Saturday Links March 11

Last night I finally got round to watching the film A Streetcat Named Bob. It’s based on a true story, of a guy called James who was homeless, but was adopted by Bob the cat. Bob followed James around while he busked or sold the Big Issue.

Throughout the film whenever the cat did something cute I’d go “AWWWWWW” and I think I was driving my housemate crazy…

If you’ve not seen this film yet, I highly recommend it!

Let’s linkie!

My girl Jess is rocking a one-shoulder dress, in heels, in a forest somewhere. Come on, give her some love – bloggers work damned hard!

Speaking of blogger friends, Karen has been writing about her foodie finds this week. Those noodles sound amazing!

Need some feminist merch in your life? These all look amazing – I think I’ll buy myself a couple of bits.

I loved this story – in Utah the schools stopped doing sex ed, so this porn site created sex ed videos to bridge the gap.

Need some career boosts? I love these ones!

I’m so proud of Janelle, who has just come out of her marriage, and is showing strength, positivity and growth. She’s written an excellent guide – not just on how to get out of a marriage alive, but I think these things can be applied to any unpleasant situation.

I really want to go to this drinking in the dark bar!! Maybe I should go by train to London next time…

I love the new little girl next to the Wall St bull – but I completely agree, she shouldn’t be diluted to a photo-op.

What are parts of French life that you adopt as an expat there?

Have an awesome weekend!

Photography Course at Jessops

Back at Christmas, I attended a blogger event run by Camb Meet Up, which ended with a raffle, the money going to Jimmy’s Cambridge, a homeless charity. Jimmy’s is a fab charity, so I bought up quite a few tickets. The top prize was a photography course with Jessops, and I thought to myself that I rarely use my DSLR anymore, I just use my phone… which is just as well because I won the top prize! [Read more…]

Saturday Links March 4th

Is anyone else obsessed with This Is Us? I was so excited when Breakfast For Dinner was covering it on their podcast and discussing the episodes – as the UK is running it at the same time as the US. But when they started talking about events that I’d not seen yet (and I am up to date with the UK episodes) I had to rush to pull over so I could skip that segment and not get any spoilers. I’d usually not care, but this show has so many twists and turns that it’s really painful to know what’s coming up.

I had a bit of a shitty week at work. I kept making mistakes and I really hate making mistakes. I’ve had busy jobs before, but I think there are so many different things I’m doing, it’s easy to overlook the details miss over incorrect information. I really hope I do better next week.

Let’s linkie!

Queen blogger Vix is talking about how we need girls that look like us in sex scenes.

I’m obsessed with this cat collar shirt.

Amanda is amazingly honest about diet culture – I completely agree with her.

Would someone please go to Brussels with me?

This is probably the longest I’ve had my hair ever – but I want it a little longer. Franish has some great tips for healthy hair!

Ashley Abroad has visited England and has a great little trip roundup. I really want to go to Sketch…maybe that should be next on my list.

Rosie has been so busy recently, I can barely remember what her lovely face looks like. I’m not surprised she’s been MIA though, she’s had so much going on at work in the hospital!

A bit of a niche video, but I quite liked this interview with Japanese people, asking what they thought of foreign countries. Japanese friends have told me before that the kitchen wrap in the UK is terrible – it made me laugh that a girl listed it as one of the bad things about visiting LA!

Have an awesome weekend!

March Goals

I totally skipped February goals, so I’m going to head straight into March goals. It’s been one of those months where there’s so many things and I feel like I have so much on my plate. I’ve even given up some of the things I like doing (like comedy) in order to make my life a little more manageable.

At the weekend, I moved house, to a bigger room, with more people in the house, and with a much cheaper rent. I’m really hoping this move will help clear my head a little. With more physical space I might feel less trapped. And I enjoy living with more people as well, as you have a strong sense of community. [Read more…]

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