Friday Links September 30th

This is the last weekend of my 29th year. On Monday I turn 30. I am nowhere near where I expected myself to be by this age, but then again I don’t think many people are. On the bright side, I have a job I enjoy, I make a difference in other people’s lives and I have amazing friends.

Let’s linkie!

Runaway Kiwi is drinking a whole lot of gin – and here is why! (Saying excuse me to a pigeon is always a good reason)

I love botanical gardens, so this party at the New York botanical gardens looks right up my street!

If you’ve ever wanted to go on the JET programme and work in Japan, then Cubicle Throwdown is sharing her experiences – it’s a great read!

I really love this outfit from writes Like A Girl. She really has the cutest style – I wish I could be as inventive with my clothes as she is.

Speaking of inspiration, how I’d love to have a sitting room like this.

Like bacon? Then you need to get to the Big Bacon Picnic! (Warning – not for the hungry!)

Thinking of going to Oktoberfest? Here’s a super handy guide on what NOT to do!

How cosy do these tiny houses look? I wonder if I can get one in Cambridge…

If you want to see a REALLY pretty blog design, Now That’s Pretty has just had a makeover!

A really honest and refreshing post on what it’s like to be a graduate and not feel very good about yourself.

A while back one of my linkies was about Bookworm By Design and her anxious cat. Here is a really positive update (and great all-round kitty advice)!

To finish, here are 10 mins worth of Japanese adverts. (The “cups” style one is advertising things you put in your wardrobe to prevent bugs…)


  1. Thanks for sharing my anxious kitty update post! 😀 I’m so glad that she’s doing better in the new house! Also, lovely links (and hilarious video!) as always! I love your weekly links!!
    Jess recently posted…By Design – NIBLDMy Profile

  2. Thanks for linking! And happy belated birthday!!!
    The BK botanical garden is quite fabulous. I’m a bit sad to have ended my membership with them but maybe I’ll renew it and visit them once every other week or so. I love it especially during cherry blossom season and leaves changing.

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