Hidden Gem: Wyevale Garden Centre

Blogging and Instagram have been the two biggest things that keep me active and get me out of the house. Without these motivations, I would absolutely sit at home by myself all weekend. When I was 5, my teacher called my mum in and told her that there’s something wrong with me as I didn’t want to go and play with the other kids, all I wanted to do was read books. This is me.

My phone often complains to me that I have too many photos saved, and while, yes, a fair few of them are photos of my own food, the majority are screenshots of places I want to go visit.

One of the places I had screenshot was the Wyevale Garden Centre in Huntingdon.

I’ve not been to a garden centre since I was about 15, when my nan dragged me along to her favourite afternoon tea spot. After looking over the cheap tat that would eventually end up as stocking fillers, I decided that garden centres are not the place for me.

Until now.  

The cafe, tucked right at the back of the massive shop, is absolutely stunning. A total Instagram content farm.

The menu had a great range of items, and I went for the eggs benedict on mushrooms (vegetarian AND gluten free!) but thought that maybe it wasn’t the best choice once I’d eaten it. Maybe a toasty something would have been better…

After taking all the photos, and eating, it was 10:30 and a massive gang of OAPs came charging in, so I went to explore the rest of the centre.

Aside from the cafe, there’s also a sizable WH SMiths, a number of clothing shops, a pet shop, plants (obv) and a farm shop. You can easily spend a whole afternoon looking around.

The succulent range was very relevant to my interests (not so to my bank account…)

The farm shop was probably my second favourite area (after the pet shop, which had a wide range of birds, small animals and fish – the prawns were so cute!)

At the counter you can find massive cakes and pastries – I had to take a photo to shop how huge each one was!

And if you’re not feeling like cooking, why not have a HUGE slab of lasagne?? One of these babies could easily feed a family.

This place is an absolute gem hidden away where most people wouldn’t think to go. Thank goodness for Instagram for showing me the way! I’m planning on going a bit before Christmas as there was no cheap tat in sight – just really thoughtful present ideas.

Anyone want to join me next time?

If you have an amazing diamond in the rough place nearby, let me know!


  1. There’s a garden centre near my mum and dad, Woodcote Green, where we’ve gone before Christmas the last few years so my niece and nephew can visit Santa, and it has totally sold me on the idea of garden centres now. So many cool things to look at, but the farm shop there… dear god, I could spend hours in it. Anyway: LOOK AT THOSE ICED BUNS. I’ve not missed gluten in a very long time but I could really truly press my face right into one of those right now (after removing the glacé cherry). Torture, that photo!!
    Christie | A Sausage Has Two recently posted…Viennese Goulash | Wiener Gulasch (Recipe)My Profile

    • Charlotte says:

      I have gluten envy so much. I do eat it from time to time, maybe weekly. But those buns would have killed me!

  2. The shoe section is not too shabby either 😬

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