Der Eintracht Indian Restaurant

2013-08-14 08.28.48

Gah. My restaurant visits of late seem to be very hit and miss. This was a bit of a miss.

Every now and then I like to invite a random group of about 20 friends out for dinner, so people can meet new people (and more often than not – so I can set people up…) I chose Der Eintracht as it had been recommended to me, and been listed as a hidden gem on many review sites so I thought it would be the perfect place.

What’s the “done thing” here, apparently, is that you give them a price per person and they bring food out to suit that amount. So, that’s what we did.

Well, it wasn’t that it was bad. The food was ok, but if I say that one side of the table is vegetarian and the other is meat eating, it would be nice if meat dishes weren’t put out for the vegetarians. And when we are finishing off the starters (fried veg and CHICKEN with sauces) it would be nice if the waitress didn’t poke my back and tell me to eat faster so she could clean up faster. It was done in jest but still, wasn’t so much appreciated.

The food was ok. I think I’m pretty picky with Indian food because I’ve been lucky enough to live in places with really excellent Indian food (the best of all, surprisingly, was in my tiny town in Japan…) This was ok but nothing special at all. Certainly not a gem.

Frankfurt doesn’t have a lot of really super good Indian restaurants. If you’re craving a good curry like you would expect in Britain, then I say it’s worth a try. But don’t expect bells and whistles.

You can find Der Eintracht at Oeder Weg 37, Frankfurt

Margarete Cafe

2013-08-14 08.24.02

Being slightly geeky, my friends and I sometimes like to set up camp in a cafe and sit and write, read or study. My friends like to write novels because they are clever clogs, and I tend to write more standup comedy these days.

We’d heard about a cafe/restaurant called Margarete – a slightly upmarket place was a great place to chill out. Situated near to Dom Romer, it was very easy to get to on the way home from work.

2013-08-14 08.25.13

So there were many good points and many bad points about Margarete. Let’s run through them –


The food was really good. I had the quiche and Boyfriend had the eggs and green sauce. The green sauce here was easily the best we’d tasted in Frankfurt so far.

The drinks were good.

I love the interior – and the big open windows at the front were really nice since it was a roasting hot day.


The service was terrible. Even worse than the normal German level of service. I can’t even put it down to the place being busy – it just wasn’t.

It’s expensive. 7 euros for a quiche the size of my palm? Gaaah.

The card machine chewed up and spat out two cards. It just wouldn’t accept them – for no reason at all. That was pretty annoying and embarrassing.

Despite the bad points, I think this would be a cute date night place – the couple could even bond over the poor service! They do proper meals here too but you may need to take out a loan to be able to afford it…

I’d go back, but only on a day when I’m ok with really poor service.

Find Margarete at Braubachstraße 18, 60311 Frankfurt

Taco Haus – Mexican in Frankfurt

2013-07-21 20.23.10A few weeks ago I saw the lovely people at the Drinkstag group were checking out a new Mexican place called Taco Haus and I knew I had to get in on the action. The boyfriend and I were in the area and so decided to take a look.

We checked out the menus online beforehand and there were about 4 or 5 vegetarian options, and we both set out hearts on what we’d like to eat.

2013-07-21 20.23.42

However, the menu was much much smaller in real life. There were only two vegetarian options and when the one I wanted wasn’t available. As I chose the same as Boyfriend’s, the waitress asked me why but didn’t offer an alternative when I replied that I chose the same because there was nothing else for me to eat. I’d expect a good restaurant to make something else if the vegetarian option I wanted wasn’t available.

2013-07-21 20.24.07

Fun fact: I love nachos. All the nachos. The dips were simply delicious as well. Om NOM NOM.

2013-07-21 20.24.53

The main course was, however, disappointing. Our veggie option was basically baked beans and tinned corn in a very cheap and basic tomato sauce, covered in cheese. Fair enough, you say. But for 11 euros I do expect something a little more than that.

The tortillas were hand made which was nice, and they give you 5 corn and 5 wheat ones. When we asked for only corn ones to cut down on my wheat, the waitress was very confused. I just ended up giving them to Boyfriend.

Overall, we weren’t impressed. Perhaps if you are a meat-eater you’ll get a better deal here. But the filling was bland and the service was ok. It’s not in the centre of town either so you’d have to go pretty much specifically for that.

You can find Taco Haus at Hamburger Allee 59, 60486

Gundi – Turkish food in Bockenheim

2013-07-14 18.14.28

We went to see our wonderful friend Ben sing whilst playing his keyboard in a curious yet terribly planned event in Bockenheim. The idea was that we were to wander down the street and enjoy stopping off at the participating places to enjoy some art. Unfortunately, it seems Turkish restaurant Gundi didn’t know what they were getting into when they agreed to host Ben.

The place was pretty full when we got there, but no one was there to hear Ben’s wonderful music except our group. They were much more interested in the belly dancer who was performing a little before.

The service left a lot to be desired, but they did do some good food. I had the platter (above) but sadly the hummus tasted like it had been left out in the warm air all day and wasn’t very fresh at all. The rest was ok (though there could have been a vegetarian option…)

2013-07-14 18.15.00 (1)

The boyfriend had this cheesy, greasy mess above. I think he said it was “ok”.

Their Qype page has a lot of German recommendations so perhaps we just picked the wrong kinds of things. The food was fairly average; not good enough for me to go out of my way to visit again.

If anyone knows any restaurants in Frankfurt that are similar, but better than this, then I’d love to know!

Find Gundi at Leipziger Straße 85 – 87, 60487 Frankfurt am Main

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