Darsham Nurseries, Suffolk

Darsham Nurseries

I really love driving. I love driving alone (when I can listen to podcasts) and I love driving with friends, nattering all the way. Since Angelica has only a set amount of time in the UK before she has to go back to the US, I am often coming up with places I think she should see.

Alice and I are Suffolk girls, and we were keen to show Angelica the beauty of our home county, so we went on a little road trip.

From Cambridge, you’d pass Darsham Nurseries if you’re heading over to Dunwich, or perhaps Southwold, and definitely to Latitude. You’d not see it unless you knew it was there, so don’t feel bad for not knowing about this awesome place. 

Darsham Nurseries

Now here’s what you need to know: this salmon was bloody awesome. The best salmon I’ve ever had? Yeah. Pretty much. It was coffee cured, which also describes me every weekday morning at 9:13am.

The eggs were also amazing, but both you and I know that we’re here for the salmon.

Darsham Nurseries

Angelica went for the granola and Alice had the shakshuka because she’s all fancy like that. The menu online is a sample one, but all the things we had are on that menu.

Darsham Nurseries

Once we’d eaten we popped over to see Alice’s parents, who are super lovely and have a great mug collection. You could probably take photos from their home and start a Pinterest board from it, and you’d probably become Pin-famous from it while you’re at it. It’s just that kind of home.

National Trust was calling us, so we head over to Dunwich for a bit of a walkies in the wind.

Suffolk National Trust

The heather there was just about to go down, but it was still a gorgeous colour. The whole place is an excellent place for dog walking, if you happen to know a dog.

It’s one of these NT places where you have to pay a little for the parking, but you can roam around free. The man on the gate tried to get me to sign up as a member, and told me there are great couples accounts there. I told him if he could find me a guy who lives in Cambridge and likes National Trust then let them have my number and I would join with this guy.

I have had no applications so far.

Suffolk National Trust

Highly recommend this itinerary as a short day trip from Cambridge. Except from going to Alice’s parents because I think they’d be a bit annoyed if you all turned up at their house, taking photos of their rooms and demanding to see their coffee mugs.

You can find Darsham Nurseries at

Main Road
IP17 3PW


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