Friday Links 10th November

Cambridge UK

Things with the American didn’t last long. My hopes weren’t up, so it’s ok.The last straw for me was when he and his buddy were yelling that the bonfire night fireworks were “just like Afghanistan” and how it’s giving them “PTSD”. Mildenhall, Suffolk is the furthest from home they have ever been. Neither of them have passports.

I’m thinking of maybe doing a whole bunch of dates exclusively with people younger than me to see how that goes. If you’re in Cambridge and want to set me up then please do! I strongly believe that referrals are the way to go.

Let’s Linkie!

Bev has been eating bugs – not sure I would want to, despite them tasting like a veggie burger!

It seems to be the month of new things, as Beth is trying gymnastics!

I loved watching Katy English and co’s travels around Japan, and I’m so excited for all the blog posts. Here’s what to expect when you first go to Japan.

Need a side hustle? Career Contessa has a whole bunch of them for you.

This Reddit post with a mock up of Instagram in 2011 and 2017 is hilarious and spot on.

I love to geek out on marketing blog posts a bit, and it was great to see this about how big brands are prioritising influencer marketing now.

NYC preschools look pretty intense. I think I might just have my kids draw kittens and stuff like that.

Emma has some great travel tips – actually decent and useful ones!

The gorgeous Lizzie has some great book recommendations for these cold nights.

I’ll leave you with an interesting video I watched this week. I’m not a fan of the Japanese host of Asian Boss (there’s something…off about him) but the content is invariably of high quality. The video below is about how Japanese girls get scouted for porn. This is something I saw on the streets in Nagoya when I studied there. I might even write a bigger blog post about it at some point.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Sorry things didn’t work out with the American. That would have been the last straw for me too. Especially as someone who has spent time with people who actually have been involved in conflicts. (Not Afghanistan though. The relatively tame Falklands War.)
    Confuzzled Bev recently posted…Friday lettersMy Profile

    • I think it’s a disservice to his fellow military people as much as anything. Such a shame he turned out to be poo. 🙁

  2. Great link about eating bugs! I was served a deep-fried flower for lunch today in Bangkok. Just tasted of batter, so very easy to praise in front of my hosts!

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