Friday Links September 8th

The school year started with a bang this week – that bang was heard from my inbox as all the teachers I contact came back to me from all the emails I sent over the summer!

Roll on the weekend…

Let’s linkie!

John Lewis, though still advertising in the Daily Mail, decided to take away gender labeling from its children’s clothes, which is wonderful. Nicole has written a fantastic post on why this is important.

I’m still finding my feet on Pinterest, but if you’re a noob like me, here’s a great post on how bloggers can get set up there.

Ollie has been cooking up prawns this week!

There was a blogger picnic this week and it looked so much fun! Maria J has written such a relatable post about what it’s like going to your first few blogger events.

Everyone and their aunt listens to Ctrl ALT Delete podcast, but I really loved Emma’s recent episode with Will Young. He has a new podcast out now, too! Go listen, it’s all about stories within the LGBTQ+ community.

BRB going to Norway.

Making cheese looks like so much fun!!!

I had no idea that New Look’s prices for their plus size clothes were so much more. Em wrote a tweet about it…which kinda exploded!

Have an awesome weekend!

Friday Links Sept 1st

I wrote this week about how social media makes me happy as I was sad about the stick I get for it, and I was so touched by all your responses. Comments on the post itself, and messages directly to me on Instagram and Facebook told me that I’m not the only one who feels like this, and I was so happy to hear other people share amazing stories of how social media makes them feel more positive. I love my online gang and I’m so happy to be able to connect with you all.

Let’s linkie

This is my favourite clothes blog since Look at My Fucking Red Trousers, the Zara Blue Off the Shoulder Dress Tumblr.

On a diet and in London? Emily has you sorted as always.

Amanda has some amazing tips for seasonal eating. I’ve signed up to her newsletter to get more seasonal eating tips!

ASOS has a new visual search tool – looks pretty cool!

I love a good networking post, as it’s something so many of us need to do better. The Stripe has some excellent tips.

Uh, I totally didn’t spot the dick in this picture…

For those looking to prove that their Instagram following is authentic, here’s an excellent post on all those stats.

I love interviews with people about their jobs, especially when they are anonymous.

A bit of stationery porn for you (how I wish I could buy all the Kate Spade stuff)

Have an awesome Friday!!

Friday Links Aug 25th

I’m sat on the sofa in my pajamas very upset; I tried to dye my hair lilac with a brand that my hairdresser recommended. It didn’t take. Now I’m sad having wasted all this time and drowning my sorrows in Dance Moms.

Let’s linkie.

I loved Erica’s post about In Colourful Company – this group has changed my positivity so much.

Need some podcasts for the summer? Wit and Delight have you covered.

Rhianna’s post on feeling the pressure to do everything really struck a chord for me.

Such an interesting look into influencer marketing in this age of Love Island.

Whitstable sure looks good right now.

Brunch afternoon tea looks amazing (that Yorkshire tho) but also blogger friends are the best and I can totally relate.

I need to get some of this pink gin (also I need to take gorgeous photos like this!)

Looks like John Green has a new book out – I’ll be keeping an eye out for it!

Have an awesome weekend!


Friday Linked Aug 18th

I’ve had a wonderful day off, getting stuff done and cycling in the sun. Now I’m sat watching Dance Moms (my favourite show #TeamChloe) and then Child Genius (my…other favourite show). Junk TV gold.

Let’s linkie!

Ever wondered what it’s like living in Uganda? It’s so fascinating!

How are jokes translated in video games? This was always a challenge at Nintendo, but a fun challenge!

I LOVE that Lush is leaving the British town that voted for Brexit – and helping its employees move to Germany.

Who’s coming with me to find all these amazing underground stations in Stockholm?

I kill plants. There. I said it. Maybe I should try some hard-to-kill plants instead…

We need diversity in the blogging world. Here are steps we can all take to help towards this goal.

Completely overrated travel destinations in Europe.

Are award winning gins worth a try?

Such a fun website – what different websites looked like 10 years ago.

Have an awesome weekend!

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