Friday Links Oct 20th

This week has gone by so quickly, but I’ve also not stopped. Wednesday saw me in London at a Westminster Forum event about apprenticeships. It was so interesting, and it’s so important for us to get this right to help the UK’s economy, the unemployment rate and help the next generation. I could rant all day about it. But this is not the platform.

Tomorrow is my #CBGTown Indoor Market! Please do come along to St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church from 11am to find fantastic crafty things as well as clothes from the wardrobes of Cambridge’s most stylish bloggers and Instagrammers!

Let’s linkie!

I definitely relate to some of Cat’s post about toxic feelings bloggers can have. Luckily I have so many amazing blogging friends, it’s easy to shake them off.

Apparently Hospitality in the Park is completely different to what I would have imagined it to be about.

Want a long read? This mattress blogging drama is a long, but highly interesting saga.

If you’re looking for something slightly trippy but very relaxing, I found a strange little website that might be just the ticket for you. (Warning: very addictive).

I do truly feel like I’m in the culture of busy – I do so bloody much. I make sure to schedule in some rest, though – here are some great tips on how you can do the same.

On the same kind of theme, I loved this post from The Stripe on her experiment to limit her digital consumption – and how that effected her.

I completely agree with Ashley – I don’t do reading challenges either as I really love reading, I don’t want to put a KPI on it.

I’m going to leave you with some British slang for you to learn. Enjoy!


ARGHHHHH!!!! Friday 13th LINKS!



Nah, just kidding. I hope you’re bored at work because I’ve got some great clickers for you today!

Let’s linkie!

I didn’t ever use AOL Instant Messenger (I was much more of an MSN person) but it’s sad that it’s going away. I miss the old messenger days.

Glasgow is on my to-do list, so I’m so happy to see that it has so many vegan options there. Are they still deep fried though?????

I want this travel bag.

Following from Mental Health Awareness Week this week, here’s an amazing post from Sophie on how to get support when you don’t have a lot of money.

I’ve always been curious about life in Dubai – it looks like such a different way of life. But you have to be careful. While I’m Young wrote a great post on how people might get in trouble over there.

My brother got given some gin flavoured crisps and he’s gone off on a rant again (including about the amazing gin candle I bought dad in a desperate attempt to purchase a present for the man who has it all!!)

I got to meet Sophie Cliff the other week at the blogging awards, and she was so lovely. I love this post from her about the things she’s learnt from blogging.

I LOVE jumpers and skirts together so hurrah that it’s actually in fashion!

Have an awesome SPOOKY Friday!

Lazy Sunday Links Oct 8th

I had Friday night set out to write this, but I went home from work with a headcold, then slept for the rest of the day. On Saturday I was at a friend’s wedding and today I’ve been on a date – it’s been non-stop!

I hope you have some time for these fresh linkies though!

Let’s linkie

Amanda is training to be a doula – if you know any new mothers, please send them her way!

Ollie tries to create Cambridge’s best burger (though it’s not veggie so it can’t go on my list).

Loving Lizzie’s #OnePerfectThing right now!

I want to get an iPhone so I can buy ALL the Skinny Dip cases. They even have a PSL range now!!!!

Anyone want to go to Monaco with me?

Or Northern Ireland?

Some great advice about starting a job when you have anxiety.

Have an awesome rest of Sunday!

Lazy Sunday Links

Things seem very overwhelming right now and it often feels like when I’m not at work I’m still working, arranging things, being there at the right time, adulting to the max. October is even busier so I need to make sure I am rested for that.

Let’s linkie

We’ve not had a tiny house in a while so I thought I’d give one to you today. This one is so cute, but I’m not sure about the toilet situation…

Feedback is something I think about a lot. It’s what the older generation say we millennials are not good at. Mrs Ralf is a dear blogger friend of mine and writes an amazing blog as a teacher. Here’s her latest post about the weight of feedback.

Going freelance is a totally scary thing – Cat here talks about how she got her first clients (it’s all about who you know!)

Building My Bento has been having post airline meals again!

Two words: DISCO YOGA

You know me well enough now to know I’m all about the freakshake. Here’s a great recipe to have them at home!

I love seeing how brands use digital marketing, and learning from them. Here are five restaurants who are using their online presence in amazing ways. (To counteract the restaurant calling out bloggers asking for comp meals this week!!!)

Need some new podcasts? Nicole has you covered!

Have a lovely Sunday!


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