Books I Read Over Christmas

Ever the project queen, a lot of people asked me what I had planned to do over Christmas. “Sit on the sofa and read loads of books” was my answer.

And that is exactly what I did.

I don’t make time for reading most of the time, since I wake up early to blog and when I crack open a book in bed I am asleep in seconds. I really did enjoy reading so much over Christmas, so I am going to make time for at least an hour a day moving forward.

What did I read, I hear you ask? No problem, reader, you are in the right place to find out. [Read more…]

Your Weekend Sorted Dec 1st

Dough Cambridge

Here’s what’s cool to do this weekend – extra cool with the ridic cold weather!


There’s a new kid on Cambridge market and it comes in the form of cookie dough. DOUGH have been there only a few weeks, but their cookie dough is deliciously sweet – one tub was enough to share between two. The dough is egg free and comes in loads of really great flavours. [Read more…]

News You’ve Missed While Freaking Out About the Royal Engagement

Royal Engagement

One of the most popular posts I’ve written is a little something I did back in 2015 about whether British people like the royal family. Everyday people google something and find my little post.

I’m neither for nor against the Royals; they live off of our taxes and I thought it was very insensitive of them to want to have a bunch of money to repair their residences while we’re all going through austerity. But on the other hand, they bring in lots of money from tourists. [Read more…]

Your Weekend Sorted

Hilton Cambridge

Here’s a new segment – Your Weekend Sorted. I’ll be giving you ideas for things to do this weekend whether you’re in Cambridge, London or elsewhere.

Here’s what you should be… [Read more…]

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