Mika – Relaxed German Dining



A little while back a few friends and I needed a place for a quick dinner on Bergerstraße before some evening entertainment. Mika was just across the road so we were set!

Mika is a pretty small restaurant with what I’d like to call modern German food. By that I mean that they don’t have sausages and schnitzel and so on, but have a lot of things that are subtly German. Like leek. And beetroot. And kokos curry soup.

I went with the leek and beetroot salad (above). It was nice, though a little small for the 8-ish euro price tag. I’d have liked a little more salad in my salad as well.


My friend had the quiche which looked good. When I asked her how it was she shrugged in a very Italian way and said “meh, it’s ok”.



My third friend had already eaten and so ordered a coffee. It came in a bath tub. It was very amusing watching him drink the whole thing and gave us an excuse to pick on him for a bit.

Though the food wasn’t anything to write home about, the guy serving was very charming and wanted to try out his English on us all.

Find Mika at Berger Straße 31, 60316, Frankfurt


Recent Photos


Top left – The fish in the work canteen looked horrible so I took the other lunchtime option – rice pudding. Winning. Top right – My friend went to Japan and brought back a Sherlock manga. I never even knew this was a thing. Bottom left – GERMAN FOOD OM NOM NOM. Bottom Right – The carnival in Frankfurt a few weeks ago.


Left – I stumbled across the Chinese garden in Frankfurt. Top – Someone left a Bible and a Christian message for people to read on the U-Bahn train. Bottom – Gluten free ham?! …Did it contain gluten to begin with??


And lastly, one of me in New York! 2 days in and my legs are DYING from all the walking! But, I just love love love it here. The whole place smells like donuts and every single person I’ve come across has been so friendly and passionate about what they do. I’ve been taking quite a few selfies and this is me at the top of the Rockefeller building. I just kept staring at the skyline for ages not believing that I’m actually here and what I’m looking at isn’t the opening for a rom-com or a movie. Pinch me now!

Burger Meister – Frankfurt’s Best Burger?


My colleagues and I took a trip to Sachsenhausen the other week to go to Burger Meister – a burger restaurant I’ve been meaning to try out for months.

Their posters and signs proudly say that they are Frankfurt’s best burger but I wasn’t sure. The range of burgers was really good and it took ages before I could decide. I decided to go for the bog standard Otto-speck which was burger with bacon, and some “fresh fries” on the side.

There was just one guy working there – he yelled out that his coworker was out and so service would be a bit slower. But he was really friendly and we spoke a bit in German which is always nice.

After a while, our burgers arrived. Holy cow, they were amazing. It really was the best burger I’d had in Frankfurt. The beef was delicious, and the bacon was great. The bun wasn’t too cheap nor hard and the size of the whole thing was big enough to feel a challenge but not so big that it was ridiculous. 10/10.

The chips, however.

We’d assumed that they were homemade since they were labeled “fresh” on the menu but these were really cheap, from-frozen chips and were disappointing all round, even with the amazing truffle mayo.

Food aside, there was also a really great selection of bottled beers and soft drinks that I think I can safely label ‘hipster’. It was all very, very good.

I would most certainly go back to Burger Meister again…just ordering a burger next time though!

Find it at Dreieichstraße 20, 60594 Frankfurt am Main.

Nordlicht Frankfurt


My colleagues and I, we like cocktails. Actually, I much prefer red wine most of the time but I don’t mind being dragged out for alcoholic beverages on a Friday night.

One such cocktail joint I was dragged to is Nordlicht in Nordend, Frankfurt. Quite a small place inside, but the staff are pretty cheery and it was good enough to make me want to share the recommendation with you all!

I went there and drank wine, but if you’re in a cocktaily mood be sure to know what you like because there is no cocktail menu – you just tell the staff what you want.

We all had food and it all was really great. I really loved my salad and it didn’t make me feel like I was missing out on ‘read’ food at all.

Now that the weather is warming up, I think it’d be a lovely place to sit and have a drink and I believe they have a great brunch menu too so it’s another Frankfurt brunch option.

Find Nordlicht at Koselstr. 2-4, Nordend Frankfurt. They’re closed on Mondays.

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