Friday Links December 30th

The other day The Lion King was on tv and I knew ALL of the words – and I mean ALL of them – and was singing and quoting along and my smallest sister who is 18 was rolling her eyes at me like I was SO embarrassing and sad. But I know I’m awesome. The photo above reminded me of when my little brother and I used to sit and watch Disney tapes early on Saturday mornings for hours. Those were good times.

It’s that weird bit in between Christmas and New Years where you’re a bit hazy and every meal, no matter how healthy, is ended with a handful of chocolates. This is how we are rolling.

Anyway, I’ve got a whole bunch of links for you so…

Let’s linkie!

Home of the week is this lovely narrow one in Barcelona, but I would deffo want to do something with the walls!

They’ve found Roman coins in a castle in Okinawa! I’d love to be an explorer back in those days and see Japan as it was then!

Speaking of Japan, Rika went to Osaka and now I am really Japan-sick!

Want even more Japan? Do you know the Japanese Christmas cake, with the white cream and strawberries? Well here’s the history behind it!

Want to know more about Christmas foods? Well here in the UK, many people have bread sauce with their turkey. Here’s the history behind that as well!

I really need to get to Lithuania on my next trip! It looks so pretty!

I’ve started following a few marketing blogs, just to educate myself and keep myself in the loop, and I loved this post about marketing campaigns we’re glad to leave in 2016! Click bait needs to die!!

Karen went to Amsterdam and OMG her photos are gorgeous – just look at that wonderful hotel!!

As a new cyclist in Cambridge I LOVED this post about cycling and driving around the city! Everyone must be nicer to each other!! Let’s stop being dicks, yeah?

Still need some Christmas warmth? These Christmas living rooms are SO pretty. I hope to be able to decorate somewhere like one of these next year!

Ruffles are in, guys. If you’re not sure what to do with them, here’s a lovely jumper with ruffles on the arms – great if you’re busty like me.

To leave you, here’s an angry man reading a teenage magazine.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Lion King was the first movie I saw in German after moving to Germany. I didn’t know all the words any more because of the language shift, but watching it auf Deutsch actually taught me how to say a few things. 😀
    Steven recently posted…So this is what having free time is like.My Profile

  2. Ah, thank you Charlotte! I’m hoping to go back to Amsterdam soon… come with me! 🙂

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