Station Tavern, Cambridge

Cambridge is a very exciting place to be right now. Things are opening all over the place and the tribe of cool people are finding themselves flinging themselves across the city to try out each new offering.

With the completion of the new station square comes a brand new pub – The Station Tavern. The opening party was an excellent bash filled to the rafters with local influencers and business people. [Read more…]

Why Mentoring Is So Important

My last job was in a very male environment. While everyone I worked with were good people, there was a lot of masculine banter and I felt that often, as a woman, my ideas were not as valued as well as my male colleagues’.

I reached out to someone higher up in the company, a woman who was very strong in her position. She is the type of business person who can be seen as cold and heartless, but does the nasty bits of business that no one wants to do – like telling people they’re not meeting their targets. While I didn’t necessarily relate to her or aspire to be like her, I do, at some point in my life want to be a strong business woman on her level. [Read more…]

Thoughts on Comedy

Cambridge Happy Hour

Cambridge Happy Hour regular Chris Norton Walker


I didn’t really have a plan for what to write today, but I thought I’d write a little about comedy.

Since I started working in Cambridge, I’ve been running a comedy night called Cambridge Happy Hour, and it’s been a real learning curve for me. I didn’t think too much about hosting a night and how I would mc alongside my friend Sean, we just kind of jumped in and learn as we go along. [Read more…]

Saturday Links 17th September

I started writing this yesterday but my house’s wifi sucks so much right now, so I wasn’t able to post it. I think I’m paying too much for rent… the wifi situation got me looking at SpareRoom again and I could be paying much less…AND live in Cambridge. So I guess I’ll look to do that in the next few months.

Today is the first day of Autumn here in the UK – yesterday it was rainy but warm but the rain has made it cold now and it’ll be 18c or so all next week, as opposed to the 26c it has been previously. I am wearing a lovely mustard jumper, cozy on my bed while the wind blows outside, while I blog. This is the best thing to be doing in Autumn!!! I am just a cup of tea short of having the best afternoon.

Let’s Linkie!

I’d LOVE to go to Pompeii! It looks so fascinating!

If you’re job hunting right now, these action-now tips are really useful!

If you’re a blogger who likes to meet up with other bloggers, you may have had similar nasty experiences just like Vix.

This is pretty much my dream house – it looks cozy but also spacious at the same time.

It seems that women with extra weight might find it more difficult to get a job…

Here in the UK most major supermarkets do online shopping. But if you are in the US, Nicole has an excellent recommendation – which is helping her with her grocery anxiety.

I’ve been to a couple of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants before but this steak restaurant of his looks really lovely!

I really miss Japanese coffee shops. If this is your thing, Bloomzy has a nice little roundup of the best ones!

I love this adorable story about how Jess was kicked out of the science fair!

My wifi is just about to cut out again… I’d better post this before I can’t read any more posts! Have an awesome weekend! x

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