This Valentine’s day, just like Ralf, I’d like you to choo choo choose me to be your valentine. Then we can all have a happy day and feel the love in every corner of our hearts. I love you, blog readers!

Tonight I’m playing cards with my friends in an “anti-valentine’s day card night”. My plans are to get drunk on red wine and try not to do/say anything inappropriate and still be up on time for play rehearsal tomorrow.

My character in the play is a very sexual 19 year old. She’s very coy and flirty, and my idea of flirting with a guy involves me throwing innuendo or puns at him. Thus, I’m not doing very well at this. Plus, one of the guys I need to seduce in the play is my colleague and very good friend. I’m planning to watch clips of Cruel Intentions tomorrow morning to try and absorb some of the energy from the gals there.


I was meant to link this last week, I have no idea why I didn’t. Here is an awesome blog post giving advice on how to write a thesis statement. This is one of my favourite blogs out there so have a little click around and see what else she writes!

GIRLS is back on (YAYAYAY) and what better way to celebrate than to watch the Shoshi Games. I think Shoshi is my favourite Girls girl.

I’m very excited to be meeting up with my favourite fellow expat-in-germany blogger buddy Steven on Sunday. He has written a great post on Valentine’s day in Germany, so check it out! I always wondered what all the frogs were about…

Speaking of blogging buddies, Jon from Things I’ve Done to Impress Women is frickin’ awesome. Check out this post of his on what sounds to be a very silly dating advice book.

Here are some people who are confused about the difference between Cologne and colons. The last one is my favourite…

I love it when mountains correct people’s spelling…

Also, here is a no-longer-updated twitter feed about a guy who takes townie kids to the countryside. I spent way longer than I care to admit to laughing at these. (These last two links came to me thanks to Sean who is slightly less bad than the worst person in the world)

Do you German? Here’s some German so you can German at work!

Perhaps this is a little old now but let’s all take the time out to wonder what is hiding under Pharrel’s hat.

I am not man enough to own this car. (This blog is my favourite blog of the week. Yay for someone else in the world who can’t stop thinking about linguistics!!)

This burger sounds cool but it’s made my Lotteria and so it will no doubt be disgusting.

To end, here is a song which I would like to play for all of you. Would you all be my fucking boyfriend?


Friday Linkies + Chat


I couldn’t find a gif that represented how I feel this week so please enjoy a photo of me pulling a funny face somewhere in Shikoku, Japan. That was back in the days when I had hair extensions. Yup, I went there.

Sorry for not having any links last week. I got to work (where I had saved up oodles of links) but then felt really sick and went home to sleep off a migraine. I’m doing far too much right now…mainly a Japanese class I signed up for and then the play that I’m in. They take up so much of my time and brain power right now, but I know that these things are going to make me better in the long run.

When I’m not doing anything else, I’m job hunting to move back home. It’s really hard because I’m here in Germany so it’s hard to comply with people’s interview schedules, but also because of the play I’m not able to do anything until June. It seems that the job world moves super fast and I’m quite a bit early. I’m applying to anything sales, travel, Japanese and games related right now. The travel industry seems to dislike me the most and a low point for me was when STA Travel sent me a blunt rejection email seconds after I’d finished their hour long application process. A bright and friendly expat who has loads of travel experience…I have no idea why a travel company WOULND’T want me to sell things for them!

As is very much my way, I occasionally see an advert for a job that I just fall in love with. Judging it only by the 5 or 6 points they wrote describing the responsibilities, I go into a frenzy and obsess over it. I found one such job last week and, since it was in the creative field, I spent all night long recreating my CV in Photoshop with fancy fonts and general awesomeness. With my clever graphic designer friend’s help, I made something awesome (with just one spelling mistake in it…) and sent it off with a quirky and funny cover letter. Whether I hear back from the company or not, I think it was good for me to work so hard on something like that CV and in the end I learnt to do a few more clever things in Photoshop. What doesn’t kill me, eh…

So enough of that. Let’s have some linkies.

Let’s set the ball rolling with some weird restaurants. As much as I like cat cafes, I don’t think this one should be on the list because it’s not really unique like the others…

These nori veggie wraps look yummy…though I’d have to work out a paleo version of them.

It’s finally getting cold here in Germany – so time to learn what’s best to wear during freezing German winters!

