Down the Cam with Let’s Go Punting!

A while back I was sat at home, on Instagram, thinking how I didn’t really have that many friends in Cambridge, and how I wished I wished I could have friends like the cool and funny girls I follow on Instagram.

I stopped wishing, and I invited a bunch of them out for dinner, and the rest is history – we are quite the girl gang now. [Read more…]

Friday Links June 30th

I am SO excited for the London Colour Walk tomorrow. I’m going with a car full of buddies over to London, dressed in our brightest clothes, taking ALL the photos. I. Can’t. Wait.

Let’s calm ourselves with linkies

Need a new book to read? I downloaded The Cows onto my Kindle following Emma Gannon’s review. Who’s going to be reading it along with me?

I have to admit, I totally do this – say that the date was god to their face but then don’t follow up with a second. Mainly because I don’t feel excitement about seeing them again…

These gorgeous eid outfits are amazing.

Today in “why doesn’t my life look like this??”

Pretty ladies of the week – Lilli looks gorgeous in this green and print outfit.

Lizzie is also on point with these wonderful culottes.

Want to go to Japan? Here are some things you might want to do in Kyoto.

Beverley stayed at Citizen M and it looks amazing.

Write a blog and like stats? Here’s what the perfect blog post looks like.

American teens eat British snacks –

Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday Links June 25th

The weather has cooled and I am not sweating buckets all the time. BUT I have a summer cold and my nose is not functioning.

Let’s linkie to cheer me up

Want some Bronte-style travel inspiration? Amanda has you sorted.

Some new podcasts for your collection.

I loved Steven’s post about a year later in Orlando, it’s really lovely.

Amazon are starting… book shops??

I need to get on poke bowls. I wonder if they’ll come to Cambridge?

Did I link to this already? Fuck it. These floral ice cubes are amazing.

I really loved Alice’s post about layaway friendships this week. Sometimes we have those friendships that just fade away. And that’s OK.

Since the Conservative’s buddying up with the DUP I’ve been trying to educate myself more on what it’s like for women in NI and Ireland on topics such as abortion. Massive Hassle’s piece about being worth of abortion is a must-read.

Have a lovely Sunday!


Cambridge Home + Garden Show

I have something so exciting to talk to you about today. My wonderful friend Jen is putting on such a cool event and I want you all to know about it.

It’s the Cambridge Home & Garden Show and it’ll be held in the Guildhall in the centre of Cambridge in September this year. The whole event will be dedicated to home and garden design, so if you’re looking to be #inspired, you NEED to be there. [Read more…]

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