FoodPark Finds: Wandering Yak

We work near to the Science Park, so when the FoodPark comes along on Thursdays, we sometimes take the time out to visit. It’s usually the first Thursday after payday, or when the weather is nice, as it’s a 20 min walk to get there. But when we do go, it’s always amazing.

Despite there being so many options to choose from, and this may be a controversial thing to say, but I have found my favourite. Many people ask me what my favourite meal in Cambridge is, and it would be the same as well: The Wandering Yak.

I first met these guys at Thirsty a very long time ago, when I was on a first date. I’d explained to the guy that I was a food blogger and was talking about my favourite places a little. There was a couple on the next bench along from me who, when we left, called me over and told me to look out for their food truck The Wandering Yak. I promised them I would.

It wasn’t until much later in the year that I finally found them at the FoodPark.

The Wandering Yak serve mezze boxes, where you can pick two toppings. From homemade falafal to haloumi, feta to avocado, it’s a really challenge to pick. They’re all vegetarian (as far as I have seen) so great for us non-meat eaters.

Aside from the toppings, the box is filled with couscous, veg and ABSOLUTELY NO LIE THE BEST POTATOES IN CAMBRIDGE. You have NOT tasted heaven until you have had them.

All this is for the bargain price of £6. Yeah. That’s it. (The menu above shows the price for the hot box which I’ve never had because the mezze box is my soulmate).

Now, where can YOU find this dazzling duo? You need to be following them on Twitter, but also if you’re not following FoodPark on Twitter also, then you’re making poor life choices.

Have you had Wandering Yak before? Let me know in the comments!


  1. In the new year I’m gonna cycle over from Milton to visit 😋
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