Visiting Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds

Right after I just said that I want my blog to be about long-form educational pieces, here I am writing a travel-y post. I just don’t make sense, do I?! Well, the past few weeks have been pretty hard on me at work and I’ve been spending a few moments each day looking into places I can go to for a short trip to just switch off. No work, no educational thinking, just walking, taking nice photos and enjoying somewhere new. [Read more…]

Life in Death – Kew Gardens

Rebecca Louise Law

I’ve been meaning to go to Kew Gardens for the longest time. Back when I used to work part time at Sony, I spent the other hours of the day driving around Richmond and Ealing Broadway teaching English to Japanese families (they all live there because there’s a Japanese school there).

I’d drive past Kew every week, and wish I had the time to stop by. I love a good garden; they’re good for bee spotting, walking is great for mental health, and they’re fantastic for photography.

With my week off this week, I decided to make the trip over and finally go – especially when I saw that there’s an art instillation called Life in Death. [Read more…]

Issho Leeds

Japanese food Leeds

It’s very hard to get good Japanese food in the UK, without at least giving away at least three of your limbs. While I was preparing for my Leeds trip, I saw a number of bloggers visit Issho, a new Japanese restaurant up on a rooftop on a very swanky shopping arcade.

I knew I had to go, no matter what. [Read more…]

24 Hours in Leeds

At the end of September, I went up to Leeds to attend the Bloggers Blogging Awards, organised by the fantastic Hayley of Tea Party Beauty. I’d never been to Leeds before, so I was keen to have a good look around while I was there – for just 24 hours!

I stayed as a guest of Ibis Styles, a gorgeous hotel with perfect location in the city. The whole hotel is styled perfectly, with a big helping of humour to go along with it (much like the people of Leeds, I found). [Read more…]

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