Friday Links 25/04


I’m very very excited because tomorrow I get to meet my favourite bloggers on a Germany expat blogger meetup. I can’t wait to meet people I’ve been following and chatting with for years.

Also I’ve been doing the C25K running program and it’s my second week in now. I’ll write a whole other post about it, but if anyone out there has done C25K I’d love to hear your advice!


Let’s start off with some Japanese vocab! I hate the repetition words in Japanese – no kanji to read them with, and they rarely make sense. Luckily The Japan Guy has a quick guide to the most common ones.

Is is also what I experienced on Tinder

Women’s Health vs Mens – arghh! While reading this witty comparison I was wondering why women are encouraged to take quick and easy health solutions “just this one trick”… “do this for 5 minutes a day” while it seems that men are encouraged to dive right into a healthy regime…or am I mistaken?

These gorgeous photos of Dublin over Easter make me want to go back there nowwwww.

The illuminati are all around us. Beware. (Thanks Ben Southam!)

Ahhhhh Mad Men has started up again! These gifs made me squirt water out of my nose.

Hands up if you need a pronoun grammar top up course! It’s always handy to have a refresher!

An old post I found while clicking around a lovely blog I read from time to time – differences between British and American weddings. A lot of this makes sense but I’d never thought of it before!

By fellow German expat Alex changed her whole blog name and design this week and it’s looking lovely! Check out her things that people should know before moving abroad.

Cheapo Japan visited my old Japanese home of Ise. Ahhhh I miss it there so much!

And speaking of not being in Japan anymore, my blogger buddy at Breaking Moulds is leaving Japan soon and is scared of being a NEET. What’s a NEET? Read her post and find out!

I’ll leave you with a comedy clip that inspired me this week. Really creative, not a drop of fear in his voice and interaction with the audience. I need to learn from him!

Friday Links 11/04

This week has been a blur. I’ve not finished editing all my New York photos yet, and it took me a good few days to stop being sleepy.

I also have to get my bum in gear and arrange the whole Leaving Frankfurt thing. Why do things have to be so energy draining?

But I have a load of really cool posts lined up. I can’t wait to share all my adventures with all of you!



For people who like their links a little creepy, here’s a 19 year old photographer who reenacts his nightmares in photos. Really creepy…

Here are some more options I’m considering for my next career move. Chocolate beer specialist sounds like a good fit for me!

I love old time photos of Japan. I wish I could jump through the photo and walk in that world.

I’m definitely using this next time someone makes me really angry.

Here’s a blog post from a woman doing amazing things in Uganda. That must be such an amazing adventure to be on, and it seems she’s learning so much through the experience.

I found in New York it was really hard to get out of Times Square sometimes. I wanted to go to other areas but then the thing I wanted to do happened to be in or near Times Square. But I do wish I’d had the time to go find these hidden things to go see in that area – although I did go to the comic shop!

Here’s a very long read that I’m actually only a part way though. It’s a diary of 40 dates between a guy and a girl. It’s really interesting, and I LOVE the website design. But like I said, it’s a long read!

If you’ve ever written a thesis, how would you sum it up in one sentence? Mine would have been “Why the TOIEC [an English exam for Japanese people] is a pile of shit”. Enjoy the thesis themes of other people on Lol My Thesis.

Here’s another blogger who went to Dublin recently, but experienced the gorgeous city in a very different way to me. A very interesting read!

Here are some great apps for people living and also visiting London! Some really handy tips there.

My blogger buddy Bevchen shared a sausage roll recipe and every time I look at it I’m hungry again. She’s such a troll!

I want to dress our cats up as cat busses.

Another blogger buddy of mine, Lehrer Werkstatt wrote a great post on the differences between American and German organised labor. Another excellent read!

Tipsylit is a great literature blog that you’re going to get to hear a lot more about in the very near future! In the meantime, have an awesome post full of made up greetings cards. I think my favourite is “Another baby.  Well, if you’re okay with that then I guess I am, too” because that’s how I feel when people get pregnant.

