Sunday Links June 25th

The weather has cooled and I am not sweating buckets all the time. BUT I have a summer cold and my nose is not functioning.

Let’s linkie to cheer me up

Want some Bronte-style travel inspiration? Amanda has you sorted.

Some new podcasts for your collection.

I loved Steven’s post about a year later in Orlando, it’s really lovely.

Amazon are starting… book shops??

I need to get on poke bowls. I wonder if they’ll come to Cambridge?

Did I link to this already? Fuck it. These floral ice cubes are amazing.

I really loved Alice’s post about layaway friendships this week. Sometimes we have those friendships that just fade away. And that’s OK.

Since the Conservative’s buddying up with the DUP I’ve been trying to educate myself more on what it’s like for women in NI and Ireland on topics such as abortion. Massive Hassle’s piece about being worth of abortion is a must-read.

Have a lovely Sunday!


Friday Links June 16th

Happy Friday! It’s been so lovely this week to sit outside at lunchtime and feel the sun! We don’t get much of that hot fireball stuff in the UK so we have to make the most of it while we can. That’s why you often see overweight bald men topless in the sun – they have to take the sun at every chance! [Read more…]

Friday Links General Election Day

I got to hang out with Jake’s Boost at an event a while back – if you like nut butters, check them out!

I’m writing this on Thursday night. I went off to vote early this morning, thinking there would be a queue but there wasn’t. I really hope to wake up to good news. I have hope.

Let’s linkie for hope.

Ikea has some banging new soft furnishings and I want them. Who’s up for a roadtrip?

I really resent the street food events that charge a large amount to get INTO where the trucks are.

This no-bake cake looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it out.

Pink grapefruit chocolate with pepper? I’d try it, despite the review.

I got all teary watching Love Taza’s video of her and her family’s time in London. I want for more people to come and enjoy our wonderful cities without fear. We will welcome you with open arms.

Being a curvy girl, I love a good wrap dress. This one is verrrry pretty.

Need some oomph in your clothes? Nicole has written an amazing workbook to help YOU sort your clothes out.

Will Instagram pods impact on influencer marketing?

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday Links 26th May

It is HOT here. If you’re not in the UK, you may not think that the heat that we have right now is anything special, but for us, this is pretty much like living on the surface of the sun.

I’m not complaining, though! Cycling in the sun massively beats cycling in the rain. And we have a three day weekend, within which the sun will be most welcome!

Let’s linkie!

Google employees have a secret internal newsletter where it calls out workplace bad behaviour.

Nicole has started drawing a tarot card out each morning – sounds like an interesting way to start the day!

Mary Lane did a photo shoot for her online dating accounts! How good of an idea is this!!

A couple of weeks ago I was teasing Amanda about her Instagram story when she was off walking the Brontes trail in Yorkshire. The wind was so strong it was all we could hear! But it really does look like an amazing thing to do!

Are you using these three words in emails that make you look rude? (Eek I might be using that last one…)

Game changer – Instagram story tips and tricks!

Need more Instagram help? Say no more. (I need to be doing all of these things…)

Lastly, want a hilarious history lesson? Of course you do.

Have a lovely weekend!

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