Saturday Links November 4th

Winter is upon us, and I’m getting ready for the fireworks and bonfire tonight by wrapping up warm. It’s been pissing it down all morning so the ground will be wet too. Boo.

I have one more week of work before I have a week’s annual leave, and I can’t wait. I have so many awesome things planned. Just one more week to go.

Let’s linkie!

Nothing beats autumn in Japan, so let’s take a little trip with Travel with Nano B (which I keep reading as “Travel with a Nob”…)

While we’re on this invisible plane, let’s pop over to Belgium with While I’m Young.

Haley has been teaching me all about vitamin D recently. Here’s her blog post with the facts.

If you’re still feeling sad this autumn, perhaps it’s “Fall Anxiety“?

Nicole is one of my favourite bloggers, even though I’m not that into fashion. I’m really excited for the series of posts about this capsule wardrobe – I think we could all learn to live with fewer clothes.

If you’re struggling with something and wish your situation was different, you need this post from Sophie Cliff. Probably the best post I’ve read in a while.

If you’re coming to London, don’t just head to Big Ben and then head home, make sure you make the most of what this amazing city has to offer. The Culture Map has an excellent list of how you can make this happen.

Heading over to Berlin but worried about the vegan food scene there? Amanda has you sorted.

Coworker horror stories are the best – here’s a great little collection from Career Contessa.

I’ll leave you with a video that made me cry this morning. John Green may seem to have the perfect life, but it just goes to show that depression can hit any of us.

Have a great Saturday. Please be mindful of wildlife and pets if you are using fireworks!

Why Do We Date Older Men?

The first time I dated a much older guy was in my first month studying in Japan. When I was nervous, lonely and in need of someone to explain how to do basic Japanese cooking with things from the local shop, Satoshi was there for me. I was a young 19 year old and he was 30, a local dentist with fluent but often adorable English.

He took charge, helped me settle down into Japanese life, and was great in bed.

Though we didn’t last long together (I discovered that Satoshi’s fetish for young white women meant that he had at least 4 or 5 of us on the go), my mind was then open to dating much older guys, and the benefits of doing so. [Read more…]

Friday Links Oct 28th

I’m quite looking forward to this weekend, it’s a quiet one so I can relax and get some things done.

On Instagram this week I mentioned that I’m taking some time off in November and might go on a road trip. I had initially wanted to drive to the New Forest, which is where I was born. But as I was planning I kept on getting distracted by things I have been keeping to do in London, so I may just spend a couple of days there instead.

I save screenshots of places I want to go to and exhibitions I want to see. I’m hoping this week off will allow me to tick off loads of places I’ve saved up.

By the way, the dog above was at the pumpkin patch and his name is Couscous. You’re welcome.

Let’s linkie!

Another person who has been pumpkin patching it up is Alice! Her photos are gorgeous!

Kelly came to my indoor market last week and took part in the craft workshop! So lovely seeing the outcomes!

In the lead up to Halloween, here is a great list of modern horror films you should consider. (Love Witch sounds pretty good…wonder how scary it is…)

Portly Gourmet has been to Smokeworks, the dirty meat-eater he is.

These failed Nintendo pitches were quite interesting! Even we as translator saw projects that were completed but never released.

I follow Guyliner on Twitter, and he wrote this great piece in British GQ this week about how men can be better to women.

In a creative funk? I discovered blogger Susie this week and she has just the post for you!

Another blogger I’ve loved this week is Rhianna – I loved reading this fantastic body posi piece.

Lastly, my favourite find of the week, this Louis Therous bot. Have fun sinking hours into this Twitter feed!!!

Have a great Friday!

24 Hours in Leeds

At the end of September, I went up to Leeds to attend the Bloggers Blogging Awards, organised by the fantastic Hayley of Tea Party Beauty. I’d never been to Leeds before, so I was keen to have a good look around while I was there – for just 24 hours!

I stayed as a guest of Ibis Styles, a gorgeous hotel with perfect location in the city. The whole hotel is styled perfectly, with a big helping of humour to go along with it (much like the people of Leeds, I found). [Read more…]

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