Here’s an old video from Daily Grace. Who I love.

Linkies 21/03

It’s before 6.30am and I am up and ready to GO TO NEW YORK WHEEEEEEEEE

I’m so excited to see and do all the things I only have ever seen in the movies. Like eat a hot dog, and see red fire hydrants and see whether guys really are attracted to British accents.

Since I might not be able to post anything for a few days I have an extra long list of linkies for you today! Enjoy! And please, in the comments if you know of something I simply MUST* do in New York, please let me know!

(Please don’t include musicals because the two I wanted to see – Book of Mormon and Matilda are all over $100 to see and I am not paying that…)

Linkie time!

I love kale. I was so sad that Germany was too warm this winter for it to grow. But I do wonder how much harm I’m causing by buying into all these fad foods. I always try not to use quinoa since that’s very ethnically debatable as well. Here’s a very detailed look into the harm caused by foodie trends.

Are you Pharrell Williams?

If I was sick, I’d like Doctor Cat to take care of me. Yannick and Nerina try but alas, they never made it to university, let alone have doctorates.

Around the webs recently have been a lot of things about introverted/extroverted people and I’ve seen a lot of friends say that they really connect with that’s been written. I am extroverted but never really read any of these pieces and thought “wow, that’s me completely”. However, I found this article on things that highly creative people do and was nodding all the way through. Are you creative?

I really, really hope they have a turtleneck party in Frankfurt soon! I think Frankfurt would be the perfect place!

I want to stay in an igloo!!

If you are planning on going to Japan or hanging out with Japanese people any time soon then you’ll have to get savvy about omiyage! Luckily, Besudesu is here to explain everything.

This post about Icelandic food is awesome…but I don’t think I would have been able to eat the sheep head…

It seems Ireland are trying and failing at solving the unemployment problem as well. It’s a real shame it’s such a crappy scheme.

I think I’ll be using the G-E-M-S system for rating a city next time!

I’m missing the sakura this year. It’s just not the same when you’re not in Japan! Here’s some gorgeous sakura in Okinawa.

Lastly, I really enjoyed this post by Expat Kimchi about her daughters learning Korean. Childhood bilingualism is one of my favourite research topics so I love reading about other peoples’ experiences.

Linkies March 14th

This week has all been about the blogosphere for me. Starting with getting excited about a great Germany blogger meetup happening in April, then a new Facebook group for this blog (‘like’ it with the widget to the right!) and now I’m embracing Instagram as well – follow me @miss_igirisu – I feel very excited and happy to be part of this awesome community. I’m so lucky to have so many really awesome people coming to this blog and I love the friendships I form through it. Though work is tough right now I’m hoping to spend a lot more time and effort on improving things, writing more and embracing lots more social media in the coming weeks.

Let’s Linkie!

First of all, let’s go to Berlin where my awesome buddies Leather and Abel went to a Sudanese restaurant that I also really enjoyed when I was there. If you happen to find yourself in Berlin do check it out – the peanut sauce is out of this world!

If you’re studying Japanese you might want to check out some of these apps – they look really great!

If you’re wanting to see parts of the internet that are geographically restricted…like in Germany wanting to watch Netflicks or GEMA blocked YouTube videos, then this plugin may be for you!

Cute cartoon break.

I really love these feminist stock photos! I’m really sick of seeing the same old cliches over and over in photos.

As someone who would really, really love to buy a house in the near future but thinks that this is pretty impossible, here’s a gen-y-tastic piece from The Guardian on why it’s great to rent (I say this through gritted teeth as I may or may not be having to listen to people having sex as I type this…)

Sticking with The Guardian, here are some of their thoughts on how to write for all the Englishes.

Pun break.

A man who treats women with respect was asked what his secret is.

And finally, anyone who speaks more than one language can probably relate to these. Read the comments to see loads of examples of how people have tried to get around not knowing a word in another language.

Have a great weekend!

(PS I promise this isn’t out cat Yannick!)

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