Lazy Sunday Links 19th February

I’m missing Japan a fair bit today. It happens often. Life was so fun, and I had no responsibilities. I had a place of my own, and an amazing cat.

I attended a photography course yesterday (proper writeup later!) and I just thought the whole time how amazing it was living in Japan and having awesome things to take photos of every day. Here in Cambridge, sure, it’s gorgeous, but because it’s my own culture it’s hard to find the little details that make it unique.

Let’s have some linkies to cheer me up!

Steven’s been to an amazing-looking bakery in Florida and it’s making me hungry for cake.

This studio organised for selfies and instagram photos is amazing. I really need to get a prop shelf…

I look this glimpse into fast food in Saudi Arabia.

I really loved Nicole’s post about saying no. I often feel that I am the person to bend for everyone else all the time, but in the past few weeks I’ve slowly been switching to doing things how I want to do them, thinking that if people take issue, I can review. It’s working really well for me so far – and Nicole’s post has made me feel so much stronger in doing this.

Nicole was also the one who linked to this – a really good post about how we should stop using “girlboss” and be telling young girls they should be THE boss.

OK, who wants to come on a roadtrip holiday to a beach with me? (Reason to click – first photo on the post is a lovely guy in a lovely bath…)

Apparently, the newest New York food craze is raw cookie dough. I wonder if it’ll come over here, too?

These places to eat alone in Basel look so lovely. Perhaps I should book myself a trip…

My two worst things in life are networking and sweating. So what have They come up with? Sweatworking.

If you’ve got an interview coming up, Jade’s got some amazing interview advice for you!

No video today!

Have an awesome Sunday!


  1. Hahahaha! “My two worst things in life are networking and sweating.” ME TOO GIRL! My sweaty hands are legendary, ESPECIALLY at networking events where you’re supposed to shake everyone’s hand (let me melt into a a puddle of clammy embarrassment)! Love the SWEATworking idea so much! Thanks for sharing!! And I hope raw cookie dough makes it across the pond! 🙂
    Mary Lane @NewYorkCliche recently posted…The Newest Foodie Craze in Town: Raw Cookie DO NYCMy Profile

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Charlotte, and of course for including me. I feel honoured! I can’t wait to delve into these other amazing blogs. Take care and have a wonderful week <3

  3. Thanks for the linkie!

    Also, I’ve never heard “girlboss” before. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

    Mmmm, cookie dough!
    Steven recently posted…Knaus Berry Farm (or we waited almost an hour to have a snack and it was totally worth it)My Profile

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