Friday Linkies 25th July

Yay I’ve moved! I now live just outside of London (not in London, YAY). I’m sharing a house with two other girls. I’ve only met one, the owner of the house and she’s really nice. It’s still going to be tough living with people again but I’d rather do it until I make more friends and get a life here. My flatmate’s really lovely though.

I start work on Monday, so that’ll be interesting. I’ll go back to posting 3 times a week as well, since I won’t have all the time in the world any more. But I have a few really awesome things up my blogging sleeve so I hope you’ll all like them!

Let’s linkie!

I didn’t do any of these – though I almost went to the Olive Garden!

If only I had these phrases up my sleeves in Germany, I could have complained so much more!

Just FYI, if anyone wants to propose to me, they can totally do it with a burger.

I want this supermarketย to be real ASAP.

My great mate Kate did a post on the #likeagirl campaign I wrote about two Linkie posts ago. It’s awesome so go read it.

The truth about getting a job.

I never liked Glossybox when I had it, but I do feel sorry for its CEO.

That reminds me, I MUST get my diving licence soon…

Now I know what a Beyonce voter is.

I’m so glad someone else feels the same as me about clothes sizes.

I feel old. [Video]

I love these messages to women. If I had my own house I’d buy them all and put them on my walls.

I’ve definitely lost fluency in England since living abroad. My main problem is with sayings – I get them mixed up. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with this problem.

I’m kinda keen to not take any planes for the time being, so I’m seriously thinking of having a stay-cation in Yorkshire! I mean look! It’s amazing!

Have an awesome weekend!




  1. Good luck for Monday ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yorkshire IS amazing… I do wish I’d travelled more while I was living in the UK.
    Simone recently posted…Eating Bavaria: Might As Well Start With Cake!My Profile

    • Charlotte says:

      Thank you!
      I can’t wait to get settled so I can explore more of England! I’m off to Scotland in a few weeks and I’ve never even been before!

  2. Yorkshire is calling! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Shing recently posted…Finnish Food Porn (Donโ€™t Read on an Empty Stomach)My Profile

  3. Congrats on the new site! I followed Sherbet and Sparkles but then I transferred over to self hosting and lost touch. Love your blog, also I did not realize you had moved to London, congrats on that as well! I am now subscribed to your site as well as following you on Bloglovin.
    Allison T recently posted…Dads Chocolate TrifleMy Profile

    • Charlotte says:

      Yay thank you so much! I think quite a few people didn’t update their bookmarks but hopefully they’ll all find me again!

  4. That comic above actually made me laugh out loud! My dad used to tell my brothers and I that eating carrots would make us see in the dark!
    Sara Strauss recently posted…Suitcase Essentials with Vegas.comMy Profile

  5. I loved that post by Lady of the Cakes.

    Yorkshire really is beautiful! And I’ve been wanting to go to that sculpture park for ages.
    bevchen recently posted…Animals and mazes in ViennaMy Profile

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