to try with eggs, potatoes and sausages. Sushi circle have some special green sauce themed sushi variaties (none of which are vegetarian friendly) so there are a few things to check out there!

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Our potatoes, eggs and sauce was so yummy we forgot to take a photo before we dug in! The sauce was pretty sweet and creamy. I much prefer it when it’s chunky and herby but it was still very yummy! The festival is lasting through to next weekend so check it out at the Roßmarkt in Frankfurt!

Frohsinn – Afternoon Tea?


I’d been past Frohsinn a few times and seen that they do afternoon tea with scones and stuff, but I hadn’t really been moved to go in. However, some people on Facebook were asking for placed where they could have afternoon tea and I mentioned it and one thing lead to another so before long we were 12 strangers sat drinking tea together!

I say “tea”…I am beginning to get very tired of everywhere in Frankfurt either charging 5 euros for a cup of hot water and a packaged tea bag, or (like this place) being limited to Kusumi tea. Kusumi branded tea is ok. But it’s certainly not worth the price tag that comes with it, nor is it anything very special.

The scones were good and seemed freshly baked, but the sandwiches were kind of hard and there were no choices for them so you were stuck with fish and meat in them even if you are vegetarian.

More than anything, the service was TERRIBLE. Really bad. We got the tea and food we ordered a full hour after having ordered it, and the waitress was really difficult to deal with, too.



What saves Frohsinn, though, is the incredible decor they have going on there. There is this random picture of the queen but the whole place was lovely inside. It seemed that the other food on the menu was very good – and another lady in my party said that she’d had some lovely chicken there so I guess it’s worth another go.

I think the jury is still out on Frohsinn…if any of you have been there then please do let me know!

You can find Frohsinn at Börsenstraße 14 60313 Frankfurt am Main, just behind Galeria.

Piknickbank, Frankfurt (omg is that hummus?)



We had a busy Saturday running around town buying toasters and things to cook that evening. We planned a lovely lunch at Piknickbank, a Moroccan cafe/restaurant we went past once, and it was the perfect end to a busy afternoon.

The place itself is like a back-to-front Tardis – it’s much smaller on the inside than it seemed from the outside. Luckily we got the last table for two but other people were made to wait in the rain for tables.

The waitress was fairly aloof but she replied to our German in German and so she was all right by me.

I had the large Piknick Teller which wasn’t quite as large as I had imagined, but still filled me up. Boy had the vegetarian tajine and though he said I had ordered the best thing, his meal was very good too (though had hidden olives! Grown-up food alert!!) My hummus was lovely and the carrots were so good I am going to try to recreate them at home next week!

The other people there were surprisingly not young hipsters, but older, middle class groups. I don’t know what it says about the place but it was interesting anyway!

I hope to go there again soon – we both said we wanted to try all the things on the menu.

You can find Piknickbank at Weißadlergasse 7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Heroes Premium Burger Frankfurt


The other week I went with some friends to Heroes Premium burger restaurant in Bornheim – and you know how much I love burgers!

I LOVED the inside of the restaurant – the walls were full of comic book boxes and the staff were sufficiently geeky/hipstery for my liking. The burgers all had awesome names too (even a Luigi burger!!) and they had a lot of vegetarian options so I can’t wait to go again with the boyfriend. My German speaking friends asked if my burger could be wrapped in leaves instead of having a burger bun and when it came the patty was just sat on top of a salad but hey, at least it was wheat free!

The burgers were really tasty, and the chips came in a scoopable shape which made them perfect for trying out all their excellent dips.

Like I said, I can’t wait to go back again because it really was great – so I’d recommend it to all of you of course!

Find Heroes Premium Burgers at Leibnizstr. 13 60316 Frankfurt am Main

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