Lazy Sunday Links Oct 8th

I had Friday night set out to write this, but I went home from work with a headcold, then slept for the rest of the day. On Saturday I was at a friend’s wedding and today I’ve been on a date – it’s been non-stop!

I hope you have some time for these fresh linkies though!

Let’s linkie

Amanda is training to be a doula – if you know any new mothers, please send them her way!

Ollie tries to create Cambridge’s best burger (though it’s not veggie so it can’t go on my list).

Loving Lizzie’s #OnePerfectThing right now!

I want to get an iPhone so I can buy ALL the Skinny Dip cases. They even have a PSL range now!!!!

Anyone want to go to Monaco with me?

Or Northern Ireland?

Some great advice about starting a job when you have anxiety.

Have an awesome rest of Sunday!

Books: The Fox of Richmond Park

Years ago, when we were about 11, I reached behind Kate‘s rows of Animal Ark books to find a series of books she’d written herself. I can’t remember many of them but I know that one was called “What Sounds Do Giraffes Make”.

It was an amazing story, as all stories written by 11 year olds are.

Fast forward to us being adults, and I watch in awe as Kate leaves her full time job to write a book – crowdfunding it all the way. The book she wrote is The Fox of Richmond Park. [Read more…]

Shit Bloggers Say

I’ve been blogging about a decade now. Starting when I was at uni in Japan, I’ve seen the blogging world change and grow so much. I’m so happy to be part of this community and I’m always meeting new amazing people who share my favourite hobby.

But good God we’re annoying, aren’t we? [Read more…]

Lazy Sunday Links

Things seem very overwhelming right now and it often feels like when I’m not at work I’m still working, arranging things, being there at the right time, adulting to the max. October is even busier so I need to make sure I am rested for that.

Let’s linkie

We’ve not had a tiny house in a while so I thought I’d give one to you today. This one is so cute, but I’m not sure about the toilet situation…

Feedback is something I think about a lot. It’s what the older generation say we millennials are not good at. Mrs Ralf is a dear blogger friend of mine and writes an amazing blog as a teacher. Here’s her latest post about the weight of feedback.

Going freelance is a totally scary thing – Cat here talks about how she got her first clients (it’s all about who you know!)

Building My Bento has been having post airline meals again!

Two words: DISCO YOGA

You know me well enough now to know I’m all about the freakshake. Here’s a great recipe to have them at home!

I love seeing how brands use digital marketing, and learning from them. Here are five restaurants who are using their online presence in amazing ways. (To counteract the restaurant calling out bloggers asking for comp meals this week!!!)

Need some new podcasts? Nicole has you covered!

Have a lovely Sunday!


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