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Hold up, MAN EXPERT you say??? Well then, why didn’t you say so earlier! L’Oreal, here is Sarah from Swindon and she’s having MAN PROBLEMS. Since you are a MAN EXPERT you can help her right? Sarah, what’s your problem? Your MAN keeps sleeping with your best friend’s dog?? Well, L’Oreal, what should Sarah do?



Yes, who can not only use the wisdom of MAN EXPERT but also use the product within the MAN EXPERT to clear blackheads?! WHO! Let’s find out!
“During the day your skin can become oily and shiny. Pores can become blocked and blemishes start to appear. Take action!”




Berlin Brunch…in London!

Scrolling through Twitter, I found that someone, somewhere in London was organising a pop-up German style brunch event in London, and I knew instantly that I had to get on that! I messaged a friend of mine, saying we were long overdue a hangout and that was that!

Brünch is headed by the friendly and bubbly Noemi, and has the wonderful tag line “bread brunch booze”. On arrival, we went to the bar for some brunchy cocktails (I had an AMAZING cocktail slushie <3 <3). They have events in loads of different locations, but this one was at Playground and Proof, a wonderful rooftop bar overlooking London Fields. I quite fell in love with the area but I know from how hipster everything was, the flats round there would be WAY out of my price range… 🙁

The brunch itself was out of the world. Endless German bread from a nearby bakery, cold meats and cheeses (goats cheese… HEAVEN), boiled eggs, fickin’ QUARK! (I lived on this yoghurt-cheese when I was in Germany) and so much more. To end, we had freshly made buckwheat waffles.

I was SO excited because the stars of the show were the German soft drinks – mainly Fritz Cola and Club Mate. With my slushie and the endless coffee, I decided to only have one Club Mate – mate is a South American very strong tea, and the Germans like to put club soda with it to make this amazing drink. It’s pretty rare in the UK so I made the most of it there.

Of all the things that I miss from Germany, I think Sunday brunch is one of the biggest ones. Yes, we have brunch in the UK, but it’s usually a fried breakfast or something along those lines. I love the German cold-meats-and-bread kind of breakfast, one that you take your time over for hours and hours.

Sadly, the Brünch team are taking a break for a little while and there aren’t any upcoming events, but I am sure Noemi has something else up her sleeve as these were a great success and sold out so quickly. I did pitch a Christmas market themed brunch event to her… Let’s see if she can make it happen! 😉

Keep up to date with all things German Brunchy in London here.

(I didn’t receive any free ticket to this event, I just went and loved it.)

Tested: Carton Drinks


As a post-gym treat, I have started treating myself with a small carton of drink. I’ve noticed that these small chocolate/coffee flavoured coconut milk drinks are booming like crazy over here in the UK, so I decided to try out a few. These are just half of what I have. Oh yes, I have more.

So, first up we have Alpro chocolate flavoured coconut milk.

What’s inside?

Water, Coconut milk (5.3%) (Coconut cream, Water), Sugar, Maltodextrin, Fat-reduced cocoa (1.3%), Calcium (Tri-calcium phosphate), Stabilisers (Locust bean gum, Gellan gum), Flavourings, Sea salt, Vitamins (B12, D2)

So a couple of scary big words in there, but on the whole OK I guess.

It tastes pretty good, too. Not too sweet. And at 41 calories it’s not such a bad treat to have.


Next up we have Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Now, being the wombat I am, I had this on an evening at about 7pm and COULD NOT SLEEP. Don’t do that, kids.

This isn’t a coconut water based drink:

British Semi-Skimmed Milk (61%),
Arabica Coffee (36%),
Demerara Sugar,
dark chocolate powder (sugar, cocoa mass, fat reduced cocoa powder, natural flavouring), fat reduced cocoa powder, natural flavouring

Although there is flat up sugar in it, I like that they don’t have any ingredients with shitty names. It seems to be a very pure drink.

It tastes probably the best of all of them. I’ve had Jimmy’s once before and I tweeted a photo of me enjoying it, to which Jimmy (or a Jimmy person?) replied. I like it when companies do that. I know we’re not at the end of the list yet, but I think this is by far my favourite drink of all of them, for the taste, the simplicity of the ingredients and the staff.


The next one is Chi chocolate coconut milk. I had this post-gym with my breakfast.

I have to say, this one was my least favourite. The contents are:

Water, Coconut Cream, A Dash of Coconut Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Inulin (Chicory Fibre as a Prebiotic), Natural Flavouring

On the actual bottle, it describes the coconut sugar as palm sugar.

I don’t know, I think it was just too sweet for me, or too syrupy. It didn’t taste healthy like the others – it tasted like something I probably shouldn’t be drinking. For me, that’s a bad thing as if I wanted to drink a milkshake, I would just drink a milkshake. I drink these because they are usually lighter and less full of crap.


The last one is also not a coconut based drink, and is this rhubarb and pear matcha drink from Vivid Matcha. Sadly I forgot to take a photo of the bottle and they don’t have the ingredients on their website. But I know from working with them before that their drinks are legit and not full of crap.

They have a good story and I’m pretty proud of them for coming so far since I wrote the previous post. The drink tastes great and is much more refreshing rather than a treat kind of drink. It gives a great boost to the brain and while I was tired before, I was buzzing after.

Here are just the first few drinks I’ve tried. There will be more.
In the meantime, if you have any recommendations, please let me know! I’m all ears (and mouth OM NOM NOM).

A Japanese Retro Gaming Shop


When I was in Osaka, a friend of mine took me to a really cool retro video games shop there. It was like all my nostalgic dreams rolled into one small shop.


Please say I’m not the only one who remembers this game? There is a guy, stood on blocks, and there are more blocks rolling towards him, and you have to highlight the blocks to get rid of them to clear a path. If you don’t, the man gets crushed. Confused? Here’s a video.


These were surprisingly expensive; maybe £20-£30.


Also known as the SNES – this was my second console ever. I had a Sega Master System first, then upgraded to this. However, I had about 4 games for it, so I didn’t use it get often. I had many more for the Master System.


Check out them beauties!


There’s a game called Nuts and Milk, apparently! I wonder what it’s about… (Do I even want to know??)

Gaming was a huge part of my childhood and teenage years. I learnt to read and count on a Commadore 64, on which I also spent hours playing Hugo’s House of Horrors. That was a great game.

I don’t know why I was so into gaming – it wasn’t as if it was an escapist thing for me. It was more of a social thing – we’d swap games with friends, and it’d be something to bond with my brother over. When I had a Playstation, I’d spend hours with Kate playing Abe’s Oddesey and Tomb Rader (we’d go over our friend’s house, whose dad would always have the latest games. He would let us watch him play Tomb Raider more often than he’d let us play it…)

I feel a sadness when I think that kids don’t play games as much as we used to as kids – is that a weird thing to say? I think they are an art form, and from working on the inside at Nintendo I know how much effort people go to, to make a wonderful experience for the player. Those £40 price tags aren’t there for nothing.

What games are nostalgic for you? Did you play a lot as a child?

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