How to Get a Job! Part 3 – Twitter

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For today’s How to Get a Job post, I’m going to show you how you can use Twitter to search for more jobs to apply for. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been applying to around 10 jobs a day – which is, in my opinion, a good number. You may think that this number is pretty high and that you’d need to put in a lot of work to apply to so many, but really, it’s simple. Combing through all the daily job alerts I’m sent, plus using the Twitter tips below, it’s not so hard to be applying to at least 10 a day.

Why should you search through Twitter instead of on a job site? Well a lot of companies dislike the job sites because they are full of recruitment agencies. If the company has an opening, you can bet that they’ve mentioned it on their Twitter page.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 9.49.39 AM

This is so simple, you’ll wonder why it even needs its own blog post. But it does, because it’s important. (So THERE!)

Think of the main thing you are – or what you are looking for. Could me a job title, but in my case it is “Japanese speaking”, because I’m flexible in my role but Japanese is my skill. Have a little search of that phrase. Then, select the advanced search on the left.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 9.51.32 AM

I’m willing to bet that unless you are someone who spends most of their time on social media, you never knew this existed. Am I right?

This little form here is beautiful. It can help you find exactly what you want – even tweets from WHERE you want.

In the top box, type the key phrase – mine was Japanese. Then play around with the “Any of these words” box because there is no one-size-fits-all advice for this part. Words like “jobs” or “hiring” or “wanted” are usually the ones that bring up the best results – just think what YOU would write if you were in a company looking for someone with your skills.

There ARE some downsides to this method – it’s not perfect. When you click on a job link then double check when the expiry date on the advert is. All too many times I’ve clicked “apply” only to find that it was from last year. Even with the date selection on Twitter, there are still lots of old tweets that sneak through.

To make sure that you’re getting the best notifications, it’s best to just follow loads of job related accounts. Especially if you have your eye on a particular company, make sure you follow them!

Here are some great job-related Twitter accounts to follow –

Guru Careers – advice AND cool job opportunities.

Fast Company – no job posts but really inspiring career advice.

Guardian Careers – really helpful advice – from CV writing tips to industry advice.

Media Jobs – seriously cool jobs in media.

Freelance Writing Jobs – just to, you know, makes ends meet when you’re searching.

Guardian Jobs – some of the best job adverts out there!

More Media Jobs? – because there are never enough.

Hmmm that should do for now. That’s a load cleared off out of my Twitter feed.

Why cleared off, you say? Well because I GOT A JOB. From the 28th July, I’ll be working at Hitachi as a PA! It’s really great because I’ll be working in Japanese, so it’ll be like I’m in Japan – with all the home comforts of living in England! I’ve found a nice flatshare to live in already, and I just need to get everything sorted and then I’ll be off!

I really do want to help people with these posts I write. A lot of people have said that it took me such a short time (a month) to find a job. But really, if someone had sat and watched every little thing I did to get a job then they wouldn’t have been surprised. My only skill is that I can speak Japanese. I can blag SEO, social media and so on from the blog, but really it was all down to hard work and selling myself.

I have so many more posts lined up to help people out there get the right job – so stay tuned for more!



  1. So glad you got a job, congratulations!

  2. Congrats on the new job! I never thought to use Twitter to job search! That’s actually a great idea because it shows you new companies you’ve never heard of before!
    Sara Strauss recently posted…Inspired By: Summer ActivitiesMy Profile

    • Charlotte says:

      Exactly! A lot of companies don’t want to go through agencies so it’s better for them that way, too!

  3. Congratulations on the job!

    I think this method works better in English-speaking countries. Germany hasn’t quite jumped on the social media bandwagon yet – none of the companies I applied to before finding my current job even had a Twitter account!
    bevchen recently posted…Bratislava, SlovakiaMy Profile

    • Charlotte says:

      Oh wow! I think it’s really bad these days if a (British) company doesn’t have a Twitter at least. It shows that they aren’t making the most of themselves. But at least if a company doesn’t have one then you can ask to be paid to make and run one for them!

  4. Congrats on the job! That’s so exciting! I never knew about job searching on Twitter, but thanks so much! I’ve been searching for a job too, so this will be a huge help!!
    Jess recently posted…Unboxing: Wii U + RamenMy Profile

  5. Oh how lovely!!! Hitachi – yeah! Did you find it via Twitter? And PA, does that mean personal assistant? Well, congrats – you’re right, being bilingual can sometimes make it or break it.
    Laura4NYC recently posted…Fleet Week 2014: The Fun Has Returned!My Profile

    • Charlotte says:

      No, I got it through an agency. Yep, a personal assistant. Though what that means I’ll actually do…I have no idea…

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