Anglesey Abbey

There are still so many places I want to visit in and around Cambridge, so I decided to make a list and invite people to come explore with me. First up on my list is Anglesey Abbey, a Jacobean house owned by the National Trust, just outside Cambridge.

I grabbed Jess, who’s been SO busy recently it’s been hard to catch her, to check this place out. We went quite late in the day, so took a lovely walk around the gardens just before dusk. [Read more…]

A Day in Norwich

Back at the end of November, I had a few days off before I started my new job so I took a day trip to nearby Norwich. [Read more…]

Travel Photo Sunday


Frankfurt, 2011.

The Frankfurt Christmas market was amazing. After the years spent in Japan with no Christmas, I felt like it was all the Christmases I’d missed all at once.

At the side of the square stands a big carousel. While Christmas pop songs blast out, people buy tokens and then fight over who gets to ride on the horses. [Read more…]

Scenes from Chichester


It’s wedding season, and the second wedding of this year was held in Chichester, a small city in the south of England, near to Brighton. I’d never been before, but I think I have some distant family there. [Read more…]

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