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This week has gone by so quickly, but I’ve also not stopped. Wednesday saw me in London at a Westminster Forum event about apprenticeships. It was so interesting, and it’s so important for us to get this right to help the UK’s economy, the unemployment rate and help the next generation. I could rant all day about it. But this is not the platform.

Tomorrow is my #CBGTown Indoor Market! Please do come along to St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church from 11am to find fantastic crafty things as well as clothes from the wardrobes of Cambridge’s most stylish bloggers and Instagrammers!

Let’s linkie!

I definitely relate to some of Cat’s post about toxic feelings bloggers can have. Luckily I have so many amazing blogging friends, it’s easy to shake them off.

Apparently Hospitality in the Park is completely different to what I would have imagined it to be about.

Want a long read? This mattress blogging drama is a long, but highly interesting saga.

If you’re looking for something slightly trippy but very relaxing, I found a strange little website that might be just the ticket for you. (Warning: very addictive).

I do truly feel like I’m in the culture of busy – I do so bloody much. I make sure to schedule in some rest, though – here are some great tips on how you can do the same.

On the same kind of theme, I loved this post from The Stripe on her experiment to limit her digital consumption – and how that effected her.

I completely agree with Ashley – I don’t do reading challenges either as I really love reading, I don’t want to put a KPI on it.

I’m going to leave you with some British slang for you to learn. Enjoy!


Judgemental Self-Help Books Are The Worst

For almost a year now, I’ve been reading Nice Girls (Still) Don’t Get The Corner Office.

I found the book years ago when trying to find my friend Jenny a birthday present. Books are the best presents as they can transport you to other worlds, lift you up, make you a better person. And as Jenny was the type of young 20-something that seems to be going places, I thought it was the perfect book for her.

Cue me, at 30, wondering how on earth I can go the person I am today to the person I want to be.

I downloaded the book.

Firstly, this book doesn’t work so well on the Kindle. At the start, it has a little survey, and depending on the answers, you have to read certain sections of the book. But as you can’t really flick back and forth on a Kindle, I found myself reading through most of it.

The book is sectioned in chapters called things like “How you act”, “How you sound” and “How you look”, within which each page has a “mistake” that women make in the workplace.

I found some advice to be quite useful. For example, there’s a section on how women work without a break and try to be martyrs. Having read this, I realised that this is something I do and so, combined with the message I was reading (at the same time) from The Glass Wall, I made the decision to do much less overtime.

There’s also great advice on how women wait to be given what they want while men might articulate this much better and then receive that thing as they’ve been clear with their aims. Again, following this, I stopped thinking that people are mind-readers and started telling my boss clearly the progression aims I have within the company.

The things I found most useful were under the section “How you play the game”, but once you move on, the book gets into this icky judgemental narrative that sounds like a business guide from the 50s. For example, in “How you look”, there are “mistakes” involving body ink, smiling, tilting your head, makeup, having your hair too long and wearing the wrong kind of clothing.

The author had updated this book in 2016 (adding the “still”), including many more “mistakes” she had come across in women since she first wrote the book. What she failed to do was take into account the wide variety of workplaces that we have now. Some may be the kind where you have to wear heels of a certain height, a pencil skirt, modest makeup and a french twist in your hair. But many of us work in places where having long hair doesn’t hold you back – and to suggest such a thing is just laughable.

A good self help book should make you want to take notes, make you want to take action right away to make yourself a better person. This book make me self-conscious of every part of my being. It made me feel like a complete failure for being 30 and having longer hair. For wearing eyeshadow.

While I took some good tips away from this, it was essentially a really long waste of time reading it; and I’m sure those good tips could have been found in other, much better packaged books.

What have you been reading recently? I’d ask for recommendations but my book list is SO LONG!!

ARGHHHHH!!!! Friday 13th LINKS!



Nah, just kidding. I hope you’re bored at work because I’ve got some great clickers for you today!

Let’s linkie!

I didn’t ever use AOL Instant Messenger (I was much more of an MSN person) but it’s sad that it’s going away. I miss the old messenger days.

Glasgow is on my to-do list, so I’m so happy to see that it has so many vegan options there. Are they still deep fried though?????

I want this travel bag.

Following from Mental Health Awareness Week this week, here’s an amazing post from Sophie on how to get support when you don’t have a lot of money.

I’ve always been curious about life in Dubai – it looks like such a different way of life. But you have to be careful. While I’m Young wrote a great post on how people might get in trouble over there.

My brother got given some gin flavoured crisps and he’s gone off on a rant again (including about the amazing gin candle I bought dad in a desperate attempt to purchase a present for the man who has it all!!)

I got to meet Sophie Cliff the other week at the blogging awards, and she was so lovely. I love this post from her about the things she’s learnt from blogging.

I LOVE jumpers and skirts together so hurrah that it’s actually in fashion!

Have an awesome SPOOKY Friday!

Touring Cambridge with Ofo

I’ve lived in a lot of different places, but Cambridge is by far my favourite place to live so far. The city has so much to offer, so much to see, and can all be accessed easily…by bicycle.

I grabbed my Yes We Camb team and partnered up the bike sharing company Ofo – who have recently launched their bikes here. We hopped on their bikes and went on an adventure! [Read more…]

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