Friday Links October 23rd

After hating on my Netflix account for the past few weeks for having nothing to watch (after I ran through OTNB), I magically found lots of new things to watch – mostly Mr Selfridge. Holy cow I love this show. No spoilers though – I’ve only just started!!!

Let’s linkie!

This is such a cool – yet haunting – photo series about femininity.

And as a contrast, this is a terrible account of all the sexist shit one woman had to put up with over a decade.

I always knew Dusseldorf was famous for Japanese food but never got to go. Leather and Abel go check it out!

A couple, who apparently have a lot of Instagram followers, want to have their whole wedding done by people working for free. Oops, sorry, “for exposure”.

These side dishes will keep me busy until this time next year, I think!

It’s not December yet, but how does one make horchata? Well, it turns out, with a hell of a lot of faffing.

Rhyme and Ribbons was in my part of the country recently – I feel so lucky to live here (though we pay through the nose for it!!)

I think someone should have consulted Japan when choosing a pensions mascot

Although I love Autumn, at least someone is being honest and saying that they absolutely do not like it!

Are you a little geeky? There’s a penpal programme for you!

I’ve been using Pintrest much more this week, and have a few boards made up. It’s still very new to me (how am I following all these random things? I don’t want wedding boards!!!) but if you would like, please do follow me!

I will leave you with Boris Johnson (mayor of London and official buffoon) knocking over a small Japanese child while playing rugby.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Thanks for the linkie and OMG I LOVE PINTEREST – where have you been? Haha!
    Vanessa recently posted…Friday LinksMy Profile

  2. “The season that can’t make up its mind” – haha,so true!
    Thanks for including me 😀
    bevchen recently posted…A cross stitch design and a “geeky” websiteMy Profile

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