Blogging And Consumerism

There’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, that’s by no means a new topic of conversation: the online world and consumerism.

Working with students and getting them to think about their careers, they often tell me that they aspire to be in this creative content world on the internet. They see YouTubers and Instagrammers living the high life, shopping all the time and seemingly making a lot of money from doing not a lot. The wonderful Sophie Kate recently came into one of our schools to talk with students about being a professional YouTuber and I asked her to be honest with the students about how hard she works and how it’s not a case of just putting the camera on and being a millionaire. [Read more…]

Friday Links November 17th

Kew Gardens

Boy have I had a great week. My staycation was exciting AND restful, and just being able to float around without really having to talk with anyone has been the best thing ever. I ticked off two major things I’ve been wanting to do – Kew Gardens and Sky Gardens, and visited a whole bunch of little places I had on my list.

I also had the time to read a whole bunch of internetty things!!

Let’s Linkie!

Professional setbacks can happen to the best of us, here’s how to deal with them. Wit and Delight is one of my favourite sites; they always pick up topics that are meaningful and relevant, and write on them so well. It’s always a chore to pick which of their articles I want to include.

Liz wrote a really touching post about what it’s like growing up deaf and the communication and identity issues that come from that. The world of deaf people is something I sadly know very little about.

I’m all about my energy levels. I make decisions not to do certain things because they drain me – like spending time doing things I don’t want to do, and being around people I don’t like. Here’s how to take this sentiment and turn it into a life hack.

One of my favourite musicals – Legally Blonde – is touring the UK right now!

I completely agree with this post on not getting involved in stupid Facebook games that supposedly help beat cancer. No, they do not.

Who’s joining me on a roadtrip through Scotland?

Bloomzy has a great roundup of independent shops you should look to buy from this Christmas.

Looks like I’m going to have to go back to New York to try this matcha latte!

Also Birmingham needs to happen.

Have a lovely Friday!

Life in Death – Kew Gardens

Rebecca Louise Law

I’ve been meaning to go to Kew Gardens for the longest time. Back when I used to work part time at Sony, I spent the other hours of the day driving around Richmond and Ealing Broadway teaching English to Japanese families (they all live there because there’s a Japanese school there).

I’d drive past Kew every week, and wish I had the time to stop by. I love a good garden; they’re good for bee spotting, walking is great for mental health, and they’re fantastic for photography.

With my week off this week, I decided to make the trip over and finally go – especially when I saw that there’s an art instillation called Life in Death. [Read more…]

Friday Links 10th November

Cambridge UK

Things with the American didn’t last long. My hopes weren’t up, so it’s ok.The last straw for me was when he and his buddy were yelling that the bonfire night fireworks were “just like Afghanistan” and how it’s giving them “PTSD”. Mildenhall, Suffolk is the furthest from home they have ever been. Neither of them have passports.

I’m thinking of maybe doing a whole bunch of dates exclusively with people younger than me to see how that goes. If you’re in Cambridge and want to set me up then please do! I strongly believe that referrals are the way to go.

Let’s Linkie!

Bev has been eating bugs – not sure I would want to, despite them tasting like a veggie burger!

It seems to be the month of new things, as Beth is trying gymnastics!

I loved watching Katy English and co’s travels around Japan, and I’m so excited for all the blog posts. Here’s what to expect when you first go to Japan.

Need a side hustle? Career Contessa has a whole bunch of them for you.

This Reddit post with a mock up of Instagram in 2011 and 2017 is hilarious and spot on.

I love to geek out on marketing blog posts a bit, and it was great to see this about how big brands are prioritising influencer marketing now.

NYC preschools look pretty intense. I think I might just have my kids draw kittens and stuff like that.

Emma has some great travel tips – actually decent and useful ones!

The gorgeous Lizzie has some great book recommendations for these cold nights.

I’ll leave you with an interesting video I watched this week. I’m not a fan of the Japanese host of Asian Boss (there’s something…off about him) but the content is invariably of high quality. The video below is about how Japanese girls get scouted for porn. This is something I saw on the streets in Nagoya when I studied there. I might even write a bigger blog post about it at some point.

Have a lovely weekend!

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