Friday Letters Nov 29/11

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Dear blog, there have been a few times when I’ve been willing to give up on you, saying that you’re too hard. But this week, when Turkish author Elif Shafak tweeted about you it was so incredible. Note to self: do more posts about cats. Cats mean stats.


Dear Haagen-Dazs hot chocolate, you weren’t really worth the calories. I’ll stick to Starbucks’ lebkuchen late in the future.


Dear beer advent calendar, what? I just. What? Oh, Germany.

Here’s the thing about my weekly links – I read blogs and stuff both at home and at work so I alternate between linking to things I’ve saved at work and things I’ve saved at home. These are the things I saved at home, so some may be a little old now…

I really enjoyed this post about the differences between Ireland and America. It seems there are a lot of expats out there weighing up their adopted country with their home country right now. I guess it’s just that time of year when you assess everything.

I just…I find this hilarious. I’m sorry. I can’t even tell you why it’s funny, but it makes me cry every time I see it.

When I blogged about things I thought women could know if they wanted to, Beer and Bratwurst linked me to this amazing blog post that was along the same lines. It’s frickin’ amazing.

How about some tourism slogans that were full of fail?

Thought Catalog were pretty thoughtful once more and had a post on things to consider before living abroad. I agree with a lot of these. Expat life certainly isn’t for everyone.

This link on things an expat has learnt about German people has been making the rounds this week. I sent it to my flatmates and they agreed that they are all very true. I was on the floor laughing at some of them!

This secret cinema event in London sounds amazing – you get to LIVE the cinema experience! I wonder if they’ll do any of my favourite films.

Still looking for stocking fillers for Christmas? How about your loved one’s name written in beautiful Japanese calligraphy? My friend Jo is doing them and she’s SO good at it! She makes such gorgeous creations!

Last link – Bo En has been my soundtrack for the past week. I LOVE his stuff – and Miss You is my tune right now. He also does amazing video game music so if you like electronic music then make sure you have a click around.

No video this week. I seem to be missing all the good ones!

Friday Letters 22/11/13


Dear Saturn customer, good choice. Well done.

Dear U, who went out of her way last night to tell me how much she loves my blog, thank you again. I’m sorry I’m pretty British and can’t take compliments very well. But I really appreciated all that you said to me. 🙂

Dear GP office downstairs, why do you have to be shut this week?! I’m not usually one that says one country’s way of doing something is better than any others, but I do wish the German doctor system was a bit more like Britain’s, where there is a doctors’ office with about 5 doctors in it, so there’s no need to be shut for 2 weeks while people are on holiday. GAH.

Linkies of the week!

Still on the medical theme, Angloyankphile has a hilarious comparison between American and British dentists – American dentists sound pretty much like German ones in the guilt department!

Flashpacker Family has a great list of travel mistakes… YES – please remember that there is no public transport in London on Christmas day!

Two links from The Kitchn – one that has an…unusual way to cool drinks at a party, and another showing you how to properly cut a butternut squash (my favourite food right now).

I feel that everything seems to be screaming “Tel Aviv” at me right now. One of my podcasts had an episode that said how much of a great tourist destination it is…then I found not one, not two but three great blog posts on it. Perhaps I’m going to have to put it on my to-do list…

A sweet link for gamers – Nintendo Swap Note (an app where you can send pictures to your friends) was closed recently after men used it to groom and send gross things to little girls. Nikki, the Swap Note mascot, seems to have moved to Animal Crossing, and here is a sweet blog about her life there!

I’ve found this amazing electronic musician called Bo-en. I heard his music being used in the background of one of my favourite vlogger’s videos and knew I needed that music on my phone. Check out his stuff here!

And this time there is no one video of the week; I‘ll give you a collection of the British Christmas adverts that are being aired right now.

Do you have any good links for me this week?

Friday Letters 08/11/13

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Dear Camel Pose, I’ve been doing Bikram yoga for a few months now but I always wanted to pass out/vomit during your pose (above). Apparently, a magic switch in my brain was turned on, and I can now do it. Which means I don’t have to sit down at all during the whole routine. This makes me feel awesome.

Dear NaBloPoMo, you seem harder this year. I have some kind of system sorted so maybe you’ll see some kind of pattern. But I hope it’s still enjoyable to read!

Dear NaNoWriMo, you have taken all my friends away from me. I hope you’re happy.


There’s a British magazine called Closer and it’s pretty much the worst thing ever. Worst as in, you buy it for a pound and read it from cover to cover because it’s the worst thing ever and you’re addicted. The Vagenda have an amazing post about why you shouldn’t read it. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if you bought a copy after reading it…

The BBC put out a documentary, and countless news sources wrote about Japan and their low birth rate recently. I’m not going to link any of them because they all fill my heart with hate. Here’s an amazing post from the Independent (who apparently have a jazzy orange section with things that I am more likely to read…hmm…) about how Japan gets misrepresented in the media. As you know, this makes me angry all the time so you can see why I loved reading it!

Something a bit lighter…here are 49 people telling you what you shouldn’t do in their home countries. The British one is VERY VERY true.

I’ve been reading Lost in Travels since she was a baby blog like me. There’s something about her Korean adventures that always reminded me of my time in Japan. She’s got a great post on old photos of Korea from the 80s…man, I wish I could go back in time and see Korea and Japan before they got all commercial.

Some Frankfurt/German-ness for you – here’s a love story that’s shown through graffiti on one patch of wall. Who said romance is dead?!

Video of the week…was hard to pick this week. I’ve watched so many good ones recently! I’ve gone with something you guys may have seen before…conversations with my 2 year old. These are real conversations that have happened with their daughter, but reenacted by a grown man. They are HILARIOUS. Here’s one I watched this week and loved –

Friday Letters 18/10/13


Dear Birthday Party Guests, thank you for an amazing birthday party last week. I’m so grateful that I have people like you all in my life <3


Dear Pumpkin Spice Late, Uhm…I don’t get the hype. You didn’t taste that special at all. Your sister, Salted Caramel Mocha, however…


Dear Frankfurt, May your never ending stream of random street junk for people to take never end.


Dear Ridiculously Expensive Lebanese Restaurant, your hummus was not worth 8 euros, and neither was your falafel. Sort it out.


Possibly my favourite reading thing of this week was this wonderful post about people talking back to Cosmo UK’s Facebook feed. I follow a different British magazine called Company, but I’ve noticed recently their quality has just gone down the drain and I wish people would oppose them more!

My favourite looking thing has been this Hipster Merkal Tumblr. I asked my flatmate if I could print them all out and put them on the walls and he said that he’s not sure he wants her looking at him every day…PFT! Some German!! SWAGHETTI YOLONESE, people!

Talking of yolo, I read a great Thought Catalog entry about things the author loves about American people. I’ve met loads of Americans while living abroad and I have to say I agree with all she says. I really love the American way of living and wish I could adopt that.

This person doesn’t like digestive biscuits. I mean. What. I don’t even.

If Game of Thrones characters were video game consoles. You know they’re right.

I’m so glad so many of you enjoyed my post yesterday about expat friends. I was having a crappy day, so to come home and read your comments saying I’d made you laugh and so on…it really made me feel so much better. Blogger John also commented and said that he’d written a post on a very similar topic. It’s a REALLY great post, so I really urge you all to read it!

I feel I should end on something kinda work related, since this is something that has been very big in the gaming world this past week. There’s a new Pokemon out and while I’ve not bought it myself (I still have Style Boutique and Animal Crossing to get through…), I very much appreciate this Pokemon musical! Enjoy!

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