Ditch Your Soggy Sandwich and Get to All Bar One

All Bar One Cambridge

Lunch for me is usually function over fun. I bring in something from home, and invariably I’ll look over it at noon wishing that it was more exciting.

Enter All Bar One.

All Bar One Cambridge

Usually I’m not able to eat out for lunch as we work far from the centre, but also only have 30 minutes to use. However, on one sunny Autumn day I found myself very hungry after a meeting so teamed up with Ollie and All Bar One to see if I can jazz up lunchtime.

Pushing the boat out to maximum boatage, Ollie had a quesadilla and chips, and I had a fish finger wrap with salad…

All Bar One Cambridge

And we decided to share a meze platter as well.

My fish finger wrap was really yummy – I had been sad that it wasn’t a sandwich, but actually this was much better (and it’s not like I should be eating bread anyway…) The meze board was the best thing, though!

On one side we have halloumi, falafels (feta, pea and mint) with a quinoa salad with pomegranate.

All Bar One Cambridge

On the other side we have some hummus, apple and beatroot hummus and some smashed avocado, with kale pakora with the star of the show – jackfruit chutney. The jackfruit chutney was easily the best thing I’ve had in a while.

I may have taken slightly longer than 30 minutes on lunch, but it left me energised and buzzing to get on with work for the afternoon!

So glad I ditched the aldesko.

Have you had lunch at All Bar One? What’s your top item on the menu?

We dined thanks to All Bar One, but all views are my own.

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