Friday Links 26th May

It is HOT here. If you’re not in the UK, you may not think that the heat that we have right now is anything special, but for us, this is pretty much like living on the surface of the sun.

I’m not complaining, though! Cycling in the sun massively beats cycling in the rain. And we have a three day weekend, within which the sun will be most welcome!

Let’s linkie!

Google employees have a secret internal newsletter where it calls out workplace bad behaviour.

Nicole has started drawing a tarot card out each morning – sounds like an interesting way to start the day!

Mary Lane did a photo shoot for her online dating accounts! How good of an idea is this!!

A couple of weeks ago I was teasing Amanda about her Instagram story when she was off walking the Brontes trail in Yorkshire. The wind was so strong it was all we could hear! But it really does look like an amazing thing to do!

Are you using these three words in emails that make you look rude? (Eek I might be using that last one…)

Game changer – Instagram story tips and tricks!

Need more Instagram help? Say no more. (I need to be doing all of these things…)

Lastly, want a hilarious history lesson? Of course you do.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday Links May 19

This rain is not OK. It’s almost June, where is the nicer weather? I’m not impressed.

Grab your umbrellas and let’s linkie!

I want the unicorn food thing to come to the UK. I mean look at it!

This Mac X Disney event looks amazing, I’m so jealous!

This Childline app looks like such a good idea. Share it with any children you know!

Can I go to Seoul right now please??

I need to start eating better. Here’s 20 frugal vegan meals – I’ll be making my way through them.

Deepa’s been making the yummiest-looking falafel and I want an invite next time she makes it.

Fancy something sweeter? Amanda has been making some granola bars!

Drunk you is the real you? Eek then I’m an arsehole…

Lastly, let’s have some linguist fun!

Have a great weekend!


Book Review: The Glass Wall

There are many books for business women out there. Around 10 of them are currently sat on my Kindle, resting in various percentages. However, there’s something different about The Glass Wall. It really struck a chord with me.

The Glass Wall is a manual for the working world – I would say that it’s not just women but men too who need to read it. Each chapter gives advice on a particular topic, from being ambitious, to showing creativity, to using your anger to help and not hinder you, it has themes that most people will encounter at work. [Read more…]

Friday Links May 12th

I’m frankly overwhelmed with how popular yesterday’s post about being authentic has been. It’s really encouraging as I have some plans for this here blog.

I want to focus more on careers – specifically employability skills like doing interviews and writing CVs. These are things I teach to teenagers every day in my job – why not teach them through my blog too. I’m looking into setting up webinars and so on as well. Would this be something you’d be interested in? I’m hoping so!

Let’s linkie!

This potato and herb salad looks FIRE EMOJI.

Don’t eat carbs? Here’s how the paleo diet can maybe help.

Love rhubarb and milk? Co-op has you sorted. (I’ll be looking out for that next time!)

This post by Ashley about being lonely abroad really reminded me how hard it can be to live overseas.

An honest reminder – you do not need to achieve every day.

If you like art and going drinking in London, here are some places you have to try.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This lady can TAKE photos.

This is why I love Reddit.

Nicole is looking CUTE as per.

Have a lovely weekend!

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