Down the Cam with Let’s Go Punting!

A while back I was sat at home, on Instagram, thinking how I didn’t really have that many friends in Cambridge, and how I wished I wished I could have friends like the cool and funny girls I follow on Instagram.

I stopped wishing, and I invited a bunch of them out for dinner, and the rest is history – we are quite the girl gang now.

The best thing about having fellow blogger/Insta BFFs? They don’t mind me taking all the photos, in fact, they’re taking all the photos too.

The wonderful Alice arranged for us to go punting along the river Cam last week, and we were eagerly watching the weather in the lead up. Nope, it wasn’t going to be sunny for us (but we didn’t mind anyway).

We took our trip with Let’s Go Punting, with the lovely Julian chauffeuring us. It was a blast!

We were MEANT to be asking him all about the bridges and the history and stuff but to be honest, we were all rabbiting away and eating Angelica‘s AMAZING guacamole, gulping champagne from the bottle as we went. Oops.

That’s not to say we didn’t take in how pretty it was though.

Through punting, you get to see so many parts of Cambridge which you wouldn’t normally see on foot. It’s highly recommended.

This one is called the Bridge of Sighs, as the students from the uni will go across it to take exams, sighing all the way.

Planning some punting in Cambridge? It’s better with a group, so grab some friends (or invite a load of people from Instagram, either or). Pick a reputable vendor, like Let’s Go Punting. There are a lot of people trying to rip you off out there. Take snacks for the ride (and maybe some bubbly?) And don’t forget your camera!

We didn’t receive the trip, I just enjoyed it so much I wanted to share how awesome it was!

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