Friday Links June 16th

Happy Friday! It’s been so lovely this week to sit outside at lunchtime and feel the sun! We don’t get much of that hot fireball stuff in the UK so we have to make the most of it while we can. That’s why you often see overweight bald men topless in the sun – they have to take the sun at every chance!

Let’s linkie!

Did you know it’s Ramadan? Do you know anything about Ramadan? Here’s a really great and honest post from a non-Muslim point of view.

I’ve been playing around with a couple of cool Facebook chatbots recently, and it’s really interesting to see things from the backside of one. Are these the future?

How pretty is this treehouse? (Ps it’s on a crane…)

Ever been told not to wear gold and silver at the same time? Gemma is here to set you straight.

Who wants to go to The Netherlands and pose in fields of tulips with me?

Craving ramen? Here are the weirdest ramen shops in Japan.

What’s it like working as a community manager at Yelp?

I totally missed the #CambridgeHour Twitter chat tonight. If you’re thinking of joining a chat, here’s everything you need to know.

Before the video, please SIGN UP TO MY NEWSLETTER! I want to help you get better interview skills, and there will be free sessions while I trial it. You have nothing to lose! Sign up on in the right hand bar. Do it now. I’ll wait for you.

Lastly, I used to watch Michelle Phan on YouTube back in the day but I stopped watching a few years ago. I had no idea she was going through a load of crap, but I love how honest she is in explaining everything to her fans. It just goes to show, you can look like you have the perfect life but be breaking down inside.

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