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Japanese food Leeds

It’s very hard to get good Japanese food in the UK, without at least giving away at least three of your limbs. While I was preparing for my Leeds trip, I saw a number of bloggers visit Issho, a new Japanese restaurant up on a rooftop on a very swanky shopping arcade.

I knew I had to go, no matter what.

Japanese food Leeds

Popping over there for lunch, I selected a couple of small items to try, to get an overview of what they do. I had the maguro (tuna) nigiri, the miso soup, tofu bao and salmon gyoza.

The maguro was amazing, so fresh and soft. Melting on the tongue. I don’t think I’ve had maguro that good outside of Japan. The tofu in the bao was soft and flavoursome – not at all like eating bland mush as tofu can sometimes be. And the gyoza had massive chunks of salmon in.

You can tell how good a Japanese restaurant is by its miso soup. Is it clearly from a packet of powder or have they made it from paste properly? This tasted legit, and took me back to having home cooked meals there.

Japanese food Leeds

Gazing over the Leeds skyline as I ate, it was just the perfect way to spend a lunchtime. The staff were super friendly, and I REALLY liked that they didn’t go with yelling in broken Japanese at people when they walk through the door. Unlike many other Japanese places. Cringe.

Japanese food Leeds

Here in Cambridge, we do have Sticks and Sushi of course. While Issho would be a “once in a while treat” kind of price point for me, Sticks is pretty much out of the question unless something amazing happens and needs to be celebrated. Apparently the head chef at Issho is from Cambridge, so it would be great if they came back and made one here as well.

Where to find Issho

3rd Floor Rooftop, Victoria Gate, Leeds LS2 7AU

Make sure to admire the staircase on the way up!

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