Linkies 21/02

This week has been super busy and super stressful. Bunnies make me feel happy.

Last weekend Steven came to hang out in Frankfurt and it was really nice going for some brunch with him (although the place I wanted to take him to was closed – sorry!!) But he did introduce me to an app that is now going to eat ALL my money – Songkick, which looks at the music on your phone and tells you if anyone is touring right now. I found that Metronomy are on tour AND coming to Frankfurt!! Since it seems hardly anyone knows of them, here’s the video of them that was my gateway to loving them –

Let’s get onto the linkies!

Expat Lingo is in Istanbul and I am VERY jealous. Looking at her photos makes me want to go back there as soon as I can.

I love these photos of facial expressions from the figure skating at the Sochi winter Olympics. Mao-chan is the Japanese media’s darling so I bet this wasn’t one of the photos published over there!

If you think you love coffee, I’m not sure you love it as much as this woman did.

Germany is one of the few countries that doesn’t have over the counter morning after pills. Sad times.

For people like me who are trying to nab a new job, this article from Fast Company (one of my favourite sites) is very useful!

More from Fast Company – things your brain needs more of! (I’ve been keeping dark chocolate at my desk ever since I read this…om nom nom…)

And to end today here is the NEW video from the talented and sexual Ben Southam. Frankfurters – can you guess the location where he filmed it?


Friday Letters 18/10/13


Dear Birthday Party Guests, thank you for an amazing birthday party last week. I’m so grateful that I have people like you all in my life <3


Dear Pumpkin Spice Late, Uhm…I don’t get the hype. You didn’t taste that special at all. Your sister, Salted Caramel Mocha, however…


Dear Frankfurt, May your never ending stream of random street junk for people to take never end.


Dear Ridiculously Expensive Lebanese Restaurant, your hummus was not worth 8 euros, and neither was your falafel. Sort it out.


Possibly my favourite reading thing of this week was this wonderful post about people talking back to Cosmo UK’s Facebook feed. I follow a different British magazine called Company, but I’ve noticed recently their quality has just gone down the drain and I wish people would oppose them more!

My favourite looking thing has been this Hipster Merkal Tumblr. I asked my flatmate if I could print them all out and put them on the walls and he said that he’s not sure he wants her looking at him every day…PFT! Some German!! SWAGHETTI YOLONESE, people!

Talking of yolo, I read a great Thought Catalog entry about things the author loves about American people. I’ve met loads of Americans while living abroad and I have to say I agree with all she says. I really love the American way of living and wish I could adopt that.

This person doesn’t like digestive biscuits. I mean. What. I don’t even.

If Game of Thrones characters were video game consoles. You know they’re right.

I’m so glad so many of you enjoyed my post yesterday about expat friends. I was having a crappy day, so to come home and read your comments saying I’d made you laugh and so on…it really made me feel so much better. Blogger John also commented and said that he’d written a post on a very similar topic. It’s a REALLY great post, so I really urge you all to read it!

I feel I should end on something kinda work related, since this is something that has been very big in the gaming world this past week. There’s a new Pokemon out and while I’ve not bought it myself (I still have Style Boutique and Animal Crossing to get through…), I very much appreciate this Pokemon musical! Enjoy!

Friday Letters 11/10/13


Dear Autumn food, keep it up. You’re doing a great job. Especially you, Butternut Squash. Excellent soups.


Dear Germany, I may get angry at your crappy graffiti, but I do love your massive art projects that we can see everywhere. It’s like a treasure hunt to try and find them.


Dear German trains, why do you attach a carriage when none of the doors work? What’s the point?


Dear Samsung Note Mobile, your predictive word texts are hilarious. My new favourite thing is typing a word then using the predictive words that come after it to make random sentences. Such fun.


My fellow Germany blogger Steven went to a SUPER COOL restaurant that has a rollercoaster running through it delivering your food! It reminds me of the sushi restaurants in Japan that would serve you your orders by tiny bullet trains.

A supermarket employee in Japan has been turning the lumps of minced beef into anime characters. The sonic one is my favourite.

After reading this post on breakfast and how it can affect you, I’m thinking of switching up my breakfast habits…I usually have toast with avocado or tomatoes on it. I know, a weird breakfast choice…

I really enjoyed this post from Expat Lingo about what sounds to be a very complicated new building in Hong Kong. It reminded me of this post my friend Stephen at Sparrow and Dove wrote about the escalators in the Frankfurt shopping centre My Zeil.

Some students in America tried to have a racial bake sale – where white men pay the most. I can see what they were trying to do but I’m not sure this was a good idea…

Video of the week is from this German beauty tuber I found. I don’t know what it is about her but I can’t stop watching. She’s just frickin’ adorable. And great for learning German! I watched one of her videos and then ended up spending 60 euros in DM… eep…

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