Friday Links August 11th

This week has been almost endless rain here, and August has turned to Autumn. I’m sat in my cardigan, saying to my housemate a thicker jumper might be needed because, even though the sun is out, the air is so cold. It’s always harder to get up on days like this.

Let’s linkie!

I used to live local to Marlow, so I loved reading Elle’s post about brunch at The Botanist.

Speaking of beautiful spaces, I found Chelsea through Nicole, and this space with ALL THE PLANTS is the stuff of dreams.

Speaking of Nicole, how CUTE is this flamingo dress?????

I’ve been really loving Amanda’s content recently. Not only are her fashion shots on point, but her completely open and authentic writing style makes her one of my favourite reads right now.

Middle Sister Alice has shared some of her favourite podcasts (ahhhh I LOVE a good podcast!)

Travel inspiration this week comes from the Twins Who Travel, who have made me want to visit France even more.

A little thing about millennial loneliness.

And I’ll leave you with this…

Have a lovely weekend!



Friday Links August 4th

My grey hairs are getting out of control. But I’m kinda OK with that. #SilverFox.

I don’t know if anyone out there deals with Macs a lot, bit at work we share Apple IDs and our computers all are interconnected. Today we realised that when one person copies text, another person can paste the same text onto their computer. Is this due to us using the same Apple ID? (Answers on a postcard…)

Let’s linkie!

I took a really great photo of a bee this week and it’s not getting enough love on Instagram. 🙁

Who wants a walking holiday in France? I’m booking my tickets!

There seem to be no end of gorgeously colourful places to visit in London right now. This is next on my list.

I’m not one for hiking but after seeing these photos, I could totally do the Lake District.

The Queen, Emma Gannon, on her thoughts about the word “influencer”.

Do you want a really thorough breakdown of new British snacks? Say no more.

Uhm… are these party packs just for kids??

What have you been reading this week?

Have an awesome weekend!

Friday Links July 28th

You may have seen on social media that I bought the book 111 Places in Cambridge that You Shouldn’t Miss. I’m working through these places one by one, all in order!

Place number one was Abbey House – which isn’t a public place (I took photos outside like a weirdo). It’s the oldest continuously inhabited house in the city having been founded in 1092. Want more info on what makes this place special? You need to buy the book!

Let’s linkie!

I discovered Chloe at The Little Plum this week and loved her post about the struggles young women have with contraception. You can bet if it was men’s responsibility, facilities would be much more accessible.

Erica has just discovered how awesome Suffolk is.

Wanting to go a bit further afield? Bev has a great guide to Berlin street art.

I love me a good girl boss read – Sophie has a great list of them here, just in case you needed some more.

I can definitely identify with these reasons why millennials are hard to manage.

Nicole’s post on blogger problems made me giggle…it’s a strange world we’re a part of.

I was so moved by Charlie’s post about her trip back to her father’s country, Jamaica. Be sure to read the follow up post, where she finds her roots there.

Recently I’ve gone back to a what free diet, after not being able to deal with the tummy issues any longer. Rachel Emily has gone dairy free, and has some great advice here for those who also need to be careful!

Are you doing markets all wrong?

Have an awesome Friday! x

Sunday Links July 23rd

For the month of July, Cambridge’s artists have opened their doors in an event called Open Studios, where you can just walk into their work spaces and homes to look at their art. There are hundreds of artists doing this over our small city, and while I got my sister to rent a bike so we could cycle round the Mill Road area and visit about 10 places, since then I also visited Burwash Manor and a couple of other places near my house.

It’s been really good. The artists were wonderful and spent time speaking with my art-inspired sister, giving her advice and encouragement, and I picked up postcards where I could, to decorate my walls. I love living in Cambridge, there are so many amazing events like this.

My blog is taking somewhat of a back seat while I get through the ever growing list of blogs to judge for the Bloggers Blog Awards. I have one more week to get through them, and I want to do each blog justice, carefully considering each marking area without rushing.

Let’s linkie!

I had no idea that adults couldn’t dress up at Disney Land, but I guess it makes sense. This workaround looks really fun, though!

Something adults CAN do however is play the NSFW Harry Potter themed Cards Against Muggles

I love the sound of this new capsule hotel at Gatwick! I’ll be checking it out next time I fly.

How to deal with someone who hogs conversations.


Ultimate babe Erica is looking on point mixing spots and stripes.

Longer read – there is a link between poverty and brain development in children.

Lastly, millennials are murderers. WHEN will we stop killing EVERYTHING???

Have a lovely Sunday!


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