Dining at the Mistley Thorn

Last month, for the little-ist sister’s birthday, we bundled everyone (including Grandma) into dad’s aging car and went over to Mistley.

Situated kind of half way between Ipswich and Colchester, Mistley is a gorgeous little place along the river Stour. Park up, take a walk along the river, yell FREE THE QUAY a few times into the sky then you’re just about ready for some food.

The Mistley Thorn, known for its excellent seafood, sits along the main road. Not only do they provide great food in a wonderful environment, but they also have employed my little brother, allowing him to train towards being a sommelier. (If you don’t mind blue language, and you do like gin, my brother has started a blog which you can read here.)

Despite the top notch atmosphere, location and quality of food, the prices at the Mistley Thorn were very reasonable. We all went for the two courses, though Grandma kept banging on about how she wanted the rhubarb jelly and icecream, forgetting completely the homemade birthday cake we’d smuggled in and handed to the staff.

The ham hock starter did look lovely (even as non-meat eater).

I was there mainly for the mussels, though. A huge mountain of them that even I could not finish. I don’t think I’ve EVER not finished a bowl of mussels. I went for the coriander, lemongrass and coconut base, which was nice, but I think I will go for the regular wine, garlic and herbs next time.

The fish was delicious, and the menu also catered very well for my completely vegetarian other sister and for my dad who thinks that real men eat meat and nothing else. Grandma did not have the rhubarb jelly in the end.

You can find the Mistley Thorn at High St, Mistley CO11 1HE

Their website is here, but is ALL IN CAPS. I told my brother. Maybe they’ll change it.

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