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So yesterday I worked at The Strawberry Fair, a free event in Cambridge which is famous for being the place where 16 year olds first smoke weed and get drunk. I was never a cool teen (you’d more likely find me in the library all Saturday) so I’d never actually been before. But my boss thought it was the perfect place to encourage teenagers to think about their careers.

My boss wasn’t able to make it, so I was there with three colleagues. We parked our cars up as directed and set up our pitch. It was pretty much a waste of time because of course kids don’t want to think about their futures. It got to 5pm and we decided to pack up.

Only, we weren’t allowed to move our cars. Until midnight.

No one had told us this.

So my two colleagues who came in on the bus went back home and my other colleague and I spent 7 awkward hours killing time. I went off into town to meet with a guy I’d been on a first date with last week, which was really nice, but then I came back to my car and read my book for the remaining hours.

I am tired and grumpy today. It is not good.

SO let’s LINKIE and make me feel better!

I think I’ve found my new favourite Twitter feed – for the man who wants a career AND a family! Go men’s rights!

Love this post about first date advice! Maybe I’ll try some out next time.

Don’t know what to watch on TV this season? Steven is here to help!

Being not creative in the slightest, it’s really interesting to me to see how logos are made.

I wish they made Suffolk clothes as well! (Does the Norfolk glove collection have extra fingers???? I JOKE)

My gorgeous friends Leather and Abel have opened up their own board game cafe in Liverpool! It gives me another great reason to go up there!

This lobster seafood pasta needs to happen.

Need some travel inspo? Style Lingua has it covered!

This girl is gorgeous and I want her hair.

I don’t know how I missed this but here is John Oliver’s taken on the Japanese military and AKB48

Have a great Sunday!


  1. We are actually ALMOST open – but not quite… so come up to Liverpool in a few more weeks when the world’s best board game cafe Sugar and Dice will be ready to entertain you 🙂
    Thanks for the linkie lovely lady x

  2. What?! You couldn’t move your car for 7 hours? That fucking sucks. I would pass the time reading too! Checking out those links! Thanks! 🙂
    Sara Strauss recently posted…Inspired By: Me Before YouMy Profile

  3. I would have been FURIOUS!!! I barely ever stay up that late, I’m always in bed by 10pm, I would have seriously thrown the biggest fit. Like would have located festival management and threatened them with my shoe or something.
    On a side note: I love John Oliver!!
    Jess recently posted…Books for Breakfast #92My Profile

  4. You must be a very patient woman to kill 7 hours, I would have probably just let my car there!

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