One for the teachers out there – a really great lesson idea to teach kids about WW1. I really wish my teachers had been as imaginative as this.

When on TripAdvisor earlier I came across the most hilarious reviewer…I have no idea who he is but his reviews have me in stitches!!

Are you a Japanese speaker? Then here’s a great twitter feed to help you remember Japanese homophones.

While we’re in Japan, how about getting naked to make some friends?

And back to Frankfurt. A university building was brought down last week, attracting large crowds that seemed to block up most of the city. Here are some cool photos of the building coming down.

Lastly – here’s a 10 minute video (in French) showing what it would be like if men would face the same things women face on a daily basis. I think it’s really important to highlight these things, so have a look if you have 10 mins to spare!

Have a great weekend!

Friday Linkies 24/01


Today I went on Tumblr to look for a top image. I was hoping to find a gif that expresses my feelings but I found this instead. This is best best thing ever.

This week has been pretty tough and stressful. I can’t wait to have a bit of a lay in! Anyway, let’s get cracking with some links!

I’ve been watching a little of a show called Benefits Street. It’s a show in the UK, showing the lives of people who are unemployed and are living off of benefits handed to them by the government. It’s quite a controversial show, and people have been taking to twitter to show their support/disgust for the people shown. Although people like this are using taxpayers’ money to live, there are lots of government MPs who claim too much, or just rich people cheating the system. I found an awesome website that shows examples of rich people cheating even more than the people on Benefits Street.

This time of year it’s easy to feel pretty blue and homesick. Here’s a great post about ways you can keep homesickness to a minimum. I’m not sure what I do to fight homesickness, but if you have any things you do to fight it then do let me know!

I think everyone has that one friend who just can’t help but lie. If you’ve not got a friend who tells outrageous lies, then have a look on this website and be glad you don’t have people like this as friends!!

Onto my favourite topic – food! I love infographic, so when I found an infographic about food that’s eaten all over the world…well, I had to share it with you! Have a look, it’s pretty interesting!

So in the UK, a really stupid politician from the UKIP party blamed all the recent dangerous weather on gay people. Now that we know that gay people cause storms and other horrible weather conditions, someone set up a UKIP weather channel on twitter. It’s amazing. You should go have a look.

Radio 4 has an interesting Woman’s Hour episode where they talk to some men about what they think about feminism. I found it pretty interesting.

My chums up in Berlin found a venting machine selling books! How cool is that!

Now, because I love food so much, I’m going on a little fitness frenzy. First of all, I’m trying to stick to a paleo diet. What’s paleo? Here’s another infographic I found that explains it! I’m keeping weekends (or two days a week) non-paleo so I don’t crave things and break the diet. On top of this, I’m having a go at this 30 day plank challenge. I’m up to 45 seconds right now. I’m doing it with a friend so it’s good for motivation.

Lastly, I’ve found an 8tracks playlist that I think is really pretty awesome. I’ve found loads of new songs to fall in love with through it.

Have a nice weekend!!

Linkies 03/01/14

All this partying and excitement has left me with a new cold. Awesome. I’m sat in bed with a sore throat, drinking a vitamin C drink and eating cough sweets. MEH.

But happy new year people! Yay! We made it! Now let’s get on with some linkies –

Want some travel inspiration for 2014? Well this post made me want to get up and start traveling again! Doesn’t an ancient Italian town sound like an awesome adventure?

This very long post from A Japanese Life talks about making friends in Japan. It’s been in my saved links for ages since I love coming back to it and reading it over again. There’s a lot to take in but I think any expat will connect with what he’s written.

Feminism time! Have a wonderful infographic about sexism in the film industry!

There’s something quite heart warming about this art project where a man asks for directions, then makes a giant map out of the little maps he’s given. Makes me want to try something similar in Frankfurt.

There’s nothing I love more than looking at words bilingually! Here’s a really interesting post on the word “bimbo”.

I loved this post on how people get so obsessed with Japan. It’s a cool place, sure. But there’s no need for everyone to start losing it over the country!

The English language’s newest grammar rule is here!

Here’s an interesting post where kids were interviewed about their thoughts on 2013’s most controversial songs. On this subject, can we all agree never to play Blurred Lines again? Please? We all agree it’s bad, right?

And my favourite link of the past few weeks – 7 Frequent Flyers who are More Annoying than Babies. So true.

Have an awesome weekend people!

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