Linkies 7th March

I don’t know what happened, I had this post all lined up but it was wiped and there are no previous copies there for me to go back to. GAH. Oh well!

As you can imagine, I’ve super super excited to be going to New York, mainly for all the imrov and comedy I’ll be going to see. I’ll also be meeting up with some friends, people I know from an online forum from when we were all teaching in Japan. Online forums can be such horrible places and Lord knows I have had my days when I felt like crap from that place, but I’ve made loads of really great friends on there and I’m really excited to be meeting more people in the flesh.

I was on stage doing comedy again last night. This time with the theme of German customer service. Even though I only wrote it out in full on Saturday, and I didn’t go through it as many times as I usually do, it went really well. I’d like to keep doing it every month but I just don’t always have the time. 🙁

Let’s linkie!

Have some smiles! Animals are stupid!

A Japanese advert has been criticised for being sexist. I think there are much more sexist adverts out there and that in the west we have a lot of things to think about (like cleaning adverts where a woman is failing then a man comes and saves the cleaning day!) but I’m happy that the Japanese media are at least thinking about this kind of thing.

Still in Japan, here is a heartbreaking story about a letter from a woman who lost her life in the tsunami being delivered to her parents. I can’t believe it’s 3 years since the tsunami. It feels like just yesterday.

Egg and miso soldiers. EGG AND MISO SOLDIERS!

Sad desk lunch, however, more accurately describes what I eat…

I’m just going to use this as a checklist for my next holiday destinations! I actually really want to go to Oregon sometime soon…

This just confirms that British people are excellent at drinking alcohol (but not as good as the Russians…)

I’ve been using this list to find more things to do in NYC.

Back in Germany, I’ve not been to Bavaria (well, not including our company trips to our head office) so I love this post from Rococo Roamer.

Bless Jamie Oliver for having a go at Cantonese!

To end, I know this video is old but it makes me smile every time. Have a great weekend!

Linkies 28th Feb


I am very excited because I had my holiday for next month approved and so I will be off to New York from the 21st March!! I can’t WAIT to see all the standup comedy and imrpov and all the people and the food and meet up with some friends I made in Japan. EXCIIIIIIIIITED!

Let’s linkie!

It always amazes me how late people work in Frankfurt. At our company, we MUST NOT, under any circumstances, work more than 10 hours. So I am always interested in the little lights still on at night when people are working away into the night.

To another area of Germany with Steven, who has a collection of “American” foods. I wonder why there are no “British” foods around… (no wait, don’t answer that…)

I found these photos of strangers to be hilarious! Maybe I should take fewer photos of cats and more of humans…

Here’s a short comic I like. You should follow the artist on Twitter as well since she’s really awesome.

I always feel guilty for using my Kindle to read books, but here is a great idea for a futuristic book shop.

I totally had those pink yeti boots. No really.

Back to Germany for an interesting read on a small town that makes loads of guns.

Urban Outfitters really is the worst.

And lastly, my Canadian friend over at Breaking Moulds has been looking back over the Sochi Olympics.

Linkies 21/02

This week has been super busy and super stressful. Bunnies make me feel happy.

Last weekend Steven came to hang out in Frankfurt and it was really nice going for some brunch with him (although the place I wanted to take him to was closed – sorry!!) But he did introduce me to an app that is now going to eat ALL my money – Songkick, which looks at the music on your phone and tells you if anyone is touring right now. I found that Metronomy are on tour AND coming to Frankfurt!! Since it seems hardly anyone knows of them, here’s the video of them that was my gateway to loving them –

Let’s get onto the linkies!

Expat Lingo is in Istanbul and I am VERY jealous. Looking at her photos makes me want to go back there as soon as I can.

I love these photos of facial expressions from the figure skating at the Sochi winter Olympics. Mao-chan is the Japanese media’s darling so I bet this wasn’t one of the photos published over there!

If you think you love coffee, I’m not sure you love it as much as this woman did.

Germany is one of the few countries that doesn’t have over the counter morning after pills. Sad times.

For people like me who are trying to nab a new job, this article from Fast Company (one of my favourite sites) is very useful!

More from Fast Company – things your brain needs more of! (I’ve been keeping dark chocolate at my desk ever since I read this…om nom nom…)

And to end today here is the NEW video from the talented and sexual Ben Southam. Frankfurters – can you guess the location where he filmed it?



This Valentine’s day, just like Ralf, I’d like you to choo choo choose me to be your valentine. Then we can all have a happy day and feel the love in every corner of our hearts. I love you, blog readers!

Tonight I’m playing cards with my friends in an “anti-valentine’s day card night”. My plans are to get drunk on red wine and try not to do/say anything inappropriate and still be up on time for play rehearsal tomorrow.

My character in the play is a very sexual 19 year old. She’s very coy and flirty, and my idea of flirting with a guy involves me throwing innuendo or puns at him. Thus, I’m not doing very well at this. Plus, one of the guys I need to seduce in the play is my colleague and very good friend. I’m planning to watch clips of Cruel Intentions tomorrow morning to try and absorb some of the energy from the gals there.


I was meant to link this last week, I have no idea why I didn’t. Here is an awesome blog post giving advice on how to write a thesis statement. This is one of my favourite blogs out there so have a little click around and see what else she writes!

GIRLS is back on (YAYAYAY) and what better way to celebrate than to watch the Shoshi Games. I think Shoshi is my favourite Girls girl.

I’m very excited to be meeting up with my favourite fellow expat-in-germany blogger buddy Steven on Sunday. He has written a great post on Valentine’s day in Germany, so check it out! I always wondered what all the frogs were about…

Speaking of blogging buddies, Jon from Things I’ve Done to Impress Women is frickin’ awesome. Check out this post of his on what sounds to be a very silly dating advice book.

Here are some people who are confused about the difference between Cologne and colons. The last one is my favourite…

I love it when mountains correct people’s spelling…

Also, here is a no-longer-updated twitter feed about a guy who takes townie kids to the countryside. I spent way longer than I care to admit to laughing at these. (These last two links came to me thanks to Sean who is slightly less bad than the worst person in the world)

Do you German? Here’s some German so you can German at work!

Perhaps this is a little old now but let’s all take the time out to wonder what is hiding under Pharrel’s hat.

I am not man enough to own this car. (This blog is my favourite blog of the week. Yay for someone else in the world who can’t stop thinking about linguistics!!)

This burger sounds cool but it’s made my Lotteria and so it will no doubt be disgusting.

To end, here is a song which I would like to play for all of you. Would you all be my fucking boyfriend?


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