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Here’s something amazing I had this week, a mac and cheese scotched egg from Station Tavern, a new pub next to Cambridge Station! I went to the opening party and so a post about the evening will be up soon, but I just wanted to share this snack because it was YUMMY!

Let’s linkie!

I love the shop Tiger. It’s one of my favourite things to do when I’m in town – walk around and see what crazy crap they’ve got out – and then buy it all. I guessed it was so, but they plan it all out to be that way, to make more sales. Here’s a really interesting report about it.

I have a fascination with North Korea so this collection of photos from NK buildings was a real treat.

Need some tiny home loving? This Sakura tiny home looks just about perfect for me. I’d want a proper loo, though…

I just love this pretty pink outfit.

Amanda has been to Gdansk – I am SO looking forward to going at the end of the month! It looks so pretty.

Want other cheap places to visit in Europe? Here’s a great list!

A new blog I have come across recently is Kev’s Snack Reviews, which is a really cute blog about (British) snacks. If you’re still wondering which Easter egg to get, Kev has a good selection!

Hull…not a place you’d usually see on a blog! But this year is Hull’s year, and it sure does look like a cool place to be!

Lastly, bloggers out there, don’t be a FAB (Fake Ass Blogger). After being in a chat last night on Twitter with Vix and her followers, I had a little look at how some of my favourite bloggers did on Instagram. I was shocked to see so many of them with lots of bought followers. The method isn’t perfect; it said that I had 12 fake Instagram followers when I’ve never bought one in my life. But there were some with over 50% bought. Not cool, guys!

Have a great Easter weekend!


  1. Wow fake Instagram followers?! Who does that? I want real people to follow me. I don’t want a million followers who are just bots. Anyway, that breakfast looks so good!
    Sara S recently posted…Outfit: Pink SpringMy Profile

    • Charlotte says:

      Have you seen? This topic has totally blown up on Twitter. I think the world of blogging and Insta is going to change forever.

  2. beerandbratwurst says:

    LOVE the list of cheapest places to go in Europe. Thanks for that!

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