Friday Links January 6th

I always go on Tumblr and just scroll until I find a photo that makes me feel happy and today, one of the people I follow was just posting never ending photos of natto (Japanese fermented soy beans) and egg on rice. I LOVE this stuff. So after the 8th photo I just gave in and chose the one above. True story.

First week back at work has been OK – I have a cold so I’m under the weather. Our events start from tomorrow so it’s been fairly quiet, but it’s going to be so busy for the rest of the month.

Let’s Linkie!

Man says “fuck it”, eats lunch at 10:58 – I can relate.

This post about making our countries safe for refugee women is so important. We really need to be thinking about these things.

This spanish aubergine recipe looks really good!

When the weather gets nice again, I’d love to visit Anglesey Abbey here in Cambridge.

How I would love to have my own place. I can dream…

Millennials are absolutely not materialistic. I think the exact opposite is true.

Want to join a penpal birthday club? It sounds super exciting!

What is a “fuck budget”? Vix has you sorted – because you absolutely need one!

Need some fitness inspiration? I found this post really useful – and have added a whole bunch of the recommendations.

I love this wood and wicker house in London! It’s so cute!

Need some reading recommendations? Here’s such a good list.

Is your Facebook feed full of fake news? Here’s how we can help each other make sure only actual facts are circulated.

Red wine and hot chocolate???

(Rather you than me!)

Have a lovely weekend!

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