Germany Expat Blogger Meetup!

Just a quick post to say –

I am trying to arrange a Germany expat meetup in Heidelberg on April the 26th. Any blogger living (or visiting!) Germany who is able to get to Heidelberg on that day is more than welcome to come. Join in the chat on Twitter with the hashtag #hbergmeetup!


Today also marks 3 years since the tsunami in Japan. I was living in Japan at the time and although I wasn’t right in the action as I was living more centrally, I will never remember the fear I felt around that time. Coming home straight after work and sobbing on the phone to my parents, not knowing what I could do to help.

Here’s a blog post I wrote at the time.


  1. Awwww, and my adopted “hometown”, too! HD is the place to where I moved in Germany, completely sight unseen. 🙂 Hmmm, at present, the commute from Vancouver, Canada would be hell. 😉 On a side note, my good friend was living and working in Yokohama at the time of the big quake; I think living with a sense of helplessness and overwhelming uncertainty was the potential for mindkiller. Subsequently, she went out into the country, and volunteered her time and effort as best she could.

  2. We were driving back from Italy. On the radio we understood words that sounded like Tsunami and Catastrophe. We kept hearing reports over and over in Italian. Finally we got close to Switzerland and heard what happened. Back at school the following Monday was difficult. It seemed like everyone of our Japanese students had family in the region, and one family hadn’t come back from break…they couldn’t get out. We made paper cranes and talked and skyped with alumni back in Japan. Our world is so small in times of tragedy.

    • That’s really great that you did so much.
      One of the reasons why I left Japan was because I was disgusted at how little people were helping each other – like I said we weren’t anywhere near the north but that doesn’t mean that the kids weren’t traumatised. It would have been good to see the teachers try to help the kids overcome their worries and so on, but nothing – not one thing – happened. It was as if nothing had happened at all.

  3. I’d love to attend one of these things. Looks like I’ll be in school that weekend so unfortunately I’ll have to keep a lookout for next time 🙂

  4. Looking forward to hearing more about your plans for the meetup. Are you a member of Expat Bloggers in Germany? You should totally let everyone know about it in the forum 🙂

  5. How come Heidelberg? I used to live there, sadly do not anymore. Looking forward to reading your post on where you held it etc (nostalgia is good sometimes). Isn’t it 1 hour from Frankfurt, though?

    • Because it’s one of those places everyone says you need to visit and I’ve sadly not been there yet! Plus it’s fairly central to all the people taking part.

      • I’ve lived there for almost 3 years. It’s an amazing place, I can’t believe you haven’t stopped by yet. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, especially the Altstadt part. And that time of year is good weather-wise, too. 😉
        It’s also only a 20min train ride from Mannheim, in case you are planning on checking that city out.

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