What It’s Like to… Go Into Recruitment


As I mentioned last week, I am aware that I’ve not been very personal in a while, and that I wanted to change that. With that in mind, there’s no interview today, but I will be explaining a little about what I’ve been up to.

I left Big Japanese Company back in July, and that was a big step for me. It was a little easy and I had a good routine going, but I knew I wanted to do more. So I joined Small Media Company as a PA. In my interview, the boss was pretty unwelcoming, but the role would have given me a lot of experience in things I wanted to do. I ended up doing a lot more personal things for the boss than I did the things I wanted to do, and Boss and I were equally unhappy with each other. I left not long after I joined. It was a good experience looking back, and I know now to not go for a job when I don’t feel 100% in the interview.

So I sat down and thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. I wrote a big list of things I like doing. I like making other people happy. I like getting my head down and working really hard. I enjoy talking about other people’s jobs.

I decided to get into recruitment.

I now work in a medium sized specialist recruitment company, which deals only with one field. My “desk” is the European area of this company, and I help people get jobs in Europe.

I’m getting ahead of myself a little. Before I chose this company I did SO much research – and that’s something I recommend for people wanting to get into recruitment themselves. There are so many different companies out there – big recruitment companies who deal with all kinds of jobs, specialist ones, very very niche ones. You also have internal recruiters in companies, who will work for one salary and not commission like I do. Each company will have its own training programme so you have to look into what would suit you. I didn’t want to go through 3 stages of interviews and 6 weeks of classroom learning, I wanted to be thrown in.

My colleagues are a little varied, but are mainly early 20’s, high energy, and very outgoing. I’d say it’s 80% guys, but there’s not a “bro” culture, though there is a fair amount of banter that goes on. Everyone is really lovely, and it’s not a cut throat environment like it could be. The differences between this and being a PA create a list that stretches long, but I’d say the main difference is that in recruitment it really is non-stop. No mobile phones on desks, no coffee making during “phone hours”, just pick up the phone and call people. It’s my second week in and I really am pretty exhausted. My mind slips every now and then and thinks about something else, but I’m getting better at sticking my mind into the right mode.

Right now, my job involves phoning up candidates and checking their current situation. Have they changed jobs since we last spoke with them? Are they looking for more money than they told us 6 months ago? Are they happy where they are for the time being?

Then, when jobs come through, I have to go through and look for people that match that spec. I had one come in yesterday and the company is looking for someone very particular, so I have been phoning people, asking if they fit the description and if they are interested.

It’s probably the hardest I’ve worked – or at least equal to crunch-time when translating at Nintendo. The hours as a recruiter are long – 8am to 6pm, and the noisy office with everyone picking up the phone all the time can be overwhelming at first. But there are really great parts – when someone makes a placement, the whole office does a mexican wave. There’s free breakfast (more cereal than I can ever imagine to eat!) We go to the pub on Friday nights, and my colleagues really are great people.

All this means that I am pretty exhausted when I come home and I do want to curl up and watch The Good Wife and then fall asleep. Which is why I’ve been skipping blogging days recently.

As always, if you have questions then do let me know. I’m still new in my job, but I might be able to help. I’m happy to be here now, and I wish I’d thought of it sooner.

Now I’m going to watch The Good Wife and fall asleep…


You Must Be York-ing!


I was in York over the weekend to attend a friend’s wedding. It’s the biggest road trip Boyfriend and I have done in a while, so it was a little epic for us. We decided to drive up as it was just infinitely cheaper than going by train (trains are so expensive in the UK, it’s such a shame as cars are of course worse for the environment – especially Boyfriend’s massive vehicle). At around 4 hours each way, it was quite a ride. [Read more…]

What’s Pissing Me Off This Week


Hold up, MAN EXPERT you say??? Well then, why didn’t you say so earlier! L’Oreal, here is Sarah from Swindon and she’s having MAN PROBLEMS. Since you are a MAN EXPERT you can help her right? Sarah, what’s your problem? Your MAN keeps sleeping with your best friend’s dog?? Well, L’Oreal, what should Sarah do?



Yes, who can not only use the wisdom of MAN EXPERT but also use the product within the MAN EXPERT to clear blackheads?! WHO! Let’s find out!
“During the day your skin can become oily and shiny. Pores can become blocked and blemishes start to appear. Take action!”




Berlin Brunch…in London!

Scrolling through Twitter, I found that someone, somewhere in London was organising a pop-up German style brunch event in London, and I knew instantly that I had to get on that! I messaged a friend of mine, saying we were long overdue a hangout and that was that!

Brünch is headed by the friendly and bubbly Noemi, and has the wonderful tag line “bread brunch booze”. On arrival, we went to the bar for some brunchy cocktails (I had an AMAZING cocktail slushie <3 <3). They have events in loads of different locations, but this one was at Playground and Proof, a wonderful rooftop bar overlooking London Fields. I quite fell in love with the area but I know from how hipster everything was, the flats round there would be WAY out of my price range… 🙁

The brunch itself was out of the world. Endless German bread from a nearby bakery, cold meats and cheeses (goats cheese… HEAVEN), boiled eggs, fickin’ QUARK! (I lived on this yoghurt-cheese when I was in Germany) and so much more. To end, we had freshly made buckwheat waffles.

I was SO excited because the stars of the show were the German soft drinks – mainly Fritz Cola and Club Mate. With my slushie and the endless coffee, I decided to only have one Club Mate – mate is a South American very strong tea, and the Germans like to put club soda with it to make this amazing drink. It’s pretty rare in the UK so I made the most of it there.

Of all the things that I miss from Germany, I think Sunday brunch is one of the biggest ones. Yes, we have brunch in the UK, but it’s usually a fried breakfast or something along those lines. I love the German cold-meats-and-bread kind of breakfast, one that you take your time over for hours and hours.

Sadly, the Brünch team are taking a break for a little while and there aren’t any upcoming events, but I am sure Noemi has something else up her sleeve as these were a great success and sold out so quickly. I did pitch a Christmas market themed brunch event to her… Let’s see if she can make it happen! 😉

Keep up to date with all things German Brunchy in London here.

(I didn’t receive any free ticket to this event, I just went and loved it.)

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