Down the Cam with Let’s Go Punting!

A while back I was sat at home, on Instagram, thinking how I didn’t really have that many friends in Cambridge, and how I wished I wished I could have friends like the cool and funny girls I follow on Instagram.

I stopped wishing, and I invited a bunch of them out for dinner, and the rest is history – we are quite the girl gang now. [Read more…]

Cambridge Home + Garden Show

I have something so exciting to talk to you about today. My wonderful friend Jen is putting on such a cool event and I want you all to know about it.

It’s the Cambridge Home & Garden Show and it’ll be held in the Guildhall in the centre of Cambridge in September this year. The whole event will be dedicated to home and garden design, so if you’re looking to be #inspired, you NEED to be there. [Read more…]

Cambridge From Above

Might I have found the best view in Cambridge?

Take a trip to the top of Great St Mary’s church tower and you will be met with arguable some of the best views in town. All for just a few pounds. [Read more…]

Cambridge Botanical Gardens (In the Rain)

I visited the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens back in the Autumn, but I really want to see them in each season. I have a couple of Japanese friends who are leaving the UK soon, so we went over to see what’s going on there! [Read more…]

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