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I have been wanting this weekend for so long. I’m exhausted! When my boss asked me what I’d be doing this 4 day weekend, I replied that I’d be “sleeping and also ironing”. Yup, I live on the edge.

Last Sunday I spent a perfect day with the boyfriend. He picked out the perfect cafe to go to, and we sat in a squishy sofa, he reading the paper and me reading blogs, while we both drank tea and ate bagels and slices of cake. HEAVEN.

Let’s linkie!

There are some difficult jobs out there but caring for the elderly is definitely challenging but also rewarding. I have so much respect for Alexandra for this work.

If you want fashion tips from someone nothing short of adorable, Nicole is your girl. I need those shoes.

The UK is much more than just London. Leather and Abel have a great post about visiting The Cotswolds!

There are people who fish in the bins for those money off receipts from the supermarket – they call themselves wombles!

This 10 year old girl is my hero.

This Berlin hotel room is just so fun! I’d like to stay there next time I go!

Possibly the funniest link of the past week – 19 reasons why I didn’t reply to your online dating message. SO TRUE.

I’m currently cleaning out my inbox, so I LOVED this post on the power of unsubscribe!

A lovely account of being an expat in New York for 6 years. I think a lot of expats can relate to this.

Anyone else wishing Mrs Ralf was their teacher??

Egg toast pizza, anyone?

Lastly, can non-Japanese people in Tokyo speak Japanese? Quite topical as people are always complaining that people in the UK can’t speak English.

Have a great Easter weekend!


  1. “Remember, just because someone doesn’t look Japanese, doesn’t mean they’re American.” If only all parents in Japan would teach their kids that!
    Janelle recently posted…Pause For AdventureMy Profile

  2. Wow! I made Friday Linkies!!! What an honor!

  3. Awww I loved that video! There’s a lot of half-Japanese in there, that was a bit of a shock! That little kid is also super cute. It’s funny cause he sounds non-American, yet he thought all the westerners were American…? Strange!
    Mary recently posted…5 Steps to Hanami (View Cherry Blossoms) in JapanMy Profile

  4. Thanks for including me in your Friday Linksies!!!
    That Japanese video is so interesting. Where would you rate yourself, Charlotte? 😉
    And what do I see? boyfriend…

  5. Dawww, thanks Charlotte! Just saw this and it made my Monday 🙂

  6. (I didn’t finish!)a squishy sofa sitting Sunday of reading truly does sound perfect. I’m also excited to check out the German New Yorkers blog!
    Mary Lane @NewYorkCliche recently posted…“Everyone Loves New York”: A Perfectly Titled Book (Review)My Profile

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