Friday Links May 5th

I’m back from Poland and hit the ground running the day after my late flight back! I’m so glad it’s the weekend tomorrow as I’m ready for another break!

While I was away, I relaxed to the max and caught up on so many blogs (and wrote lots of posts myself, too!) It always makes me happy to spend a few hours each week reading what everyone’s been up to and looking at all the pretty photos!

Let’s Linkie!

My lovely Rosie did her write up on our Dirty Bones visit. (My review can be found here).

This performance tea sounds really good – I contacted the company to ask them to come to the UK!

I saw Boohoo had a great event yesterday – here are five reasons why they’ve had such a boost in profits recently.

Want some poetry about hummus and love? Of course you do.

Ever since the Cambridge creatives walk, I’ve been peeking into the world of these pin-clad ladies and I find it amazing. Am I creative enough to design some pins?? Claire wrote a post giving us an insight into her studio – I’m inspired!

Now I’m back home I’m thinking about where I can go next – maybe Lisbon would be good?

I love emojis as much as the next person, but do we have to have them on buildings now??

Aussa seems to be my travel spirit animal.

Jess has been going meatless each Monday – and this burger looks YUM!

There are some blogger apps in this list that even I don’t have – I have to try them out!

So here’s a story. This week I was running an event which started off with a motivational speech by a really awesome local communications coach. The kids loved him, and at the end, he asked them if they had any questions. He was at the front of the room, in front of the students sat on the floor. I was sat at the back of the room. A girl put her hand up and said, what both the guy AND I heard to be “what do you think of ferret’s penis?” We both sat wide eyed, not knowing what to do.

It turns out that she actually said ‘fidget spinners’.

Not sure what they are?

Here you go.


Have a great weekend!

The Tamburlaine, Cambridge

Last week I was able to go to the launch party for Cambridge’s hottest new hotel – The Tamburlaine.

It’s been THE location on everyone’s lips, with photos of the rooms and bar circulating through the city. Needless to say, I was very excited! [Read more…]

Saturday Links FROM POLAND

The last time I went traveling was June 2014, to Japan. Why have I not done anything since? I’ve been constantly working, constantly making-ends-meet, constantly too tired to work out a plan.

But I’m here, in Gdansk, with my sister. I’m glad I’m not alone – I’ve had the worst luck recently, from no hot water when I ran a bath, to my phone case breaking, leaking glitter water into the lens of the phone and rendering it unusable, to the utilities company taking 4 times as much money from my account as they’d told me they’d be taking, the day before my holiday. My sister is also having a similar spell of bad luck too, so we can cheer each other up and hopefully turn our luck around.

Can the magic of Poland bring us luck again?

Let’s Linkie!

I love this piece from Darling Magazine about how to support and celebrate other women.

Janelle is an amazing person and has just come back from her adventures, following her marriage ending. Here’s a must-read post from her, saying how she chooses to be alive, (but dangerously!)

If you’re thinking of visiting the Peak District in the UK, Ashley Abroad has some eye-porn for you!

Candy floss is definitely the ‘in’ thing right now. Amanda has been trying out some icecream/candy floss combos.

Someone else who went to Milk Train was Taza, who also has gorgeous photos of her trip to London. How does a mum look so amazing with three kids??

Amsterdam is also very much on my to-do list, and Carolin has some amazing tips.

I’m not one to be on-trend, but I’ve gotten into the whole bell sleeves thing! Nicole has gone one step cuter and paired hers with a really lovely backpack – I need to look into getting myself one!

Have a good weekend!


Saturday Links

On Monday I went over to Ipswich to visit Grandma with my sisters. She had some very pretty flowers over there!

In the coming week I have so many events to run at work. On Thursday, there will be three events on the same day, one of which is a massive STEM festival for primary school students. We’ve all put in so much hard work into it, I cannot wait to see how happy the students are when they attend.

Let’s linkie!

Want to have some utter joy? I LOVE Mary Lane’s round up of the New York Easter Bonnet parade. The girl with the Hello Kitty fan in her hand would be exactly what I’d be dressed like.

In London but want to take a trip for the day? Hand Luggage Only (my favourite blog right now) has a great list for you to try.

If you’re over here in Cambridge and want some fish and chips, The Portly Gourmet rates the Brewhouse’s offering!

I really loved this post from Runaway Kiwi about the balance between chasing your dreams with your hustle and making sure you’re still healthy.

This time next week I’ll be in Gdansk so I’ve been LOVING Rhyme and Ribbon’s roundup of her trip there!

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty stressed recently, but Rachel Emily has some great tips (and even better lipstick).

Here’s a thing you didn’t know – Japan has known how awesome sweet potatoes are for centuries!

The Middle Sister shares my feelings about the upcoming election.

This week at work I’ve been listening to Solange’s album A Seat At The Table. It’s fucking amazing. Here’s my favourite song for you to enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend!

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