Yoga in Cambridge: CamYoga

I want to spend 2018 being a bit more active. I do cycle as much as possible but I need to have some activity other than that.

Back when I lived in Germany, I did Bikram yoga once a week, and I really enjoyed it. The heat in the room meant that my dodgy knees were happy, and the intensity was such that I got a really good work out each time.

I decided to go back to yoga in 2018. Luckily Haley was on the same page (guys you need to read her post about food marketing messages you need to ignore) and we both signed up to a taster month at CamYoga.

CamYoga is the queen bee of the Cambridge yoga world. The yummiest of mummies can be found here, and certainly the demographic of the classe [Read more…]

Touring Cambridge with Ofo

I’ve lived in a lot of different places, but Cambridge is by far my favourite place to live so far. The city has so much to offer, so much to see, and can all be accessed easily…by bicycle.

I grabbed my Yes We Camb team and partnered up the bike sharing company Ofo – who have recently launched their bikes here. We hopped on their bikes and went on an adventure! [Read more…]

Down the Cam with Let’s Go Punting!

A while back I was sat at home, on Instagram, thinking how I didn’t really have that many friends in Cambridge, and how I wished I wished I could have friends like the cool and funny girls I follow on Instagram.

I stopped wishing, and I invited a bunch of them out for dinner, and the rest is history – we are quite the girl gang now. [Read more…]

Cambridge Home + Garden Show

I have something so exciting to talk to you about today. My wonderful friend Jen is putting on such a cool event and I want you all to know about it.

It’s the Cambridge Home & Garden Show and it’ll be held in the Guildhall in the centre of Cambridge in September this year. The whole event will be dedicated to home and garden design, so if you’re looking to be #inspired, you NEED to be there. [Read more…]

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